A list of fatal air accidents in Britain Jan - Jul 1917

2.1.1917 B.E.2d 5761, 66 Sqn, Filton

Stalled and nose dived, Patchway, Bristol

2Lt Francis Ronald Bissicks (27) killed

2Lt Joseph Ernest Townsend (25) killed

2.1.17 F.E.2b 4974, School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Engine failed; stalled, crashed and caught fire, Hythe

Lt Archibald John McWha (24) killed

Sgt George Wilkes (26) killed

4.1.17 Avro 504A A470, 17 Reserve Squadron, Croydon

Overshot into trees and overturned, near Croydon

Lt Alan Paddock Ravenscroft (24) died 16.1.17

4.1.17 B.E.12a A572, 63 Sqn, Cramlington

Lost control and spun in on delivery flight, Howdon, near Wallsend

Lt William Maberly Fatt (24) killed (Canadian)

5.1.17 Avro 504A A555, 63 Sqn, Cramlington

Stalled and nose dived, Cramlington

2Lt John Maclellan Mowat (20) killed

10.1.17 F.E.2d A1937, 46 RS, Bramham Moor

Hit tree, crashed and caught fire, Bramham Moor

Capt Rowland Burdon (23) killed

Lt Frederick Harry Turner MC (20) killed

13.1.17 F.E.2d A1945, 46 RS, Bramham Moor

Failed to clear wood in snowstorm, near Aberford, Yorks.

2Lt Thomas Hugo French (21) killed

14.1.17 Henry Farman F.20 A1183, 10 RS, Joyce Green

Nose dived and crashed, Dartford

2Lt Vicat Scott Taylor (24) killed

2Lt Douglas Alwyn Rougier Chapman injured

17.1.17 R.E.8 A3407, 42 RS, Hounslow

Spun off flat turn after take-off, Hounslow

A Mech 2 Raymond Wilfred Stanley (26) killed

18.1.17 F.E.2b 4899, 28 Sqn, Gosport

Hit trees on approach and crashed, Dartmouth

Naval Cadet John Salusbury Riley (15) killed

Lt Roger Charles Bernard Riley injured

21.1.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7002, 7 RS, Netheravon

Sideslipped and nose dived on turning, near Netheravon

Capt David Roy Jenkins (28) killed

23.1.17 Avro 504A A490, 49 Sqn, Dover

Nose dived and spun, Dover

Sgt John Bernard Hartnett (26) killed

2Lt Ellis Taylor Collins injured

23.1.17 Bristol Fighter A3309, 38 RS, Rendcomb

Spun after take-off, Charlton Park, Malmesbury

2Lt Beresford Frank Parsons (24) killed

2Lt Cyril Boyd Fenton injured (pilot, Australian)

24.1.17 B.E.2e 6778, 15 RS, Doncaster

Crashed after wing spar failed, Doncaster

Cpl William Robert Parker (38) killed

Lt James Henry Medcalf injured (pilot)

24.1.17 R.E.8 7997, 59 Sqn, Narborough

Spun from 400ft and caught fire, Farnborough

2Lt Philip Evans (22) killed

24.1.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A2392, 43 Sqn, Northolt

Stalled and nose dived off climbing turn on take-off, Northolt

2Lt Henry Dansey Addis (23) killed

A Mech 1 Frederick Foott (33) died 29.1.17

25.1.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2526, 4 RS, Northolt

Stalled and nose dived on approach, Northolt area

Sgt Andrew Benjamin Price (26) killed

26.1.17 R.E.8 A3173, 17 RS, Croydon

Spinning nose dive turning after take-off, Croydon

2Lt Henry Norman Sharpe (21) killed

28.1.17 S.E.5 A4562, Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough

Wing failed in flight, Farnborough

Major Frank Widenham Goodden (27) killed

28.1.17 Vickers E.S.1 7509, CFS, Upavon

Sideslipped and nose dived, Upavon

Lt-Col George Aubrey Kennedy Lawrence DSO (25) killed

29.1.17 B.E.2e A2747, Southern Aircraft Repair Depot, Farnborough

Nose dived off steep turn avoiding trees after take-off, Farnborough

A Mech 2 Benjamin Hodgson (31) died 30.1.17

2Lt Stephen Crosfield injured (pilot)

29.1.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A953, 8 RS, Netheravon

Lost control and nose dived, Netheravon

Lt Hugh Bertram Hamilton Cox (23) killed

31.1.17 Coastal airship C22, RNAS, Mullion

Mechanic struck by propellor, Mullion

A Mech 1 William Harry Hart (23) killed

1.2.17 D.H.2 7853, CFS, Upavon

Sideslipped and nose dived from 150ft, Upavon

Lt John Edgar Taylor (22) killed

3.2.17 R.E.8 A71, 42 RS, Hounslow

Overbanked, nose dived and caught fire, Hanworth

2Lt Alexander Allan Gray MC (22) killed

6.2.17 B.E.2e A2811, Southern Aircraft Repair Depot, Farnborough

Came down English Channel en route to France

Sgt Frederick Hugh Lincoln (31) drowned

A Mech 2 William Peter Thompson (32) drowned

7.2.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A4102, 2 RS, Northolt

Nose dived after engine failure, Northolt

Capt Eric Tom Farrow (19) killed

2Lt Mark Denman Draper (32) killed

7.2.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A4141, 24 RS, Netheravon

Sideslipped and nose dived on first solo, Pewsey area

2Lt Arthur Jackson (18) killed

9.2.17 B.E.2c 4509, 36 RS, Beverley

Spinning nose dive soon after leaving ground; crashed in field, Beverley

Lt Robert Dykes Grossart (25) killed

10.2.17 D.H.4 A2143, 55 RS, Yatesbury

Engine failure; lost speed in turn and crashed near Solihull

Sub-Lt Walter Holden Legge (35) died 11.2.17

12.2.17 B.E.2c 7229, 63 Sqn, Cramlington

Hit tree on forced landing, Walton, near Chesterfield

Lt William Henry Segrave (31) killed

12.2.17 B.E.2c A8949, 18 RS, Montrose

Stalled and nose dived, Montrose

2Lt Thomas Macmillan (23) killed

12.2.17 B.E.2e 7246, CFS, Upavon

Collision with Martinsyde A3939, Upavon

2Lt Gordon Ivor Wilson (20) killed

12.2.17 Martinsyde G.102 A3939, CFS, Upavon

Collision with B.E.2e 7246, Upavon

Lt George Trevor Brown (25) killed

16.2.17 Avro 504A A1995, 13 RS, Dover

Stalled and nose dived, Lympne

Lt Hercules Ralph Langrishe (29) killed

17.2.17 ?, 50 Sqn, Harrietsham

Missing on patrol between Dover and Ramsgate

Capt John Cameron Hume-Storer (32) killed (Canadian)

20.2.17 D.H.2 5954, CFS, Upavon

Stalled turning into aerodrome, Upavon

2Lt John Libby Fry (19) killed (Canadian)

21.2.17 Bristol Fighter A3326, 48 Sqn, Rendcomb

Crashed off sharp turn, forced down by bad weather and engine trouble, near Crudwell, Wilts.

2Lt Horace Charles Fry (22) died 23.2.17

Lt Alfred Douglas Finney injured (pilot)

21.2.17 F.E.8 6390, CFS, Upavon

Damaged in landing attempt, spun and crashed, Upavon

Lt James Grieve (22) killed

21.2.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A921, 27 RS, Gosport

Overturned on landing, Gosport

2Lt Asa Frederick Sheppard (24) died 23.2.17

27.2.17 D.H.2 A4994, CFS, Upavon

Lost control in sharp turn, Upavon area

2Lt Harold Tom White (21) killed

27.2.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2221, 27 RS, Gosport

Propeller broke and damaged wings; crashed inverted, Gosport

Sgt Henry James Liddell (34) killed

2Lt Charles Richard Needs (30) killed

27.2.17 Nieuport 12 A3291, 65 Sqn, Wyton

Stalled on turn, Wyton

Lt Walter Wingate Primrose (19) killed

28.2.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 7372, 7 RS, Netheravon

Stalled on turn, Netheravon

Capt James Leonard Thomas (26) killed

28.2.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter 7810, CFS, Upavon

Broke up in dive, Upavon

2Lt Alan D'Arcy Sutherland (27) killed (Australian)

1.3.17 B.E.2c 8620, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed, Cranwell; repaired

Flt Lt George Richard Gordon Daglish (27) killed

1.3.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2209, 12 RS, Thetford

Nose dived and crashed, Thetford

Frederick Arnot Perraton (27) killed

1.3.17 Vickers F.B.9 5288, 6 RS, Catterick

Stalled and nose dived, Catterick area

2Lt John Alfred Hare (21) killed

Lt Walter Edward Birch injured

2.3.17 B.E.2c 8626, RNAS, Yarmouth

Wing failed in loop, Denes, Yarmouth

Flt Lt Edward Laston Pulling DSO (27) killed

Flt Sub-Lt John Eric Northrop (23) killed

3.3.17 B.E.2c 4590, 20 RS, Wye

Stalled, crashed and caught fire, Boughton Corner Farm, Bramble Lane, near Wye

2Lt Duncan Vincent Slattery (19) killed

8.3.17 R.E.8 A3439, 37 RS, Scampton

Crashed on forced landing due to engine trouble, Whissendine, Leics.

2Lt George Howard Boorne (23) died 28.3.17 (Canadian)

2Lt George Thornton Potter injured

8.3.17 Short 184 8367, RNAS, Portland

Failed to return from patrol, English Channel

Flt Sub-Lt John James de la Tour Fox (25) killed

A Mech 2 Robert Edward Gorman (19) killed

9.3.17 R.E.8 A3440, 37 RS, Scampton

Stalled in turn; destroyed by fire, near Scampton

2Lt Ebenezer King MC (24) killed

11.3.17 D.H.2 A5051, 45 RS, South Carlton

Spun into aerodrome, South Carlton

Lt Colin Smith (18) killed

11.3.17 R.E.8 A3409, 42 RS, Hounslow

Took off with controls locked, stalled and crashed, Hounslow

Lt Harold Leslie Lascelles (25) killed

12.3.17 Curtiss JN-3 A5496, 16 RS, Beaulieu

Spinning nose dive from 800ft, Beaulieu area

2Lt Ernest Hinchcliffe Wadsworth (23) killed

2Lt John Ralph Taylor injured (pilot)

12.3.17 D.H.2 A2561, 6 RS, Catterick

Wrecked after propeller lost, Catterick

2Lt James Ferguson (18) killed

12.3.17 R.E.8 '4870', 37 RS, Scampton

Spun after take-off and caught fire, Coventry

2Lt David Stross (24) killed

A Mech 2 Arthur William Giles (35) killed

12.3.17 ?, RNAS, Cranwell

Dived in after engine failure, Cranwell

Flt Sub-Lt Ronald Victor Knight (22) killed

13.3.17 D.H.2 A4786, 10 RS, Joyce Green

Spinning nose-dive, Deptford Marshes

2Lt Joseph Henry Ideson (25) killed

13.3.17 D.H.4 A2125, 44 RS, Harlaxton

Pilot walked into propeller, Harlaxton

Lt Leonard Murray (20) killed

13.3.17 Short 184 9058, RNAS, Westgate

Dived into sea, 1m off Cliftonville, Kent

Flt Sub-Lt Rowland Birks (23) killed

Ldg Mech Ernest Annelion Albert Rawson (32) killed

15.3.17 Avro 504A A417, 51 RS, Wye

Stalled attempting forced landing after engine failure, Wye

2Lt Frederick Edmund Hillebrandt (23) died 22.3.17

2Lt Oliver Campbell Bryson injured (pilot)

15.3.17 B.E.2e 7069, 56 RS, London Colney

Collision with Bristol Scout, Shenley, Herts.

Lt Edward Reeves Mackey DCM (30) killed

2Lt George Stevenson Raine (24) killed

Lt William Janson Potts injured in Bristol Scout

16.3.17 Bristol Fighter A3311, 38 RS, Rendcomb

Stalled on approach and dived into the ground, Rendcomb

2Lt James Hope Walker (20) killed

17.3.17 B.E.2c 7180, 78 Sqn, Telscombe Cliffs

Wing hit ground while turning during night anti-Zeppelin patrol, Piddinghoe, Sussex

2Lt David Dennys Fowler (19) killed

18.3.17 F.E.2b 4912, 28 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled and crashed, Gosport

2Lt John James Emslie Gray (41) killed

2Lt Walter Scott Morrison (22) killed

18.3.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter 7807, 34 RS, Ternhill

Tail broke recovering from dive, Ternhill

Lt Allan Wenman Smith (20) killed

21.3.17 Bristol Scout D 5556, Testing Sqn, Martlesham Heath

Stalled after engine failure, Ipswich

Lt Melville Richard Howard Agnew Allen (25) killed

23.3.17 R.E.8 A3454, 28 RS, Castle Bromwich

Nose dived and crashed, Castle Bromwich

2Lt William Moorwood Staniforth (32) killed

23.3.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A1089, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with A6105, Upavon

Lt Alfred Pocock Long (29) killed

23.3.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A6105, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with A1089, Upavon

2Lt Philip Sellers (19) killed

24.3.17 B.E.2c 1115, RNAS, Chingford

Side slipped and nose-dived, Angmering, Sussex; repaired

Flt Sub-Lt Arthur Francis Harvey (18) killed

24.3.17 D.H.1 A1612, 46 RS, Bramham Moor

Stalled and nose dived on landing, Bramham Moor

2Lt Jean Auguste André Bouic (23) killed (Mauritian)

24.3.17 Sopwith Triplane N5473, RNAS, Dover

Broke up in dive out of cloud, Dover

Flt Sub-Lt William Smith Oliver (25) killed (Canadian)

26.3.17 Nestler Scout, F C Nestler Ltd.

Broke up in flight, Hendon

John Bernard Fitzsimons (20) killed

26.3.17 S.E.5 A4857, 56 Sqn, Farnborough

Lost control in blizzard, Crookham, Hants.

2Lt John Leask (25) killed

27.3.17 Bristol Scout D A1749, 40 RS, Port Meadow

Nose dived on forced landing, Cumnor, Oxon

Lt Ernest Donald Wallace (28) killed (Canadian)

29.3.17 R.E.8 A3451?, 37 RS, Scampton

Spun in and caught fire on delivery, Radford, Coventry

2Lt Arthur Boon (22) killed

30.3.17 AW F.K.8 A2720, 50 RS, Narborough

Stalled on turn, Narborough area

2Lt Allen Ingham Murphy (19) killed (Canadian)

3.4.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7099, 5 RS, Castle Bromwich

Lost control in violent squall, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Walter Pilling (27) killed (Canadian)

3.4.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A894, O/C Ferry Pilots, Lympne

Hit tree and crashed during snowstorm, Sandgate, Kent

Cpl Alfred Clark (29) died 1.6.17

Lt Montague John Fenwick injured (pilot)

4.4.17 Avro 504B B389, 69 Sqn, South Carlton

Spun in, South Carlton

Cadet Harry Collier Warren (23) killed (AFC)

2Lt Claude Picton Lowry injured

4.4.17 R.E.8 A3445, 15 RS, Doncaster

Spun, crashed and caught fire, Doncaster

2Lt Alfred Ernest Venables (39) killed

6.4.17 D.H.2 A2588, 45 RS, South Carlton

Nose dived off steep turn, on aerodrome, South Carlton

2Lt William Hubert Peacock (21) killed (Canadian)

7.4.17 Avro 504A A533, 43 RS, Ternhill

Engine failure after losing way; hit civilians on landing, Ryecroft, Walsall

Frances Ann (Fanny) North (62) killed

Edna May Vass (10 months) killed

2Lt Thomas Sydney Lanyon Mann injured

Louisa Vass injured

9.4.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6815, 2 RS, Northolt

Spinning nose dive from 2000ft, Northolt

Capt Stanley Edward Lukyn MC (22) died 10.4.17

Capt William Robert Eric Harrison injured (pilot)

10.4.17 Nieuport 12 A5187, 65 Sqn, Wyton

Crashed off sharp turn, hit hangar and caught fire, Grantham

2Lt Hugh Howells (26) killed

10.4.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A1113, 28 RS, Castle Bromwich

Crashed out of snow cloud, Ullesthorpe, Leics.

Lt John Alexander Williamson (20) killed

Cpl Clifford Newton Ryder (24) killed (AFC)

11.4.17 F.E.8 A4909, 45 RS, South Carlton

Spun in during practice attack, South Carlton

Capt Philip Austin Kirkup (23) killed

13.4.17 B.E.2e, 77 Sqn, Turnhouse

Broke up in snowstorm, Reston, Berwickshire, Scotland

Major William Milne MC (28) killed

Lt George Edward Cleather Collinson (20) killed

15.4.17 B.E.12a A576, CFS, Upavon

Structural failure pulling out of dive, Upavon area

2Lt Horace Charles Henry Cooper (24) killed

15.4.17 B.E.12a A6350, 77 Sqn, Turnhouse

Crashed in river on delivery flight, River Nidd, near Knaresborough

Lt David Stevens Gibson Turnbull (26) killed

15.4.17 Grahame-White XV 3610, RNAS, Chingford

Overturned after engine failure on take-off, Chingford

Probationary Flight Officer Joseph Louis Lavigne (29) killed (Canadian)

Flt Lt Frederick Warren Merriam unhurt

15.4.17 Maurice Farman Longhorn N5055, RNAS, Redcar

Crashed on cross-country flight, between Egton Bridge and Goathland, Yorks.

Probationary Flight Officer Francis Holt Yates Titcomb (19) killed

16.4.17 B.E.12a A611, 20 RS, Dover

Blown over by gust of wind on take-off & burned, Dover

2Lt Stanley Morrell Johnson (18) died 25.5.17

17.4.17 R.E.8 A4571, 37 RS, Scampton

Hit AW machine when taking off & dived into ground, Scampton

2Lt Hugh Pater (29) killed

2Lt John Manley injured (pilot)

Lt George Malcolm Clarke unhurt in AW

19.4.17 D.H.1a A1627, 59 RS, Gosport

Stalled and spun, Gosport

Lt Lee Thompson McLaughlin (22) killed

20.4.17 D.H.1a A1625, 59 RS, Gosport

Spinning nose dive after practice stall, Gosport

Lt Alexander Burns (24) killed (Australian)

21.4.17 Coastal airship C17, RNAS, Pulham

Shot down by German seaplane, east of North Foreland, Kent

Flt Sub-Lt Edward George Oliphant Jackson (26) killed

Asst Paymaster Raymond Alfred Price Warlters (32) killed

CPO Mech 3 Arthur Chivers (25) killed

Ldg Mech David Farquhar (25) killed

A Mech 2 John Monro (19) killed

22.4.17 Sopwith Baby N1033, RNAS, Fishguard

Hit cliff after take-off, Goodwick, Fishguard

Flt Lt Richard Eldon Bush (26) died 24.4.17

23.4.17 D.H.4 A2148, 51 RS, Wye

Sideslipped off low turn, Wye

Lt Alec William Spence (21) died 25.4.17

23.4.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7032, 26 RS, Turnhouse

Collision with another machine, Edinburgh area

Lt John Rhys Joseph (18) killed

Capt Ernest Herbert Pullinger injured

2Lt William Donald Patrick unhurt in 2nd machine

2Lt Charles William Arkle unhurt in 2nd machine

23.4.17 Coastal airship C11, RNAS, Howden

Hit hilltop in fog, Oliver's Mount, Scarborough

A Mech 1 Percy Dear (22) died 28.4.17

Flt Lt Edward Keith Henry Turnour injured

A Mech 2 Christopher Frederick Kidd injured

24.4.17 Henry Farman F.20 A1214, 9 RS, Norwich

Failed to flatten out on landing, Norwich

Cadet Thomas Meredith Allen (23) died 27.4.17 (AFC)

24.4.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 7363, 2 RS, Northolt

Side slipped, nose dived and caught fire, Yeading, near Northolt

2Lt Thomas Henry Norman Powell (22) killed (Australian)

24.4.17 R.E.8 A3176, 42 RS, Hounslow

Spun off turn and caught fire, Whitton Park, Hounslow

Lt Crugar Stanley Peach (20) killed

24.4.17 R.E.8 A3187, 13 RS, Dover

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Dover

2Lt David John Barnes (22) killed (Australian)

27.4.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7073, 24 RS, Netheravon

Stalled and nose dived, Netheravon

Sgt-Major Harold Cecil Smith (22) killed

Sgt Joseph Chetwood (24) killed

28.4.17 B.E.2c 8337, RNAS, Dover

Sideslipped, hit building and caught fire, Dover

A Mech 1 Arthur Weavers (31) killed

Flt Lt Leslie Oswald Brown injured (South African)

29.4.17 B.E.12a A4042, 56 RS, London Colney

Low-flying; hit house and caught fire, Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London

Lt Frank Nelham Clark (19) killed

30.4.17 Curtiss JN-3 A3280, 36 RS, Beverley

Spinning nose dive out of cloud, Perth Street, Hull

A Mech 2 Herbert Young (39) killed

30.4.17 Bristol Scout 1247 or N5419?, RNAS, Cranwell

Wrecked, Cranwell area

Probationary Flight Officer Howard Eckhardt Grundy (24) died 1.5.17 (Canadian)

1.5.17 D.H.2 7913, 6 RS, Catterick

Spun off turn, Catterick area

2Lt Lawrence Edgar Baker (26) killed

1.5.17 D.H.2 A2602, 10 RS, Joyce Green

Collided with hut on landing, Joyce Green

Capt Harry Wadlow (22) killed

1.5.17 F.E.2b 6975, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Nose dived off sharp turn and caught fire, Turnberry

2Lt James Stevenson killed

Sgt Christopher William Henry Bowers (23) killed

1.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2193, 7 RS, Netheravon

Stalled whilst spiralling and hit trees, near Grafton, Wilts

2Lt Lancelot John Gowar (19) killed

1.5.17 S.E.5 A4865, Southern Aircraft Repair Depot, Farnborough

Nose dived on approach, Farnborough

Flt Sgt Walter Eric Major Stidolph (22) killed

2.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2215, 12 RS, Thetford

Sideslipped, dived into wood and caught fire, Thetford area

2Lt John William Purvis (29) killed

3.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7094, 47 RS, Waddington

Nose dived on approach on first solo, Waddington

2Lt Craig Royston Marks (23) killed

4.5.17 B.E.2c A9974, 18 RS, Montrose

Spun, crashed and caught fire, Montrose

2Lt David Victor Foot (20) killed

4.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6883, 2 RS, Northolt

Wings collapsed at 200ft, Northolt

Capt Malcolm Lyle Waine (24) killed (Canadian)

Cadet Georgei Vladimirovich Smirnov (19) killed (Russian Army)

4.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7029, 26 RS, Turnhouse

Stalled trying to clear telegraph wires on first solo

2Lt George Mason (18) killed

4.5.17 R.E.8 A3497, 37 RS, Scampton

Spun off turn, Scampton

2Lt Richard George Turner (23) killed (Australian)

4.5.17 R.E.8 A4192, 15 RS, Doncaster

Spun after engine failure on take-off, Doncaster

2Lt Cyril Harvey Trollope (20) killed

2Lt Anthony Steel Caldwell (26) killed (Australian)

9.5.17 Avro 504E 9283, RNAS, Chingford

Crashed, Chingford

Flt Sub-Lt Douglas Eric Penney (22) killed

9.5.17 Curtiss H.8 8664, RNAS, Tresco

Fell in sea, 1m SW of Gugh, Scilly

Flt Lt John Cedric Railton (27) drowned

Flt Sub-Lt Robert Scott Whigham (19) drowned

Ldg Mech David John Birse (24) killed

9.5.17 ?, 51 RS, Wye

Accident swinging propeller, Wye

A Mech 1 Leon van den Dungen alias Leonard Dungin (23) killed (Belgian)

11.5.17 Maurice Farman Longhorn N5034, RNAS, Chingford

Dived into sewage farm, Edmonton

Flt Lt Lewis Morgan (24) killed

Probationary Flight Officer Randolph Henry Seed (25) killed

12.5.17 B.E.2c 9952, Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Company Ltd.

Wings collapsed in loop on factory test flight, Roundhay, Leeds

William Rowland Ding (31) killed

13.5.17 D.H.1 4634, 19 RS, Hounslow

Sideslipped and nosedived on take-off, Hounslow

2Lt William Frank Smith (28) killed (Australian)

13.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6893, 68 RS, Bramham Moor

Nose dived on first solo, Bramham Moor

2Lt Arthur Douglas Mountstephen Merchant (18) killed

14.5.17 Short 184 8170 or 8362?, RNAS, Calshot

Crashed in English Channel

Flt Sub-Lt George Gladstone Avery (31) killed (Canadian)

A Mech 1 William Edward Elliott (28) killed

18.5.17 Avro 504A A427, 62 Sqn, Filton

Sideslipped and nose dived, Patchway, Bristol

2Lt John Raymond Waller (22) killed

19.5.17 B.E.2e 5817, 42 RS, Hounslow

Spun in and caught fire, Staines Road, Hounslow

2Lt Geoffrey Arnold Nicholson (20) killed

19.5.17 F.E.2b 7668, 25 RS, Thetford

Spinning nose dive, Thetford

2Lt Charles Leslie Beaumont (18) killed

Capt James Ferguson St John Annesley (52) killed (RAMC)

19.5.17 Henry Farman F.20 A1199, 9 RS, Norwich

Spinning nose dive, Norfolk

2Lt Jonah George Thompson (26) killed

2Lt Milton Elroy Kidder (26) killed (Canadian)

20.5.17 AW F.K.3 A1501, 1 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Looped, stalled and nose dived, Hythe, Kent

Sgt John North Rogers DCM (22) killed

A Mech 2 John Paton (21) killed

21.5.17 B.E.2c A1320, 13 RS, Dover

Spun off flat turn, Dover

Capt John Wilson Tailford MC (24) killed

2Lt Eric Hughes injured (Australian)

22.5.17 B.E.12 6581, 78 Sqn, Hove

Collision with B.E.12a A602 while breaking formation, Hove

2Lt Cyril Frederick Crapp (22) killed

22.5.17 B.E.12a A602, 78 Sqn, Hove

Collision with B.E.12 6581 while breaking formation, Hove

2Lt William John Douglas Vince (22) killed

22.5.17 R.E.8 A4688, Coventry Aircraft Acceptance Park

Stalled and spun, near Radford aerodrome, Coventry

2Lt Arthur Henry Felix Fletcher (19) killed

23.5.17 D.H.1a A1636, 59 RS, Yatesbury

Spinning nose dive into trees on approach, Yatesbury

2Lt William Kerr Magill Britton (25) killed

2Lt Wilfred Arthur Douglas Carter (20) killed

24.5.17 B.E.2c 8498, RNAS, Holt

Lost while chasing Zeppelin, North Sea

Flt Sub-Lt Harold Dent Smith (21) killed

24.5.17 B.E.2c, 36 Sqn, Usworth

Hit flagstaff while low-flying and crashed into shop, Southwick, Sunderland

John Connolly (29) killed

Elizabeth Curry (48) killed

George Davison (48) killed

Robert Spargo (11) killed

John Thompson (78) died 25.5.17

8 injured

Lt Philip Thompson unhurt

26.5.17 Avro 504A 4061, CFS, Upavon

Stalled and spun, Hungerford

2Lt John Douglas Price Scholfield (23) killed (Canadian)

26.5.17 AW F.K.8 B221, 50 RS, Narborough

Stalled and nose dived, Narborough area

2Lt William John Watson (24) killed

26.5.17 Avro 504E 9285, RNAS, Freiston

Spun after engine failure, Freiston

Flt Sub-Lt James Theodore Sims (30) killed

30.5.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7081, 24 RS, Netheravon

Stalled on low turn and side slipped, Netheravon

2Lt Herbert Henry Ezard (25) killed

30.5.17 D.H.4 A2164, 44 RS, Harlaxton

Spun, crashed and burned, Harlaxton

2Lt Alick Thomas Bentall Charlesworth (24) killed (Canadian)

31.5.17 Avro 504, 45 RS, South Carlton

Stalled and nose dived, South Carlton

2Lt Ronald Baskerville Hughes (18) killed

1.6.17 B.E.2c A1362, 13 Training Squadron, Yatesbury

Stalled and crashed, Warren Farm, Wokingham, Berks.

2Lt Nathaniel Fuhrmann Clarke (32) killed (New Zealander)

A Mech 1 William Fozard (33) killed

2.6.17 Sopwith Schneider 3800, RNAS, Killingholme

Engine failure; spun into Humber, off Killingholme

Flt Sub-Lt David Alan Duncan (21) drowned

3.6.17 Avro 504A A465, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Spun, nose dived and caught fire, North Cerney, Glos.

Sgt William Charles Turner (26) killed

4.6.17 Sopwith Pup A7350, 40 TS, Croydon

Stalled and spun while stunting, Southborough, Kent

2Lt William Edward Cass (21) killed

4.6.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7055, 4 Wing, Netheravon

Sideslipped, crashed and caught fire, Netheravon area

2Lt William James Morrison Andrews (26) killed

5.6.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A8305, 37 Sqn, Woodham Mortimer

Hit caravan landing downwind, Woodham Mortimer

2Lt Roy Walter Mouritzen (20) killed (Australian)

5.6.17 Gotha G.IV 660/16, Kasta 14, Kagohl 3

Shot down by anti-aircraft guns, Thames estuary, off Sheerness

Leutnant der Reserve Hans Francke (23) died 6.6.17

Vizefeldwebel Erich Kluck (20) drowned (pilot)

Unteroffizier Georg Gustav Schumacher injured

6.6.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 5904, 27 TS, Gosport

Struck a bank at great speed, Gosport

2Lt Wardlaw Ivor Thomson (19) killed

7.6.17 Avro 504A 7718, 55 TS, Yatesbury

Spun, hit trees and overturned on house roof, Yatesbury

2Lt Frederick Cyril Hoey (18) killed

7.6.17 Bristol Scout D A1790, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed in field west of the aerodrome, Cranwell

Probationary Flight Officer Weston Ward Pitt (23) killed

7.6.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2480, 39 TS, Montrose

Spun and nose dived, Montrose

Capt Gustavus Taylor-Loban (40) killed

2Lt George Crosbie Alger (27) killed

8.6.17 B.E.2e A2794, 53 TS, Narborough

Wing failure pulling out of dive, Narborough area

Lt Hubert John Game (26) killed

8.6.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6897 5 TS, Castle Bromwich

Pilot lost; overturned on landing, Blisworth, Northants.

2Lt Lucien Herbert Higgs (25) died 9.6.17

9.6.17 D.H.2 6008, 10 TS, Ternhill

Side slipped and crashed after engine failure, near Ternhill

2Lt Edward Phillip Hughes (24) died 27.7.17 (South African)

10.6.17 Avro 504B B1399, 1 TS, Gosport

Stalled and hit tree, Lee-on-Solent

Capt Beaufoi John Warwick Montressor Moore MC (32) killed

Capt Sydney Frank Heard injured

11.6.17 B.E.2e A2967, 62 Sqn, Filton

Side slipped and nose dived after engine failure on take-off, Filton

A Mech 3 Harry Hargreaves (18) killed

Lt William Bagnall unhurt

12.6.17 Curtiss JN-4 8862?, RNAS, Chingford

Dived in on landing, Chingford

Probationary Flight Officer William George Parry (26) killed

Flt Lt John Patrick Coleman injured

12.6.17 Curtiss JN-4 8862?, RNAS, Chingford

Failed to flatten out on landing, Chingford

Probationary Flight Officer Kenneth Stuart (18) died 13.6.17

12.6.17 F.E.2b, 46 TS, Bramham Moor

Stalled on cross-country flight, Selby area

2Lt Llewellyn Stephens (18) killed

13.6.17 Bristol Fighter A7135, 35 TS, Northolt

Observer shot in aerial combat with Gothas, near Dartford

Capt Cecil Horace Case Keevil (36) killed

Capt Con William Eric Cole-Hamilton unhurt

14.6.17 Avro 504A A8522, 69 Sqn, South Carlton

Stalled, side slipped and nose dived after engine failure, South Carlton

2Lt Leslie Frederic Geeson (21) died 15.6.17

2Lt Claude Picton Lowry injured (pilot)

14.6.17 B.E.2c A1270, 18 TS, Montrose

Spun in, E coast of Scotland

Capt Lorimer Findlay (25) killed

14.6.17 R.E.8 A3411, 42 TS, Hounslow

Wings failed in dive, Hounslow

2Lt Hubert Samuel Emery Bond (23) died 17.6.17

15.6.17 Pup B1734, 45 TS, South Carlton

Spinning nose dive, Dunholme Lodge

2Lt Harold Strachan Kitson (22) killed (AFC)

16.6.17 Avro 504A A5911, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Spun on final turn, Rendcomb

2Lt Percy Tew (28) killed

2Lt William Leslie Savage (18) killed

16.6.17 Avro 504J A9774, CFS, Upavon

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Eastbourne aerodrome

Lt Rupert Holton Herd (25) killed (AFC)

Lt Henry Irving Newton unhurt (pilot)

16.6.17 B.E.2e A1368, 69 Sqn, South Carlton

Collision with AW F.K.3 A1508, Scampton

2Lt Thomas William Bartle (22) killed (Australian)

2Lt Humphrey Hamilton Wilson unhurt in AW

16.6.17 B.E.2e A8676, 51 TS, Waddington

Spun off low turn, Waddington

2Lt Geoffrey Sulman (23) died 20.6.17 (Australian)

2Lt Douglas William Dron injured (pilot)

16.6.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2525, 24 TS, Netheravon

Wings collapsed in dive, Bulford

Lt Arthur Percival Pycroft (24) killed

2Lt Emil Alexander Margetson (25) killed

17.6.17 Zeppelin L48, Kaiserliche Marine

Shot down by fighters, Holly Tree Farm, Theberton, Suffolk

16 crew killed:

Kapitänleutnant Franz Georg Eichler (39)

Heinrich Ahrens (27), Obermaschinistenmaat

Wilhelm Betz (25), Maat

Walter Dippmann (32), Obersignalsmaat

Wilhelm Glöckel (25), Obermaschinistenmaat

Paul Hannemann (30), Bootsmannsmaat

Heinrich Herbst (24), Signalmaat

Franz König (24), Bootsmannsmaat

Wilhelm Meier (24), Funkeltelegrafienmaat

Karl Milich (36), Obermaschinistenmaat

Michael Neunzig (35), Obermaschinistenmaat

Karl Plöger (26), Obermatrose

Viktor Schütze (39), Korvettenkapitän

Paul Suchlich (28), Obermatrose

Herman Von Stockum (23), Obermaschinistenmaat

Paul Westphal (30), Steuermann der Reserve

3 survivors:

Heinrich Ellerkamm, Obermaschinistenmaat

Otto Mieth, Leutnant zur See

Wilhelm Karl Uecker, Obermaschinistenmaat (died 11.11.18)

18.6.17 R.E.8 A3554, 61 TS, South Carlton

Side slipped off low turn and caught fire, South Carlton area

Sgt Alfred Stephen Holmes (23) killed

19.6.17 Bristol Scout D 7044, 55 TS, Yatesbury

Nose dived off sharp turn and caught fire, Yatesbury

2Lt Albert Davies (24) killed

19.6.17 F.E.2b A817, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Stalled on turn, nose dived and caught fire, Turnberry

2Lt Walter Horace Carlyle Buntine MC (21) killed (Australian)

Sgt Stanley Charles Appleton (22) killed (pilot)

22.6.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6892, 47 TS, Waddington

Stalled and nose dived; wing failed, Waddington

2Lt Walter Dudley Scott Miller (19) killed

22.6.17 Avro 504A A5903, 35 TS, Northolt

Nose dived and crashed, Cherry Lane, Harlington

Capt Harold Balleny Hamber (32) died 23.6.17 (Canadian)

A Mech 2 Peter John Stanescu (31) killed

22.6.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter N5604, RNAS, Prawle Point

Nose dived into sea, Plymouth area

Flt Sub-Lt Harold Laurence Crowe (20) killed (Canadian)

23.6.17 Spad VII A9101, Norwich Aircraft Acceptance Park

Fabric stripped off wings, Mousehold, Norwich

Capt Richard Henry Driffield Lee (29) killed

23.6.17 Avro 504J B925, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Seat broke and jammed controls during loop, near Castle Bromwich

2Lt Conrade William Jacot (17) killed

2Lt Edward Villiers injured (pilot)

25.6.17 D.H.5 B355, Hendon Aircraft Acceptance Park

Side slip and nose dive, Hendon

2Lt John George Barron (42) killed

26.6.17 B.E.2d 5876, 62 Sqn, Filton

Spinning nose dive from about 3000 ft, Stoke Gifford, near Bristol

Capt George Walter Thomas Lindsay (26) killed

A Mech 1 Charles Edward Sharman (26) killed

27.6.17 Curtiss JN-4 B1921, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Yatesbury

Lt Edgar Kinsey Reynolds (26) died 28.6.17

Lt Frederick Walter Day injured (pilot)

29.6.17 F.E.2b 4926, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Stalled on turn, Maidens, Ayrshire

2Lt Cyril Ashley Cooper (24) killed

A Mech 2 Harry Towlson (29) killed

2.7.17 Grahame-White XV A1707, 31 TS, Wyton

Nose dived and crashed, Wyton

2Lt Sinclair Alexander Mowat (26) killed

2.7.17 Spad VII A8965, 56 TS, London Colney

Fabric stripped away during dive, London Colney

Capt Con William Eric Cole-Hamilton (23) killed

2.7.17 B.E.2e A8667, Wireless & Observers' School, Brooklands

Wing failed in flight, Wey Manor golf links, Newhaw, Surrey

Lt Eric St Clair Smith (25) killed

Sgt Wilson injured (pilot)

3.7.17 AW F.K.8 A2727, 37 TS, Scampton

Stalled after take-off, Scampton

2Lt Orville Dwight Haist (23) died 5.7.17 (Canadian)

3.7.17 B.E.2e 7227, 76 Sqn, Helperby

Stalled on turn at night, near Alwoodley Gates, Adel, W Yorks

2Lt Geoffrey Lionel Eliot (28) killed

4.7.17 D.H.4 A7435, Testing Sqn, Martlesham Heath

Observer killed in action with Gothas during raid on Harwich

A Mech 1 James Oliver Jessop (24) killed

Capt John Palethorpe unhurt

5.7.17 R.E.8 A3484, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Stalled and nose dived, Rendcomb

2Lt William Thomas Gregory Moss (18) killed

5.7.17 B.E.2c A1321, 36 TS, Beverley

Structural failure in flight, Beverley area

2Lt Kenneth Jesson Vick (28) killed

5.7.17 Maurice Farman Longhorn N5727, RNAS, Manston

Dived into marshes after structural failure, Minster, Kent

Probationary Flight Officer Harold John Flynn (23) killed (Canadian)

5.7.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A8262, 71 Sqn, Castle Bromwich

Side slipped on take off and destroyed by fire, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Leslie Morley Fletcher (19) killed

A Mech 1 Alfred James Merritt injured (Australian)

5.7.17 ?, RNAS

Hit hedge avoiding spectators on landing, People's Park, Grimsby

Sidney Charles Lewis (2) died 6.7.17

Miss Harriet Simpson injured

Flt Sub-Lt Edward Derek Davis unhurt

6.7.17 R.E.8 A3498, 60 TS, Scampton

Spinning nose dive, Scampton area

2Lt Robert George Berwick (20) killed

7.7.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A8271, 37 Sqn, Rochford

Shot down in sea engaging Gotha formation, near Maplin Lightship

2Lt John Edward Rostron Young (19) killed

A Mech 2 Cyril Charles Taylor (20) died 9.7.17

7.7.17 Pup A6230, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Pilot hit by return fire from Gothas and crashed, Slade Green, Kent

2Lt Wilfred Graham Salmon (22) killed (Australian)

9.7.17 Pup A7319, 40 TS, Croydon

Lost wing recovering from dive out of cloud, Purley, Surrey

Lt Stewart Nicholson Evans (26) killed

10.7.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A8203, 54 TS, Harlaxton

Sideslip and nose dive after engine failure on take-off, Buckminster

2Lt Walter Vosper Jakins (20) killed

2Lt Donald Dawson Lockwood injured

10.7.17 ?, RFC

Ploughman and horse hit by landing aeroplane, Waddington area

George Brown (42) killed

2Lt Archer White unhurt

11.7.17 Bristol Fighter A3310, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Crashed and burned, 'making too flat a turn at too low an altitude', North Cerney

2Lt Archibald James Cathie (28) killed

2Lt Henry William Knowlson-Williams (21) killed

11.7.17 D.H.6 A9579, 16 TS, Beaulieu

Nose dived and burnt out, 1m N of Beaulieu aerodrome

Capt Henry Edward Van Goethem (23) killed

2Lt Ion Mordaunt Tatham (19) killed (South African)

11.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2493, 5 TS, Castle Bromwich

Hit hedge on landing, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Bertram Joseph Venn (27) killed

12.7.17 F.E.2b A826, RNAS, Grain

Spiral nose dive, Isle of Grain

Flt Sub-Lt Ronald Beckett Morrison (22) killed

15.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6853, 48 TS, Waddington

Nose dived and caught fire, Waddington

2Lt Lucas Cornelius Theron (29) killed

16.7.17 D.H.2 A2560, 10 TS, Shawbury

Nose dived on low flat turn, Shawbury

2Lt George Everett Cayford (21) killed

17.7.17 Avro 504B A9975, 53 TS, Narborough

Hit by AW while taxying, Narborough

2Lt William Sutton Smeeth (22) killed

2Lt Frederick Norman Harrison unhurt

17.7.17 R.E.8 A3413, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Nose dived into wood, Jenner's Firs, near Upavon

2Lt James Donald Sutherland Munro (24) killed

17.7.17 Sopwith Baby N1102, RNAS, Felixstowe

Crashed in sea and sank after collision with Curtiss H.12 8657, near Felixstowe

Flt Sub-Lt Fraser McPherson Bryans (23) killed

18.7.17 Avro 504A A5930, 60 TS, Scampton

Stalled on a flat turn and caught fire, Scampton

2Lt Herbert Ernest Malcolm Owen (18) killed

20.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B2020, 25 TS, Thetford

Overturned on landing, Redenhall, near Harleston, Norfolk

2Lt Joseph Leo Phillips (21) killed (Canadian)

20.7.17 Camel B3799, CFS, Upavon

Stalled and spun, Upavon

Lt Cecil Frederick Pittman (27) killed

20.7.17 Submarine Scout airship S.S.39, RNAS, Cranwell

Handlers fell from airship when blown into the air, Cranwell

Lt-Col Clive Maitland Waterlow (31) killed (Wg Cdr, RNAS)

Petty Officer Air Mechanic Maurice George Collins (22) killed

A Mech 2 Simon Lightstone (19) killed

21.7.17 Coastal airship C11A, RNAS, Howden

Came down in River Humber, off Brough Haven

Flt Cdr Louis Duncan Morrison (31) drowned

Lt William Baker Hervey (23) drowned

A Mech 1 Harold Frank Moore (19) drowned

A Mech 2 Harry Richard Ward (18) drowned

CPO Lane rescued

L M Harris rescued

23.7.17 B.E.2e A1822, 11 TS, Spittlegate

Stalled and dived into hangar, Spittlegate

2Lt Cyril Hawley (22) killed

24.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2470, 27 TS, Gosport

Nose dived, crashed and caught fire, Gosport

2Lt Thomas Huggan (18) killed

24.7.17 R.E.8 A4673, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on turn, Yatesbury No. 2 Aerodrome

Capt Percival Francis Crommelin D'Erf-Wheeler (23) killed

25.7.17 Pup A6206, 46 Sqn, Sutton's Farm

Failed to recover from spin, Sutton's Farm, Hornchurch, Essex

2Lt Frederick Harold Maden Eberlin (20) killed

25.7.17 ?, 199 TS, East Retford

Propeller swinging accident, East Retford

A Mech 1 William Henry Higgins (25) killed

25/26.7.17 F.E.2b A5654, 33 Sqn, Gainsborough

Stalled and nose dived while night-flying, Scampton

Lt Thomas Harold Coupe (27) killed

26.7.17 B.E.2e A8671, 77 Sqn, Penston

Stalled in turn while night-flying, Penston, East Lothian

Sgt George Ronald Ellis (25) killed

27.7.17 Avro 504J B966, 62 TS, Dover

Spun off tail slide, Solton, West Cliffe, Kent

Capt Arthur Wilson Kilgour (25) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Charles Henry Williams injured

27.7.17 Bristol Fighter A7103, 35 TS, Northolt

Nose dived turning on approach, Northolt

Lt Ivan Beauclerk Hart-Davies (39) killed

2Lt Arthur Douglas Miller injured

27.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2523, 8 TS, Netheravon

Looped and nose dived, near Netheravon

2Lt Howard Stanley Nolan (29) killed (Canadian)

27.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A4063, 49 TS, Spittlegate

Hit tree landing in field in rainstorm, near Spittlegate

2Lt Henry Duerden (23) killed

27.7.17 R.E.8 A3772, Coventry Aircraft Acceptance Park / 69 Sqn

Spun, nose dived and caught fire, 1m N of aerodrome, Radford, Coventry

Lt Roy Cumestree Trout (22) killed (AFC)

28.7.17 Curtiss JN-4 B1926, 17 TS, Port Meadow

Spun and crashed after fin failure, Cassington, near Oxford

Lt Gerald Charles Northcott Cooke (29) killed (Canadian Infantry)

2Lt Robert Fulton Barnes injured (pilot)

28.7.17 Martinsyde G.102 A6252, 62 TS, Dover

Veered into tents on landing, Swingate, Dover

A Mech 2 Thomas John Basford [also Bassford] (31) killed

A Mech 2 Charles Robert Bright (28) died 31.7.17

2Lt Thomas Herbert Holiday unhurt (pilot, South African)

28.7.17 Martinsyde G.102 A6269, 61 TS, South Carlton

Spinning nose dive from 2000ft, South Carlton

Lt Donald Rice Munro (24) killed (Canadian)

28.7.17 Maurice Farman Longhorn N5733, RNAS, Chingford

Wing collapsed in flight, Sewardstone, Essex

Probationary Flight Officer Robert Miller Denholm (18) killed

28.7.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7003, 8 TS, Netheravon

Sideslipped into ground, Netheravon

2Lt Lindsay Morrison (24) killed (Australian)

28.7.17 R.E.8 A3496, 60 TS, Scampton

Spun in and caught fire, Scampton

2Lt Charles Emmanuel Webb-Smith (25) killed

30.7.17 R.E.8 A4675, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Nose dive, Beckhampton, near Yatesbury

2Lt Arthur Measures Chatterton (23) killed

31.7.17 Sopwith 1½ Strutter N5214, RNAS, Pembroke

Lost on sea patrol, Carmarthen Bay

Flt Sub-Lt William Allaway (25) killed

Aug - Dec 1917

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