A list of fatal air accidents in Britain, April - June 1918

1.4.1918 D.H.4 B5484, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Stonehenge

Lt Claude Goddard Jacob (22) killed

Lt Joseph Wilfred Richards (27) killed (Canadian)

1.4.18 R.E.8 B7684, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Spun on flat turn, Easton-on-the-Hill area

2Lt Gordon Speir (23) killed

1.4.18 Sopwith 1 Strutter B2563, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Stalled turning after engine failure on take-off, Hythe

2Lt Cecil Kidd Wilson (22) killed (Canadian)

2Lt R Smith injured

2.4.18 Bristol Fighter C4604, 4 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Marske

Stalled on take-off and nose dived, Marske

Lt David Christie (25) killed (Canadian)

2.4.18 Camel B5720, RAF, Redcar

Hit telephone wires while low-flying, Redcar

Flt Lt Charles Edward Pattison (21) killed (Canadian)

2.4.18 Camel D6470, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Failed to recover from spin, Scampton

Lt Jack Greville Moore (19) killed

3.4.18 Camel B7340, 72 TS, Beverley

Lost control in spin, Beverley area

2Lt John Dudley Wollaston (19) killed

3.4.18 Camel C1684, 86 Sqn, Northolt

Failed to recover from spin, near Northolt Junction

2Lt John Belmont Jewell (18) killed

3.4.18 Camel D6472, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Nose dived on approach; hit parked aeroplane and repair crew, Scampton

1Lt Stanley Huguenin (25) killed (USAS)

Cpl Benjamin J Seifert (23) killed (USAS)

Pvt Nathan Krantman (28) killed (USAS)

4.4.18 Camel B7338, 36 TS, Montrose

Midair collision with Pup B7529, Montrose

Lt Arthur Arnold Payne (24) killed

4.4.18 Sopwith Pup B7529, Montrose

Midair collision with Camel B7338, Montrose

Lt Ernest Wilfred Burton (25) killed (AFC)

4.4.18 Camel B7465, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Lost control in dive

Flt Sub-Lt Harry Dixon killed

4.4.18 Camel B9248, 6 Sqn, AFC, Minchinhampton

Crashed doing low aerobatics, Minchinhampton

2Lt Eric Duncan Grant (20) killed

4.4.18 F.E.2b A5508, 38 Sqn, Melton Mowbray

Stalled and nose dived, Leadenham, Lincs.

2Lt Leonard Roebuck (23) killed

4.4.18 R.E.8 B5133, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Side slipped on flat turn, nose dived and caught fire, Easton-on-the-Hill

Lt Harold George Tucker (22) killed

2Lt Hugh Stewart Archer Dunlop (19) killed

5.4.18 R.E.8 B7683, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Stalled on turn and spun, Easton-on-the-Hill

2Lt Thomas Finkall Blair (22) killed

5.4.18 S.E.5A C1762, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Turnberry

Spun off low turn and caught fire

Cadet George Atherton Brader (24) killed (USAS)

5.4.18 F.B.A. Type B N2690, 209 TDS, Lee-on-Solent

Nose dived into water; pilot thrown out, Lee-on-Solent area

2Lt Harold Caldecott Lake (21) killed

5.4.18 R.E.8 D4961, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Failed to recover from spin, Salisbury Plain

2Lt Matthew Charles Morton DCM (24) killed

6.4.18 Camel B5688, Pilot Pool, Manston

Flying accident, Manston area

Flt Sub-Lt Howard Raymond Gillett (18) killed

7.4.18 Avro 504 B986, 92 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with Sopwith Pup B5269 at 300ft, Tangmere

2Lt Norman Herbert England (31) killed

2Lt Clifford Hackman (20) killed

7.4.18 Sopwith Pup B5269, 92 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with Avro 504J B986 at 300ft, Tangmere

2Lt Victor Raleigh Craigie (26) killed (American)

7.4.18 Camel B7365, 43 TS, Chattis Hill

Spun into ground during aerobatics, Chattis Hill area

2Lt Edward Borgfeldt Booth (18) killed (Canadian)

7.4.18 Sopwith Dolphin C8062, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Stalled and nose dived on forced landing, Lincoln area

2Lt Arthur Lorne Simpson (23) killed (Canadian)

8.4.18 B.E.2e B4556, RAF, Turnhouse

Stalled and nose dived on cross-country flight, North Queensferry

Lt Noel Parry Davies (18) killed

Lt George Armitage Bird injured

8.4.18 Camel B5563, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Midair collision with C8207, Ayr

Lt Robert Elsmere Brooks (29) killed (American)

8.4.18 Camel C8207, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Midair collision with B5563, Ayr

Lt Frank Ephraim Ball (29) killed

8.4.18 Camel B7461, 36 TS, Montrose

Dived into sea, off Montrose

2Lt Charles William Hay (31) killed (AFC)

8.4.18 D.H.6 C9345, 59 TS, Rendcomb

Spun off turn after take-off and burned, Rendcomb

2Lt Hedley Goldsmith Browne (29) killed

8.4.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3845, 85 Sqn, Hounslow

Stalled and side slipped after take-off, Hounslow

Lt John Randolph Stacey (30) killed (Canadian)

10.4.18 D.H.9 C6189, 99 Sqn, Old Sarum

Spun after turning near ground, Amesbury area

2Lt Quintin Wolstenholme Bannister (20) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Edward John Cecil Kidd (21) killed

11.4.18 Camel B9210, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Crashed in sea during gunnery practice on raft target, near Turnberry lighthouse

2Lt Charles William Janes (23) killed

12.4.18 Avro 504 C581, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Stalled on climbing turn after take-off, Feltwell

2Lt Edward Joseph Dillon MM (23) killed

2Lt William Cecil Hield (24) killed

12.4.18 B.E.2e, 16 TS, Yatesbury

Crashed after loop, Yatesbury area

2Lt Eric Charles Terry (19) killed

12.4.18 Sopwith Pup B5312, 65 TS, Dover

Dived into sea, near Dover

2Lt Frederick Streeter Greatwood (22) drowned

13.4.18 Sea Scout Zero airship S.S.Z.15, RAF, Toller

Came down in sea, 2m S of Exmouth

Lt George Robert John Parkinson (19) drowned

A Mech 2 Valentine Henry Hudson (18) drowned

A Mech 2 Roy Thornicroft James (20) drowned

14.4.18 Bristol Fighter B1308, Armament Experimental Station, Orfordness

Lost speed on turn and spun into ground, Orfordness

Lt Benedict Henry Melvill Jones (20) killed

A Mech 1 Harold Hollis Palmer (29) killed

17.4.18 Avro 504 B4206, 2 TDS, Gullane

Stalled on turn and spun

2Lt Donald Heriot Anson Cheers (17) killed

17.4.18 Camel N6781, RAF, Turnhouse

Spinning nose dive after stunting, Glasgow

Lt Bryan Barrington Palmer (19) killed

19.4.18 Avro 504 B8714

Mechanic hit by propellor when engine started prematurely, Northolt area

Pvt Donald R Frazier (21) killed (USAS)

19.4.18 R.E.8 C2373, 1 AAP, Coventry

Spun into ground, Coventry

Lt Sydney Angus Leith (27) killed (38 Sqn)

19.4.18 ?, RAF

Bystander struck by propeller on take-off run, South Wraxall, Somerset

Mrs Rhoda Mortimer (60) died 20.4.18

Harold Victor Derrick injured

2Lt Robert John Wood unhurt (pilot)

20.4.18 Avro 504J C4417, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Spun and nosedived, Joyce Green area

Sgt William Henry Frank March (24) killed

20.4.18 AW F.K.8 B5816, 50 TS, Spittlegate

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Lincoln

2Lt John Howard Vincent Latham (19) killed

20.4.18 Camel C6717, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Banked vertically and dived into ground, Hornchurch

Major Cuthbert Roger Rowden MC (21) killed

20.4.18 Camel C8209, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Broke up in spin, Scampton area

1Lt Charles S Williams (28) killed (USAS)

20.4.18 D.H.6 A9751, 1 TDS, Stamford

Lost control on approach, Stamford

2Lt John Gillespie Liddell (19) killed

20.4.18 R.E.8 B4067, 20 TS, Harlaxton

Stalled and side slipped, Harlaxton area

2Lt Harry Leslie Barradell (18) killed

21.4.18 Avro 504A A2636, 72 TS, Beverley

Midair collision with D194, near Cherry Burton

2Lt John Alfred Clayton (26) killed

Lt Harry Estcourt Robinson (19) killed

21.4.18 Avro 504 D194, 72 TS, Beverley

Midair collision with A2636, near Cherry Burton

Lt Evan Idris Howell (26) killed

21.4.18 Avro 504 C554, 11 TS, Scampton

Stalled turning after engine failure and crashed on river bank, Gainsborough

Lt Frank Gordon Lewtas (32) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Griffith William Evans (28) killed (pilot)

21.4.18 Camel C6, 18 TS, Montrose

Stalled on turn and spun, Montrose

2Lt Percy Stuart Gaster (18) killed

21.4.18 R.E.8 B4064, 52 TS, Catterick

Stalled turning after engine failure and dived into ground, Catterick area

Lt Philip Ambrose Favard Ridgway (19) killed

21.4.18 Sopwith Pup B5306, 89 Sqn, Harling Road

Hit ground and overturned while low-flying, Harling Road area

2Lt Wilfred Ernest Hill Blyth (19) died 22.4.18 (South African)

22.4.18 Avro 504 B8618, School of Special Flying, Redcar

Side slipped and spun off climbing turn, Redcar

Pte William Alfred Charles Easter (23) killed

Lt Charles Reynolds Moore injured

22.4.18 Avro 504 D113, 65 TS, Dover

Spun, nose dived and burnt, Dover

Capt Harry Eustace Murphy (22) killed

2Lt William John Salmons MM (21) killed

22.4.18 AW F.K.8 C8511, 50 TS, Spittlegate

Stalled on low turn, spun and nose dived, Spittlegate

2Lt Herbert Leslie Sutton (19) killed

22.4.18 B.E.12 C3240, 37 Sqn, Stow Maries

Stalled after engine failure on night take-off, Stow Maries

2Lt Edward Gerald Mucklow alias Cyril Lawson Milburn (32) killed

22.4.18 D.H.6 C7215, 131 Sqn, Shawbury

Dived into ground, Shawbury

Capt Samuel Traherne Saunderson (34) killed

Capt Norman Victor Harrison (21) killed

22.4.18 R.E.8 C2350, Central Despatch Pool

Spun, nose dived onto railway line and caught fire, near Oxted, Surrey

1Lt Thomas Frederick Mooney (23) killed (USAS)

22.4.18 Sopwith 1 Strutter A8231, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Broke up pulling out of dive and crashed in sea, off Hythe

2Lt Alfred Tennyson Exley (25) drowned

Sgt William James Beadle (25) drowned (pilot)

22.4.18 Sopwith Pup B5943, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Failed to recover from dive on ground target, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield

Sgt Henry Joseph Birtles (22) killed

23.4.18 B.E.2e B4547, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Ailerons jammed; spun and nose dived, near Wittering

Lt Donald Curdie Black (19) killed (Australian)

2Lt Charles Lawton Smuts (22) killed (South African)

23.4.18 B.E.2e B6176, 7 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Broke up recovering from spin and crashed, Leighterton

Cadet George Francis Jack Needham (29) killed

23.4.18 Camel C1648, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Dived into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

Lt Harold Leander Hanna (21) killed

23.4.18 D.H.6 B2677, 123 Sqn, Duxford

Dived into ground, Duxford area

2Lt James Randolph Wylie (23) killed

23.4.18 R.E.8 B7701, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Wing failure while diving on ground target, Yatesbury area

2Lt John Boyd Chamberlin (18) killed

23.4.18 R.E.8 D4968, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on low turn, spun and crashed, Yatesbury

Lt William Henry Alfred Fitzroy, Viscount Ipswich (33) killed

23.4.18 Avro 504 B4228, CFS, Upavon

Crashed after midair collision, Overbury Park, near Cirencester

Sgt Charles Perkins (33) died 28.4.18

Lt John Percival Morkam unhurt in 2nd machine

24.4.18 Camel D9537, 72 TS, Beverley

Lost control and crashed, Beverley area

Sgt Linden Richardson (22) killed

24.4.18 D.H.9 D2792, RAF, Cranwell

Stalled during forced landing, Cranwell area

2Lt Cyril Montague Bates (18) killed

24.4.18 S.E.5A C5339, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Wing collapsed while pulling out of dive, Rochford area

Lt Charles Alexander Brown (20) killed

25.4.18 Avro 504 C599, 95 Sqn, North Shotwick

Stalled and spun turning on approach, North Shotwick

2Lt John Jewett Miller (25) killed (American)

25.4.18 Avro 504 D4394, 42 TS, Wye

Midair collision with Pup D4079 during fighting practice, Kennington, Kent

Lt Cyril Whelan (19) killed

Lt Edmund Douglas Marrable (24) killed

25.4.18 Sopwith Pup D4079, 42 TS, Wye

Midair collision with Avro D4394, Kennington, Kent

2Lt Alwyn Gordon Levy (19) killed (Australian)

25.4.18 Avro 504 D6265, 62 TS, Dover

Stalled in mist, spun and nose dived, Dover area

2Lt Clifford Otto Robinson Hames (23) killed (Canadian)

25.4.18 Camel, 45 TS, South Carlton

Starved engine on take-off; turned, stalled and spun, Rochford

Cadet Elwood D Stanberry (23) killed (USAS)

25.4.18 Camel B8830, 65 TS, Dover

Coming out of dive, rolled into the ground, Dover

2Lt Frederick Charles Butler (20) killed

25.4.18 Camel B9230, 10 TS, Lilbourne

Flew into telegraph wires, Lilbourne area

2Lt David Percival McIntyre (19) killed

25.4.18 D.H.4 B5489, 106 Sqn, Weyhill

Overstrained while stunting with 2 army officer passengers, Perham Down, Wilts.

Lt Harry Morley Whitcut (25) killed

Lt George Jamieson Downey (24) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Frank Arnold Richardson (22) killed

25.4.18 F.E.2b A5616, 199 NTS, East Retford

Lost at night, hit high ground and caught fire, near Shottle, Derbyshire

2Lt Henry Graham Achurch (29) killed

25.4.18 F.E.2b A5793, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Engine cut out, near Stonehenge

Lt Ernest George Goy (23) killed

Lt Charles Ebenezer Black injured

25.4.18 R.E.8 A4462, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Nose dived, Yatesbury area

2Lt James Horace Farnham (26) killed (American)

2Lt E N Nathan injured

26.4.18 AW F.K.8 C8549, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Flat spin from 200ft, Spittlegate

2Lt Roger William Ashworth (23) killed

26.4.18 B.E.2e B3716, School of Aerial Fighting & Bomb Dropping, Freiston

Nose dived after collision with Pup B6021, Freiston area

Lt Owen Hewitt Dampier Bennett (18) killed

2Lt Norman Vincent Grimsditch injured in B6021

26.4.18 Camel C1680, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Wilson Marshall (20) killed (USAS)

26.4.18 D.H.4 B5486, 109 Sqn, Stonehenge

Tailplane broke off pulling out of dive, Lake Down

2Lt Frank Graham Edwards (19) killed

26.4.18 F.E.2b B407, 33 Sqn, Elsham

Flew into ground following engine failure, Elsham area

2Lt Laurens Jacobus Van Staden (24) killed (South African)

2Lt Wilson Reeve Bilson injured

26.4.18 S.E.5A C5342, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Nose dived off steep low turn, Bekesbourne

Lt Lewis Laugharne Morgan MC (21) killed

27.4.18 D.H.9 D2810, 129 Sqn, Duxford

Broke up in flight, Duxford

Lt Walter Gilbert Whalley (32) killed (Canadian)

A/Sgt Gilbert Lawrence Evans (24) killed

27.4.18 R.E.8 C2424, 106 Sqn, Weyhill

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Penton Mewsey, Andover

Lt Norman Charles Kearney (26) killed

27.4.18 Sopwith Pup B1742, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun into ground, Chester area

Lt Victor William Valette Lowrie (18) killed

28.4.18 Camel B9234, 1 TS, Beaulieu

Stalled and turned into the ground, Beaulieu

Major John Lawson Kinnear DSO MC (28) killed

29.4.18 B.E.2e C7009, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Wings collapsed in dive, Stonehenge area

Lt Robert Brinton Hill (25) killed (American)

2Lt Alec Gilmour Boardman (18) killed

29.4.18 Sopwith 1 Strutter A5986, HMS Furious

Lost speed in climbing turn and dived into ground, Donibristle

Capt Gilbert Henry Millar (33) killed

Lt Henry Frank Mears (18) killed (pilot)

30.4.18 Camel B6204, 207 TDS, Chingford

Nose dived from 2000ft, Edmonton area

2Lt Charles Frederick Steven Jackson (23) killed

1.5.18 Avro 504 D173, 61 TS, South Carlton

Collision with Avro B4346 in formation, Winterton, Lincs.

2Lt Albert Charles Masters (19) killed

2Lt Richard Duncan Hambrook unhurt in B4346

1.5.18 B.E.2e B4593, 24 TS, Witney

Stalled on low turn, crashed and caught fire, near Broad Marston, Glos.

2Lt Fred John Young (18) killed

1.5.18 Camel B7334, 42 TS, Wye

Aeroplane inverted and pilot fell out, South Willesborough

2Lt Duncan McCarter (23) killed

1.5.18 D.H.4 B5514, 52 TS, Catterick

Spun and nose dived off turn, Catterick area

2Lt John Garwood McDonald (23) died 2.5.18

1.5.18 D.H.6 A9647, 51 TS, Waddington

Nose dived into ground off loop, Waddington area

Sgt David Hillocks Paterson Black (23) killed

1.5.18 D.H.9 C1185, 4 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Marske

Wings came off pulling out of dive, Marske area

Lt Richard Geoffrey Tunbridge (20) killed

3.5.18 Avro 504 B4313, Instructors School, Redcar

Failed to recover from spin, Redcar

Lt Edmund Gabriel Rice (18) killed

2Lt Lionel Richard Thacker King (26) killed

3.5.18 B.E.2e B4483, 191 NTS, Marham

Stalled and spun into pond

2Lt Andrew Erskine Gillespie MM (26) died 9.5.18

3.5.18 Bristol Fighter B8914, 8 TS, Witney

Hit hangar roof on approach, Witney

2Lt Alfred Victor Flavell (23) killed

Lt Leslie Gordon Harvey injured

3.5.18 Bristol Fighter C855, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Spinning nose dive, Spittlegate area

2Lt James Harvey Carthew (23) killed (Canadian)

3.5.18 D.H.4 B5497, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Stalled makng flat turns on approach, Boscombe Down

2Lt Eric Joseph Whitehead (18) killed

3.5.18 R.E.8 D4973, 25 TS, Thetford

Stalled turning on approach to forced landing

2Lt Alfred William Hinton (26) died 4.5.18

3.5.18 Sopwith Pup B1845, CFS, Upavon

Nose dived off loop, Rendcomb

2Lt Clarence James Ford (18) killed

4.5.18 R.E.8 E10, 19 TS, Curragh

Failed to recover from spin, The Curragh, Ireland

Sgt William Geipel (20) killed

A Mech 1 Matthew William Wardale (35) killed

4.5.18 Sopwith Pup B1706, 61 TS, South Carlton

Sideslipped off low steep turn, Gainsborough area

Lt Eric Inger Dexter (22) killed

4.5.18 Spad VII A9132, 56 TS, London Colney

Stalled on climbing turn and nose dived, London Colney

Cadet Clarence Horne Fry (24) killed (USAS)

5.5.18 Camel D9544, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Spinning nose dive, Feltwell area

2Lt Ralph Llewelyn John Davies (18) killed

6.5.18 B.E.2e A8629, 8 TS, Witney

Wing extension broke in flight, Witney

Cpl Rowland Hinchliffe (20) killed

6.5.18 Camel B6303, Wireless Experimental Establishment, Biggin Hill

Spun low down, Godstone area

Lt Frank Magens Caulfeild Houghton (22) killed

6.5.18 Camel B9192, 42 TS, Wye

Recovered from spin too late, Hinxhill, Kent

Sgt Horace Reginald Forsdick (18) killed

6.5.18 D.H.6 C5503, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Flying accident, Marlborough area

2Lt Charles Reginald Southwell (23) killed

6.5.18 Avro 504J C5755, 70 TS, Beaulieu

Spun off loop, Beaulieu

2Lt Walter Stead Pawson (22) killed

7.5.18 Avro 504J C4477, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Midair collision with Avro B8707, Temple Farm, Joyce Green

2Lt John Gordon Ward (25) killed

7.5.18 Avro 504 B8707, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Midair collision with Avro C4477, Temple Farm, Joyce Green

Capt Bert James (21) killed (Australian)

2Lt Gordon Nash (21) killed

7.5.18 Camel B4621, 6 TS, Montrose

Stalled and spun turning on approach, Montrose

2Lt Benjamin Cohen killed (Canadian)

8.5.18 Avro 504 C652, 18 TS, Montrose

Crashed out of control, near Montrose

2Lt Dudley Churchill Fairbairn (25) killed (American)

8.5.18 Camel B4640, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Stalled and spun into ground, Feltwell area

Lt John Charles Attewell (19) killed

8.5.18 Camel D6649, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Spinning nose dive, Romford area

Lt John Donald Baird DSO MC (20) killed

8.5.18 D.H.4 A7671, RAE, Farnborough

Broke up in flight, Mytchett, Surrey

Lt Lionel Francis Derek Lutyens (23) killed

Mr David Hume Pinsent (26) killed (RAE civilian observer)

8.5.18 R.E.8 A4546, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Collision with B7729 in formation, near Stamford, Lincs.

2Lt Myer Joseph Levine (18) killed

8.5.18 R.E.8 B7729, 64 TS, Harlaxton

Collision with A4546 in formation, near Stamford, Lincs.

Lt Arthur Burrell Thorne (23) killed

2Lt Howard Watson (18) killed

8.5.18 R.E.8 D6705, 26 TS, Narborough

Stalled on climbing turn, Narborough

2Lt Henry Frederick Edward Trigg (26) killed

9.5.18 Avro 504 C572, 27 TS, London Colney

Spun off low turn, London Colney

Lt William Ernest Le Feuvre (29) killed

Lt Robert Bruce Manning injured

9.5.18 B.E.12 6509, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Failed to recover from spin, Canterbury

Lt Reginald Arthur Gliddon (26) killed

9.5.18 D.H.4 B5526, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Wings broke away after explosion in flight, Boscombe Down area

1Lt Robert Jenkins Griffith (23) killed (USAS)

Pvt John Joseph Leighton (26) killed (USAS)

9.5.18 D.H.4 B9495, RAF, Cranwell

Spun and nose dived off climbing turn, Cranwell area

2Lt Ronald John William Taylor (18) killed

9.5.18 D.H.9 C6261, 75 TS, Cramlington

Wings came off in dive, Elswick Road, Newcastle

2Lt Robert Cyril Forster (23) killed

9.5.18 S.E.5A D3571, 55 TS, Lilbourne

Broke up pulling out of dive, Lilbourne area

Lt James Donald McRae Reid (22) killed (Canadian)

9.5.18 Spad VII B1628, 56 TS, London Colney

Wings collapsed and dived into Elstree Reservoir

Cadet William Winslow Wait (27) killed (USAS)

10.5.18 Coastal airship C.23A, RAF, Mullion

Came down in sea, off Newquay

A Mech 2 Albert William Robinson (19) drowned

Capt Arthur Stanley Elliott DSC and remainder of crew rescued

11.5.18 Avro 504 C619, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Spun into ground, near Chattis Hill

2Lt Henry George Carr (25) killed (AFC)

11.5.18 Bristol Fighter B8930, 7 TS, Witney

Stalled on turn, Curbridge, near Witney

2Lt Bryan Frank Lawson Yeoman (21) killed

11.5.18 Camel B9242, 10 TS, Lilbourne

Failed to recover from spin, near Lilbourne

2Lt Roderick Oliver Sherar (23) killed (AFC)

11.5.18 Camel C1618, 45 TS, South Carlton

Stalled turning on approach, South Carlton area

2Lt Alan Walter Kite (18) died 12.5.18

11.5.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6900, 4 TS, Northolt

Hit tree and crashed in fog, Claremont Woods, Esher, Surrey

2Lt George Molyneaux (21) killed

11.5.18 R.E.8 A3589, 16 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on low turn, Yatesbury area

Lt Charles Leonard Price (18) killed

11.5.18 R.E.8 E58, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Stalled and spun, near Hornchurch

Lt Harry Lynn Hopkins (24) killed (American)

11.5.18 S.E.5A C1769, CFS, Upavon

Low-level stunting, hit ground and caught fire, Upavon

Lt Reginald Charles Benson (24) killed

12.5.18 R.E.8, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Stalled, spun and burnt, Worthy Down area

Lt Leslie George (25) killed

12.5.18 R.E.8 E62, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Nose dived, Worthy Down

2Lt John Stone William Lord (27) killed (AFC)

13.5.18 R.E.8 B5101, 51 TS, Waddington

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Waddington area

Sgt William Shaw (28) killed

14.5.18 Camel B3910, 4 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Freiston

Wings folded back pulling out of dive on ground target, Freiston

2Lt Charles Frederick Mossman (21) killed

14.5.18 Camel D6625, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Crashed out of control, Kent

Capt Aylmer Curtis Garnons-Williams MC (22) killed

14.5.18 D.H.9 C6097, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Stalled on low turn, spun and caught fire, Old Sarum area

2Lt Harry Dennis Preston (21) killed (American)

Pvt William L Messinger (23) killed (USAS)

14.5.18 D.H.9 D2806, 119 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled turning on approach, spun and caught fire, Duxford

2Lt Stephen Walker (26) killed

15.5.18 Camel B7396, 86 Sqn, Northolt

Stalled on low turn, spun and caught fire, Northolt

2Lt Cecil Martin Sankey MC (21) killed

15.5.18 Camel B847, School of Special Flying, Gosport

Spun into ground, Gosport

Lt John Basil Robert Langley (29) killed

15.5.18 R.E.8 B8902, 120 Sqn, Cramlington

Stalled on turn after engine failure on take-off, Cramlington

Major Philip James Vaughan Lavarack MC (28) killed

2Lt Richard Arthur Henry Brittain (19) killed

15.5.18 S.E.5A ?3957, CFS, Upavon

Collision in formation, Upavon

2Lt Mortimer Park Crane (24) killed (American)

Lt Leonard John Cox unhurt in second machine

17.5.18 Avro 504 D7676, 2 School of Special Flying, Redcar

Hit hedge on take-off, Redcar area

Lt Victor Leslie Barber (18) died 24.5.18

Lt John Bernard Hinchcliffe injured

17.5.18 Camel B6450, 5 Group, Dover

Stalled on low climbing turn and nose dived, Dover

Lt William Barton Hughes (18) killed

17.5.18 Camel B7179, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Eric Percy Johnstone Touche (21) killed (South African)

17.5.18 Camel D6672, 6 TS, Montrose

Spun and sideslipped into ground, Montrose

2Lt William John Knox Graham (24) killed (Canadian)

17.5.18 R.E.8 C2306, 8 AAP, Lympne

Engine failed, stalled and crashed, Weeley Heath, Essex

Lt Edward Terence Heard (28) killed

18.5.18 Avro 504G N5803, RAF, Cranwell

Stalled while turning to avoid sheds and spun, Cranwell

2Lt James Mills Johnston (21) killed (Canadian)

18.5.18 Camel B9218, 1 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Turnberry

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, 2m E of Turnberry aerodrome

1Lt George Squires (22) killed (USAS)

18.5.18 Camel C1640, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Failed to recover from spin, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt George William Hawken (29) killed (Canadian)

18.5.18 Camel N6766, HMS Galatea

Hit tree on approach, Donibristle

Lt Mervyn Henry Wollaston Trendell (18) died 19.5.18

18.5.18 D.H.6 C7248, 119 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled on low climbing turn, spun and crashed, Duxford area

Pvt Claude Arnold Baker Jr (23) killed (USAS)

2Lt Robert George Pratt injured

18.5.18 F.E.2b C9792, 149 Sqn, Ford

Side slipped and nose dived turning to land, E Kent

Capt George Robinson MC (37) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Clive Hislop Philip Hughes injured (pilot, South African)

18.5.18 Sopwith Dolphin C8023, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Scampton area

Lt George Stanley Tunstall (28) killed

19.5.18 Camel D6466, 45 TS, South Carlton

Rolled and spun, South Carlton area

Lt Aaron Hindley (19) killed

19.5.18 D.H.4 B5541, 109 Sqn, Stonehenge

Stalled and nose dived, near Winton, Hants.

2Lt Joseph Claude Barker (23) killed (Canadian)

A Mech 2 James Frederick Stillman injured

19.5.18 D.H.6 A9598, 207 TDS, Chingford

Hit trees making forced landing in cemetery after engine failure, Chingford

2Lt William Robert Burdett (21) killed

19.5.18 D.H.9 D5633, 104 Sqn, Andover

Stalled and spun, Andover area

Sgt William Gunn (29) killed

A Mech 1 Thomas Trivett House (27) killed

19.5.18 Spad VII A9135, 56 TS, London Colney

Stalled on low turn while stunting, London Colney area

2Lt Wilfred George Blatherwick (24) killed (South African)

20.5.18 B.E.2e, 1 TDS, Stamford

Engine failed and stalled on turn, crashed and caught fire, Stamford area

2Lt Thomas Rowell MC (26) killed

20.5.18 Camel B5693, 2 School of Special Flying, Redcar

Failed to recover from spin, Redcar

Capt John Alexander Macdonald Allan (23) killed (New Zealander)

20.5.18 Camel C1662, 2 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Marske

Spun into ground, Brotton, Yorks.

2Lt Wilhelm Jacobus Knoll (23) killed (South African)

20.5.18 Camel D6496, CFS, Upavon

Spun in, Milton, Pewsey

2Lt John Edgar Phillips (19) killed

21.5.18 Avro 504 B8603, 5 Group, Dover

Lost speed on flat turn after take-off and nose dived, Swingate aerodrome, Dover

Lt-Col Douglas Hyde Hyde-Thomson (27) killed

21.5.18 B.E.12 B727, 75 Sqn, Harling Road

Stalled after take-off, spun and caught fire, Harling Road

2Lt Tom Farrar Scott MM (24) killed (Canadian)

21.5.18 B.E.2e B6185, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, near Easton-on-the-Hill

Lt Leslie Cyril William Bauchope (21) killed

21.5.18 Camel C111, 6 TS, Montrose

Spun off turn, Montrose

2Lt Richard Percy Waller (20) died 22.5.18

21.5.18 Camel D6677, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Hit tree and crashed

2Lt Cyril Gordon Joyce (21) died 22.5.18 (South African)

21.5.18 D.H.6 C5508, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Hit ground at high speed, Yatesbury area

Lt Charles Gerald Valentine Smith (19) killed (Canadian)

2Lt George Stanley Howard (18) killed

22.5.18 Camel B7341, 72 TS, Beverley

Failed to recover from spin, Beverley

2Lt Colin Corry Bevington (18) killed

22.5.18 R.E.8 B6669, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Failed to recover from spin, Harlaxton

Lt James Norman Clitheroe (32) killed

2Lt Clarence Everard Johnson (19) killed

22.5.18 S.E.5A B658, 37 Sqn, Stow Maries

Stalled on low downwind turn with failing engine, Stow Maries

2Lt William Martin Burfoot (23) killed

22.5.18 S.E.5A C9509, 54 TS, Castle Bromwich

Stalled and spun turning after take-off and hit tree, Solihull

Lt Percy Charles Moynihan (27) killed

22.5.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3915, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Stalled on turn, Little Sutton, Cheshire

2Lt Kenneth Alonzo Nelson (22) died 23.5.18 (American)

22.5.18 Sopwith Pup B5288, 42 TS, Wye

Spun turning after take-off, Wye

2Lt Frank Henry Herbert Biddle (19) killed

23.5.18 Avro 504 D44, 2 TDS, Gullane

Failed to recover from spin, Gullane

Capt Hugh Fanshawe Glanville (33) died 24.5.18

Pte N S Grant unhurt

23.5.18 Avro 504 D6287, 6 TS, Montrose

Low stunting; stalled and spun avoiding trees, near Montrose

2Lt Donald James Roach (24) killed (Canadian)

23.5.18 Camel D9545, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Caught fire after take-off from Port Meadow, Wolvercote, Oxford

Capt George Edwin Thomson DSO MC (20) killed

24.5.18 D.H.6 C6518, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Wing came off pulling out of dive after loop, Codford, Wilts.

Major Benjamin Stevens Jordan (34) killed (New Zealander)

Lt Joseph James Daly (26) killed (pilot, American)

25.5.18 Avro 504 D6274, 61 TS, South Carlton

Midair collision with Avro E9993, South Carlton

2Lt Harold Edward Partridge (18) killed (Canadian)

25.5.18 Avro 504 E9993, 45 TS, South Carlton

Midair collision with Avro D6274, South Carlton

Capt James Harry Medcalf DCM MC (23) killed

2Lt Alfred Milne Backler (23) killed

25.5.18 Avro 504 D7727, RAF, Cranwell

Stalled on turn and spun, Cranwell area

Cadet William Gillies (20) killed

25.5.18 B.E.2e C7022, 119 Sqn, Duxford

Spun off low turn, crashed and caught fire, Duxford

2Lt Edward Owen Scarborough (21) killed

25.5.18 D.H.9 D5613, 131 Sqn, Shawbury

Stalled on low turn, spun and caught fire, Hawarden area

2Lt George Roper (25) killed (American)

25.5.18 S.E.5A D6097, 74 TS, Castle Bromwich

Wings collapsed pulling out of dive, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield

Lt Raymond Tenney Balch (23) killed (American)

26.5.18 Camel B5560, 1 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Turnberry

Pilot fell out in dive, Turnberry

Sgt John Stabb Tuckett (18) killed

26.5.18 Camel B9328, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Spun off climbing turn turn after take-off, Feltwell

2Lt Gwilym Francis Williams (19) killed

26.5.18 Camel C1638, 34 TS, Chattis Hill

Failed to recover from spin, Chattis Hill area

Lt John Frederick Slavik (26) killed (American)

26.5.18 Camel D8131, 18 TS, Montrose

Low stunting; spun into sea, Montrose Bay

2Lt Ernest Peacock (25) killed

27.5.18 B.E.2e A8702, 190 NTS, Newmarket

Structural failure; spun into ground, Swaffham Prior, Cambs.

2Lt Cecil William Alloway (28) killed (Canadian)

27.5.18 Camel B7467, 1 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Turnberry

Lost control recovering from spin

1Lt Howard Rea Smith (30) killed (USAS)

27.5.18 R.E.8 E139, AAP Coventry / 35 Wing, Stamford

Nose dived off flat turn after take-off, Coventry

Lt Henry Phillip Walter Laughton (28) killed (South African)

27.5.18 Sopwith Pup B5360, 91 Sqn, Tangmere

Side slipped and nose dived, Slindon, Sussex

Lt Alfred Theodore Wyman (25) killed (American)

27.5.18 Sopwith Pup D4139, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Broke up in dive, Hooton Park area

2Lt Walter Scott Murray (20) killed (American)

28.5.18 Bristol Fighter B1178, 1 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Turnberry

Wings folded back in dive, Turnberry

Lt Reginald Milburn Makepeace MC (27) killed

2Lt Thomas Albert McClure killed

28.5.18 R.E.8 C2305, 2 AAP, Hendon

Airman hit by landing aeroplane, Hendon

A Mech 3 Frederick Gill (37) killed

2Lt George E Cooper unhurt (pilot)

29.5.18 Avro 504 C656, 72 TS, Beverley

Failed to recover from spin, Beverley

2Lt Charles Alan Clarke Fullerton (22) killed

2Lt Tom Jowett (20) killed

29.5.18 D.H.9 D2803, 123 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled and nose dived after engine failure and caught fire, near Duxford

2Lt John Egbert Machin (24) killed

29.5.18 D.H.9 D5610, 9 TDS, Shawbury

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Knowle, Warks.

2Lt Roy Cowell Townshend (19) killed

2Lt Edward Reginald Watts injured

29.5.18 Seaplane

Mechanic hit by propeller, Great Yarmouth

A Mech Arthur Henry Cummins (33) killed

30.5.18 Avro 504 C657, 42 TS, Wye

Stalled and spun on turn, Wye area

2Lt Desmond Maurice Macartney-Filgate (18) killed

30.5.18 Caudron G.III no. 161, Hendon civilian school

Side slipped and nose dived off low turn, Hendon

2Lt Frederick Banks (21) died 2.6.18

30.5.18 D.H.6 B2734, 5 TS, Wyton

Wingtip struck hut on approach, Wyton

2Lt William James Kelsey (19) killed

30.5.18 D.H.6 C6853, 25 TS, Thetford

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Thetford

Capt William Crawshay Loder-Symonds (31) killed

30.5.18 R.E.8 A3570, 69 TS, Narborough

Wings folded back in flight, Narborough area

2Lt Archibald Onslow Farmer (25) killed

30.5.18 R.E.8 B5125, 16 TS, Yatesbury

Collision with D.H.6 while taking off, Swindon area

Pvt George Jacob Frymire (29) died 1.6.18 (USAS)

30.5.18 R.E.8 C2393, 120 Sqn, Cramlington

Dived into ground, Newcastle

2Lt Vincent Clarke Lashford (24) killed

31.5.18 Avro 504J C4380, 34 TS, Chattis Hill

Tailplane broke in flight, Chattis Hill area

A/Sgt Peter Hartley Walsh (23) killed

31.5.18 B.E.2c 9997, Fleet Observers School, Eastchurch

Wings collapsed in flight, Eastchurch

Capt Frank Hugh McMaster (21) killed

Lt Allen Foggett Parker (25) killed

31.5.18 B.E.2e C7119, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Midair collision with R.E.8 D4965, Yatesbury

Flt Cadet Ernest Osborn Tracey (18) killed

31.5.18 R.E.8 D4965, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Midair collision with B.E.2e C7119, Yatesbury

Lt Stanley Burnet (19) killed

31.5.18 D.H.6 A9753, 46 TS, Catterick

Pilot hit by propeller restarting engine after forced landing, N Yorks.

2Lt John James Jones MM (23) killed

31.5.18 D.H.6 B2742, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Midair collision with D.H.6 B2753, Boscombe Down area

2Lt Duncan Ross Grant (20) killed (USAS)

31.5.18 D.H.6 B2753, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Midair collision with D.H.6 B2742, Boscombe Down area

Lt Edmund Graham Tart (25) killed (American)

1.6.18 Camel B2347, Southern Aircraft Repair Depot, Farnborough

Spun turning after engine failure, Farnborough

Lt Clive Keeling Scott (22) killed

1.6.18 D.H.6 A9736, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Failed to recover from spin, Easton-on-the-Hill

Capt Peter Dudley Stuart (24) killed

Lt Francis Powell Ayles (19) killed

1.6.18 D.H.9 D5682, 107 Sqn, Stonehenge

Stalled turning to land and nose dived, Lake Down

2Lt Reginald Robert Bourner (19) killed

Boy John Henry S (Jack) Durran (16) killed

2.6.18 AW F.K.3 B9581, 26 TS, Narborough

Spun on low turn and nose dived, Narborough

2Lt Kenneth Neil Finlay (18) died 3.6.18

2.6.18 Camel B4632, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Midair collision with Camel C136, Joyce Green

Lt John Percival Van Ryneveld (23) killed (South African)

2.6.18 Camel C136, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Midair collision with Camel B4632, Joyce Green

2Lt Frank Leslie Shield (21) killed

2.6.18 Camel B5744, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Stalled on low turn and spun, Isle of Thanet

2Lt Harry Norman (21) killed

2.6.18 Camel B9262, 1 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Turnberry

Stalled on low turn and spun, Turnberry

2Lt Howard Richmond Henry Butler (21) killed (AFC)

2.6.18 R.E.8 A3895, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Spun from 100ft, near Winchester

Lt Peter Joseph Rahill (20) killed

2.6.18 Sopwith Pup B4126, 45 TS, South Carlton

Stalled on low turn and spun, South Carlton

Lt Kenneth Walsh Allman (19) killed

2.6.18 Sopwith Pup B6148, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Failed to recover from spin, Hooton Park area

2Lt Clarence Scott Garden (26) killed (Canadian)

2.6.18 Vickers F.B.5 5127, CFS, Upavon

Broke up in dive, Upavon

2Lt William Robert Sargent Wilberforce MC (24) killed

3.6.18 Camel B7142, 1 TS, Beaulieu

Stalled and spun on turn after overshoot, Beaulieu

Lt Alexander Talbot (22) killed

3.6.18 Camel B7424, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Failed to recover from spin, Joyce Green

2Lt Norman Owen (24) killed

3.6.18 Sopwith Pup B5929, 'G' (Experimental) Flight, Cranwell

Killed swinging propeller, Cranwell

A Mech 3 Leonard Friend Baker (23) killed

4.6.18 Camel B9288, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with S.E.5A D3557, Upavon

Lt Frederick Henry Choate (27) killed (Canadian)

4.6.18 S.E.5A D3557, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Camel B9288, Upavon

2Lt Stanley Cecil Paice (30) killed

4.6.18 D.H.6 A9704, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Midair collision with D.H.6 C2028, Stamford area

Lt Harry Kent Capper (19) killed

A/Sgt John Steinberg (20) killed

4.6.18 D.H.6 C2028, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Midair collision with D.H.6 A9704, Stamford area

2Lt John Aicken Carleton Lewis (20) killed

4.6.18 Sopwith Pup B5284, 56 TS, London Colney

Spun off attempted low roll, Childwickbury Park, St Albans

Lt Brian Wilton Meadway (22) killed

5.6.18 Camel C8304, 96 Sqn, North Shotwick

Spun out of control from 2000ft, North Shotwick area

2Lt Eric Stanley Hart (20) killed (American)

5.6.18 D.H.9 C1231, 1 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Turnberry

Spun into sea, near Turnberry

Lt Hugh William Elliott (20) drowned

1Lt Richard Brumback Reed (26) drowned (USAS)

5.6.18 S.E.5A D264, 89 Sqn, Harling Road

Nose dived off slow turn and caught fire, Harling Road area

Lt Frederick Harold Norman Sessions (19) killed

6.6.18 Bristol Fighter B1304, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Midair collision with Bristol Fighter B8922, New Romney

Lt Stephen James Chapman (26) killed

Flt Cadet Tom Mathie (19) killed

6.6.18 Bristol Fighter B8922, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Midair collision with Bristol Fighter B1304, New Romney

Lt Norman Ramsay Mitchell (24) killed

Flt Cadet Alfred Gwyer Harries (19) killed

6.6.18 D.H.9 C1274, 6 AAP, Renfrew

Struck by propeller

A Mech 2 Leonard Markham (26) killed

6.6.18 R.E.8 B6620, 69 TS, Narborough

Structural failure; crashed and caught fire, Marham

2Lt Gathorne Clegg Robinson (21) killed

7.6.18 D.H.6 C7251, 47 TS, Waddington

Midair collision with D.H.9 C1201, Waddington area

Sgt Alfred William Pitkin (31) killed

7.6.18 D.H.9 C1201, 47 TS, Waddington

Midair collision with D.H.9 C7251, Waddington area

2Lt Roy Esworth Heater (20) killed (American)

8.6.18 B.A.T. Bantam, Aeroplane Experimental Station, Martlesham Heath

Lost control near ground, Martlesham

Lt Samuel Hollis Alfred D'Arcy DSO (19) killed

8.6.18 Camel B7301, 39 TS, South Carlton

Stalled and spun into ground, South Carlton area

2Lt Francis Brunton Love (18) killed

8.6.18 Camel C169, 2 AAP, Hendon

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Hendon

Lt Eustratius George Manuel (29) killed

8.6.18 Handley Page V/1500 B9463, Handley Page, Cricklewood

Spun and caught fire after engine failure on test flight, Golders Green

Capt Vernon Earle George Busby (23) killed

Mr Bertram George Cooper MBE (35) killed (Air Ministry)

Mr Robert P Cooper (36) killed (Harland & Wolff)

Mr Walter Henry Hathaway (36) killed (Handley Page)

Mr James William Windebank (25) killed (Handley Page)

Lt-Col Alec Ogilvie OBE injured

8.6.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4733, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Somersaulted on landing

Cadet William Launcelot Corbett (20) died 9.6.18

Capt David Leslie Nutt injured

9.6.18 Short 184 N1658, RAF, Great Yarmouth

Turning steeply, spun into sea, off Gorleston

Lt Christopher Charles Gordon Nickels (18) drowned

2Lt Cyril Jack Lewis injured

10.6.18 Avro 504 C698, 14 TS, Tadcaster

Stalled on low turn and spun, Tadcaster

2Lt Frank Edward Goddard (29) killed

10.6.18 AW F.K.3 B9593, 121 Sqn, Narborough

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Narborough

2Lt Percival Hookway Gange (24) killed

10.6.18 Spad VII B6772, 56 TS, London Colney

Oil obscured pilot's vision; hit tree, Herts.

Lt Miles Bruce Dalzell Whiteside (23) died 13.6.18

11.6.18 Avro 504J C4323, 39 TS, South Carlton

Stalled on steep climbing turn, nose dived and caught fire, South Carlton area

Lt John Law (23) killed

Flt Cadet Francis George Denny (18) killed

11.6.18 AW, 12 TS, Thetford

Midair collision with R.E.8 B787, Thetford

2Lt Thomas Eli Smith (24) killed

11.6.18 R.E.8 B787, 12 TS, Thetford

Midair collision with AW, Thetford

Lt William Robie Bowick (20) killed

2Lt Harry Walter Prince (25) killed (USAS)

11.6.18 Sopwith Dolphin C4054, CFS, Upavon

Spun at 100ft, Upavon

Lt William David Evans (22) killed

11.6.18 Sopwith Pup B6026, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Spun off low roll, Feltwell

2Lt Joseph William Cox (19) killed

12.6.18 AW F.K.3 B8827, 121 Sqn, Narborough

Stalled after take-off, nose dived and caught fire, Narborough

Flt Cadet Thomas Mashiter Tyson (20) killed

12.6.18 Sopwith Pup C278, 95 Sqn, North Shotwick

Flew into ground and overturned, Shotwick area

Lt Harry Nelson Hastie (24) killed (Canadian)

12.6.18 Avro 504A D1606, 206 TDS, Eastbourne

Lost speed in turn, stalled and spun, Langney, Eastbourne

2Lt William Stanley Pullen (18) killed

12.6.18 ?, RAF, Eastbourne

Mower hit by propeller of aeroplane taking off, Eastbourne

Frederick Walter Elstone (38) killed

2Lt Olavo de Araujo unhurt (pilot, Brazilian Navy)

13.6.18 Bristol Fighter C4815, 39 Sqn, North Weald

Stalled turning after engine failure, North Weald

Lt Jack Lionel Boles (21) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet John Wood Mackay (18) killed

13.6.18 Camel C158, 68 TS, Tadcaster

Machine collapsed in flight, Tadcaster

Capt Herbert James Hamilton MC (23) killed

13.6.18 D.H.6 C7708, 191 NTS, Marham

Stalled on turn and side slipped, Marham

Flt Cadet William Frank Barker (25) killed (Canadian)

13.6.18 Farman biplane, French Aviation Mission

Stalled and side slipped, Whitton, Hounslow

Capt Louis Pierron (38) killed

Lt Michel Rousseau (27) killed

13.6.18 Sopwith Dolphin D5304, CFS, Upavon

Dived into ground and caught fire, Upavon

1Lt Joe Graham Trees (21) killed (USAS)

14.6.18 AW F.K.8 B4083, 50 TS, Spittlegate

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Spittlegate

Flt Cadet William Frederick Edward Ling (19) killed

14.6.18 Felixstowe F.2A N4515, Seaplane Station, Felixstowe

Mechanic hit by propellor, Felixstowe

A Mech 2 Horace Lealand (18) killed

15.6.18 Camel B7443, 61 TS, South Carlton

Dived into ground, South Carlton

Lt John Satterthwaite (19) killed

16.6.18 Avro 504 B8780, 67 TS, North Shotwick

Stalled on turn and nose dived from 200ft, Shotwick area

Lt Hugh Robert Fuhr (19) killed (South African)

16.6.18 Camel C1678, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled on turn and spun, Lopcombe Corner

2Lt Roy William Thomas Harrow (20) killed

16.6.18 D.H.4, 26 TS, Narborough

Sideslipped on turn after engine failure, Narborough area

2Lt Trevor Dudley Hall Alderton (24) killed (New Zealander)

2Lt James Oakes injured

16.6.18 R.E.8 D4985, 131 Sqn, Shawbury

Hit flagstaff stay and dived into ground, Thornycroft Hall, near Macclesfield

2Lt Alexander George McGillivray (18) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Claude Edmund Watchorn (20) died 17.6.18 (Canadian)

16.6.18 Sopwith Pup C271, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Stalled, spun and caught fire, Marske area

2Lt Frederick Charles Turner (25) killed (AFC)

17.6.18 Camel C114, 11 TS, Scampton

Stalled turning after take-off, Scampton

2Lt Leslie Cecil Wraight (20) killed

18.6.18 Camel B7376, 73 TS, Beaulieu

Stalled and nose dived into the Solent

2Lt Robert Ray Brown (24) killed (Canadian)

18.6.18 Camel B7414, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Stalled on turn after take-off Joyce Green

Lt Charles Wilson O'Connell MC (23) killed

18.6.18 Camel C8305, 96 Sqn, Queensferry

Stalled on turn and spun, Chester area

2Lt George Cyril Rae Hamilton (22) killed (Canadian)

18.6.18 Camel D6670, 2 TDS, Gullane

Came down out of control; crashed on railway embankment

2Lt Lewis Wilkinson (18) killed

19.6.18 Avro 504 C732 or C733, 198 NTS, Rochford

Stalled and spun turning on approach, Rochford

Lt Harold Eborall Davis MC (28) killed

Flt Cadet Henry William Francis Rendall injured

19.6.18 B.E.2e 6259, 202 TDS, Cranwell

Spun attempting to land while lost, Melton Mowbray

Lt James Erskine (18) killed

19.6.18 Camel B7415, 34 TS, Chattis Hill

Failed to recover from spin, Chattis Hill area

2Lt Karl Nieghorn (18) killed (Canadian)

19.6.18 D.H.9 B7662, RAF, Prawle Point

Side slipped and crashed when returning from patrol, East Prawle

Lt Frank St Patrick Harran (27) died 20.6.18 (South African)

A Mech 2 Fred Fairbrother (23) killed

19.6.18 R.E.8 E81, 120 Sqn, Cramlington

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Cramlington

2Lt Jack Stell (21) killed

20.6.18 Avro 504 B8604, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Collision with D7562, Hooton Park

Capt William Reginald Guy Pearson (21) killed

Lt William Smith Macfarlane MC (27) killed

20.6.18 Avro 504 D7562, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Collision with B8604, Hooton Park

2Lt Vincent Jerome Flynn (20) killed (American)

20.6.18 Camel C80, 6 TS, Montrose

Broke up pulling out of dive on target, Montrose

2Lt Alfred John Maltby (19) killed

20.6.18 Camel D9538, 72 TS, Beverley

Failed to recover from spin, Beverley

Lt Norman Scott (24) killed

20.6.18 D.H.4 B5454, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Broke up in flight, New Romney

Lt Donald Humphrey Sessions MC (21) killed

A Mech 1 Herbert Munton (35) killed

21.6.18 AW F.K.8 C8617, 1 TDS, Stamford

Spun into ground, South Kilworth

2Lt Douglas Lavington Little (19) killed

21.6.18 Camel N6608, RAF, Yarmouth

Came down at sea after engine failure, off Great Yarmouth

Lt Robert Christopher Packe (19) drowned

21.6.18 D.H.6 B2758, 14 TDS, Lake Down

Killed swinging propellor, Lake Down

Cpl John Henry Dorman (24) killed

21.6.18 D.H.9 C6082, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Stonehenge

2Lt Leonard Stanley Morck (19) died 26.6.18

Sgt Hubert Crux Minty (19) killed

21.6.18 D.H.9 D1018, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Flying accident while testing Lewis gun, Turnberry

Lt Harold Bolton Redler MC (21) killed (pilot)

Capt Ian Henry David Henderson MC (21) killed

21.6.18 R.E.8 A3604, 25 TS, Thetford

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Thetford area

2Lt James Cameron (18) killed (Canadian)

21.6.18 Short seaplane, Seaplane Station, Newhaven

Hit breakwater and overturned, Newhaven harbour

Lt John Frederick Raymond Kitchen (19) drowned

2Lt George Cole (26) drowned

21.6.18 Sopwith Camel C103, 5 TS, AFC, Minchinhampton

Wing collapsed whilst pulling out of dive on target, Minchinhampton

2Lt Gilbert Douglas Perry (23) died 29.6.18

22.6.18 North Sea Airship N.S.3, RNAS, East Fortune

Wrecked at sea in gale, Firth of Forth, off Dunbar

Chief Mechanic Charles William Printer (23) drowned

Sgt Harry Hodgeson drowned

A Mech 2 Stewart Sydney Bishop (18) drowned

A Mech 2 John Mosscrop Cranmore (18) drowned

A Mech 2 Arthur Henry Page (20) drowned

Capt John Sylvester Wheelwright DSC & 5 crew rescued

23.6.18 Camel B7745, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Wing folded back in flight, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Henry Ernest Warner (25) killed (Canadian)

23.6.18 D.H.9 C6206, 37 TS, Spittlegate

Crashed off sharp turn near ground, Wyton

Mr Lionel Edwin Cass (28) killed

Lt Joseph Frederick Byrom injured

24.6.18 Camel B5701, 201 TDS, Cranwell

Spinning nose dive from 300ft, Cranwell area

2Lt Edwin Alec Appleby (18) killed

24.6.18 Camel B6289, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Misjudged distance, lost control and crashed, Whitstable

2Lt Ronald George Haye (25) died 25.6.18

25.6.18 AW F.K.8 C8428, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Caught fire in the air, Poole area

2Lt Harry Percival Robinson (18) killed

Lt Walderman Franklin injured

25.6.18 S.E.5A C1776, 28 TS, Hounslow

Stalled at 200ft, spun and caught fire, Hounslow area

2Lt George Galloway Cordiner (22) killed

25.6.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3997, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Stalled and nose dived, Chester

2Lt Oscar Oliver Mousley (27) killed (Canadian)

26.6.18 B.E.2e C7066, 48 TS, Waddington

Hit telegraph post, Waddington area

Pvt Ernest Adams (28) killed (USAS)

Lt Reginald Charles Proby Ripley injured

26.6.18 Camel C25, 4 School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, Freiston

Spun on low turn, Freiston

2Lt John William Dowling (21) killed (Canadian)

26.6.18 Camel E9977, 86 Sqn, Northolt

Spun into ground from 200ft, Northolt

Lt William Edward Ilsley Marshall (22) killed

26.6.18 F.E.2b D9088, 200 NTS, East Retford

Sideslipped and crashed, Botany Bay Crossing, Babworth, Notts.

Lt Raymond de Newburgh Coape-Arnold (26) killed

26.6.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3818, 91 Sqn, Tangmere

Stalled and nose dived after take-off, Kingsham Farm, Chichester

2Lt Marbel Lester Dunham (19) killed (American)

28.6.18 Avro 504 C577, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Stalled on climbing turn, Chattis Hill area

2Lt Frederick Clarence Tanner (22) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet Robert Oswald Standing injured

28.6.18 Avro 504 C745, 49 TS, Doncaster

Nose dived turning with failing engine, Doncaster

Lt George William Slack alias Charles Thomas Holt (34) killed

Sgt-Major Charles Smith (31) killed

28.6.18 Camel B7238, 201 TDS, Cranwell

Spinning nose dive, Cranwell area

2Lt Albert Charles Davis (26) killed

28.6.18 Camel D6430, 62 TS, Hounslow

Lost control and crashed, Hounslow area

2Lt Hugh Stewart McDowall (19) killed

28.6.18 D.H.4 A7952, 125 Sqn, Fowlmere

Lost speed on low turn and nose dived, Fowlmere

2Lt Herbert Alec Heritage (20) killed

29.6.18 Avro 504J C4383, 2 School of Special Flying, Redcar

Mechanic hit by aeroplane taking off, Redcar

AM2 Henry James Wright (27) killed

Lt Alan Vivian Lewis (pilot)

29.6.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3803, 91 Sqn, Tangmere

Spun into ground off slow turn, Easthampnett

2Lt William John Cox (20) killed (Canadian)

30.6.18 Avro 504J B3153, 10 TS, Lilbourne

Stalled after engine failure, Lilbourne area

A Mech 1 Richard Smith (23) killed

Lt James McDonald injured

30.6.18 F.E.2b D9780, 1 School of Navigation and Bomb Dropping

Stalled and nose dived after engine failure

Sgt Benjamin John Allen (22) died 5.7.18

J R Taylor unhurt (pilot)

Jul - Aug 1918

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