A list of fatal air accidents in Britain 12 Nov 1918 - 1919

12.11.1918 Sopwith Pup B4181, 38 Training Depot Station, Tadcaster

Failed to come out of spinning nose dive

Capt Stearne Tighe Edwards DSC (25) died 22.11.18 (Canadian)

12.11.18 Camel F2124, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Hit hangar on low turn, Bekesbourne

Capt William Cecil Rowell (26) died 22.5.19

12.11.18 Camel E1416, CFS, Upavon

Lost speed when turning in to land and spun into the ground, Upavon

Flt Cadet Harry Cecil Matthews (18) killed

13.11.18 Camel F6381, 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Spun into ground pulling out of dive, Hardwick, near Witney, Oxon

Act Sgt Stanley Bolton (27) killed

13.11.18 R.E.8, 105 Sqn, Oranmore

Collision, Lisaneden, near Dromore, Co. Tyrone

2Lt James Murdoch Wilson (19) killed

Cpl Thomas George Bradshaw (20) killed

13.11.18 R.E.8, 105 Sqn, Oranmore

Collision, Lisaneden, near Dromore, Co. Tyrone

2Lt Lawrence Howard Booth (20) killed (Canadian)

A Mech 2 Robert Gaudie injured

14.11.18 Bristol Fighter C918, 37 TDS, Yatesbury

Nose dived and crashed, near Newleaze Farm, Chippenham, Wilts.

2Lt Leo Edwin Aldrich (21) killed (American)

2Lt Edward John McDougall injured

14.11.18 D.H.9 C1315, 14 TDS, Lake Down

Spun in, Seaford, Sussex

2Lt John Harold Lenihen (23) killed

2Lt Harry Clive Mitchell injured (pilot)

14.11.18 Avro 504K D9327, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Collision with E1713, crashed and caught fire, Salisbury

Capt Claude Elwin Abell (19) killed

Flt Cadet George Clavering Oliver injured (Canadian)

14.11.18 Avro 504K E1713, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Midair collision with D9327, Salisbury

Lt Ian Rudolf Mees (20) killed

Sgt John Rufus Williams (24) killed (USAS)

14.11.18 F.E.2b, Night Bombardment Training School, USAAS, Ford Junction

Spun in and caught fire, Tangmere

2Lt Carlton Merrill Bliss (23) killed

2Lt Charles Elmo Blevins (31) killed

15.11.18 Bristol Fighter F4290, 138 Sqn, Chingford

Hit notice board while avoiding another machine on take-off, Chingford

2Lt William Landels Browning Page Folkard (25) killed

Lt Thomas Wesley Williamson injured (pilot)

16.11.18 R.E.8 C2524, 37 TDS, Yatesbury

Crashed, Wroxall, Wilts.

Flt Cadet Brazel Gordon Preece (18) killed

18.11.18 B.E.2c 9954, Marine Observers School, Eastchurch

Collision, Eastchurch area

Lt Charles Ewart Wodehouse (19) killed

2Lt Reginald Keith Little (27) killed

18.11.18 Dolphin C4011, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun in, Hooton

Capt Henry Thornbury Fox Russell MC (21) killed

18.11.18 Bristol Fighter E2484, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Stalled on attempted forced landing, Folkestone Golf Links

Lt Geoffrey Campbell Scarr (25) killed

2Lt Raymond Francis Allen (20) killed

18.11.18 Camel E7253, 3 Fighting School, Sedgeford

Flying accident, Hunstanton, Norfolk

2Lt Jack Garside (21) killed

18.11.18 Avro ?8920, 57 TDS, Cranwell

Crashed, Cranwell

Flt Cadet Cecil Chapman (19) killed

Flt Cadet William Newton injured (pilot)

18.11.18 ?, 23 TDS, Baldonnel

Killed swinging propeller, Baldonnel

Act Sgt Walter Greenhouse Bowen (18) killed

20.11.18 Bristol Fighter, 27 TDS, Crail

Turning into aerodrome, stalled and nose dived into ground

Flt Cadet Arthur John Kettlewood (18) killed

21.11.18 D.H.9 C2171, 1 School of Navigation and Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Engine fell out in air; hit telephone post on forced landing, Stonehenge

Sgt Robert Thomas Haspinall (26) killed

Sgt William Wade Parker injured

21.11.18 Dolphin D5298, 91 Sqn, Kenley

Engine failed at 200 ft and stalled, Kenley Common

Capt John Leslie Horridge (22) killed

21.11.18 Dolphin E4718, 1 (Southern) Aircraft Repair Depot, Farnborough

Hit shed roof during low roll, Farnborough

Lt Ralph Imray Kirton AFC (23) died 22.11.18

22.11.18 Camel D6639?, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Spun off loop, Bimbury Firm, Thurnham, near Detling, Kent

Lt William Dodds Haldane Baird AFC (23) killed

22.11.18 B.E.2e C7164, Wireless Telephony School, Chattis Hill

Spun in, Stockbridge

Lt Percy Lewis Evans (27) killed

Private Irwin Daniel Werdt (21) killed (American)

22.11.18 ?, 55 TDS, Narborough

Mechanic struck while swinging propeller

A Mech 2 Reginald Arthur Jack Bowyer (18) died 19.1.19

23.11.18 Bristol Fighter ?1793, 27 TDS, Crail

Failed to recover from spin, Crail, Fife

Lt Clarence Reginald Mundy (29) killed (Australian)

A Mech 1 Frederick Green (32) killed

24.11.18 D.H.9 D7218, 49 TDS, Catterick

Crashed in fog, Dalton-on-Tees

Lt William Henry Halfpenny (32) killed

Lt Malcolm William Henry Mackay (19) killed

25.11.18 Camel F4038, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun into ground due to loss of flying speed, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Jacob Samuel Van Reenen Van Der Spuy (23) killed (South African)

25.11.18 D.H.9 ?1374, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Crash-landed on sands after engine failure, Turnberry

Flt Cadet John Hughes (18) injured; died in hospital when petrol-soaked clothing caught fire

Lt Kenneth Frederick Piper injured (pilot)

26.11.18 D.H.4 F6078, 1 Aeroplane Supply Depot, Marquise

Hit bank on forced landing in fog, Chase Side, Southgate, Middx.

Lt John Harold Whitham (26) killed

Capt Prince Antoine of Orleans and Braganza MC (37) died 29.11.18

26.11.18 Camel F3209, 40 TS, Croydon

Spun and stalled while landing near aerodrome, Croydon

Act Sgt William Boyd Jardine (26) killed (Canadian)

27.11.18 Bristol Fighter C4874, 45 TDS, Rendcomb

Engine cut out, aircraft stalled and nose dived, Rendcomb

2Lt Hubert Charles Craddock (24) killed

27.11.18 Camel F9576, 42 TS, Wye

Low flying, struck fence and turned over, Canterbury

2Lt Ernest George Clarke (27) killed

27.11.18 Avro 504 D4522, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Midair collision with Dolphin C4101, Hooton

Sgt Joseph Arnold Buckley (19) killed

27.11.18 Sopwith Dolphin C4101, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Midair collision with Avro 504 D4522, Hooton

Lt Sydney Jukes (19) killed

28.11.18 Camel F4207, 32 TDS, Montrose

Pilot fell from machine, Castle Farm, Lunan Bay

Flt Cadet William Douglas Henderson (26) killed

28.11.18 S.E.5A E3954, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Stalled on turn and spun into the ground, Turnberry

Sgt John Eric Lilley (19) killed

29.11.18 Dolphin C4143, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun into the ground, Church Farm, Capenhurst

Flt Cadet Archie Percival Millhouse (23) killed

30.11.18 Camel F2090, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Sideslipped and spun from loop, Throwley

Lt Samuel Davison DCM (24) killed

30.11.18 Camel F4193, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Flying accident, Eastchurch area

2Lt Corbett Wiley Morris (23) killed (Canadian)

30.11.18 D.H.9 D9805, 23 TDS, Baldonnel

Cadet driving Ford ambulance in collision with landing aeroplane, Baldonnel

Flt Cadet John Turner Melville (18) killed

1.12.18 Sopwith Dolphin, 81 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Hit tree attempting to land while lost in mist, Stonesfield, Oxon

Lt Wilfred John Sampson (22) died 2.12.18 (Canadian)

2.12.18 Camel E1524, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Failed to pull out of dive on target, Eastchurch

Lt Alfred James Pick (23) killed

3.12.18 S.E.5A C8813, 41 TDS, London Colney

Stalled on climbing turn and spun to earth, London Colney

Lt Ronald George Urquhart Arbuthnot (27) killed

3.12.18 D.H.9A F2740, 155 Sqn, Chingford

Dived into ground, High Beech, Essex

2Lt Tom Richardson (19) killed

Sgt Charles Henry Crispin Noyes (21) killed

5.12.18 D.H.9 D598, 73 Wing, Yarmouth

Stalled and crashed on beach, Benacre, Suffolk

2Lt Louis Leeming (20) killed

2Lt Edward Dudley Warren (20) killed

5.12.18 Dolphin C4233, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Climbed too steeply, spun and crashed near aerodrome, Hooton Park

Flt Cadet James Wyndham Peddie (22) killed (Canadian)

7.12.18 Camel B7457, 34 TDS, Scampton

Stalled and crashed in fog, near Tadcaster aerodrome

2Lt David Ewan McConnell (20) killed

7.12.18 Avro 504K D9348, 75 Sqn, Harling Road

Nose dived off turn after engine failure on take-off, Harling Road

Capt Fergusson Barclay (41) killed

Lt Christopher Joseph McGrane injured

7.12.18 Avro 504K D8797, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Stalled on flat turn at 200ft and got into a spin, Eastchurch area

Cadet Allan Cuthbert Radnor (18) killed

10.12.18 Sopwith Camel E7149, 46 TDS, South Carlton

Lost in fog and crashed, Towton, near Tadcaster

2Lt Ernest Fulton Reynolds (21) killed (Canadian)

11.12.18 Sopwith Camel F1408, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Stalled and spun into the ground, Turnberry

2Lt Charles Henry Albert Godfrey (23) killed

13.12.18 D.H.9 D5789, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Spun, crashed and caught fire, Salisbury area

Lt George Thornhill Ritchie (23) killed

14.12.18 Camel F4182, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

In attempting a right hand turn, nose dived into the ground, Shotwick area

Flt Cadet Edward James Rice (19) killed

14.12.18 Camel E1464, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Got into a flat spin and spun into the ground, near Chester

Flt Cadet Alan Edward Lloyd (20) killed

16.12.18 Bristol Fighter D2167, RAF and Army Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Spun off low turn, Worthy Down

2Lt John Richard Kirby (28) killed (Canadian)

16.12.18 Avro 504K F2326, North East Area Flying Instructors School, Redcar

Stalled on gliding turn and dived into ground, Redcar

2Lt Sydney Hopewell Wright (19) died 17.12.18

16.12.18 Camel F6326, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Flying accident, Hainault area

Lt Thomas Roland Roth Burns (25) killed (New Zealander)

17.12.18 Avro 504K E9280, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Midair collision with Avro 504K E9285 on first solo, Market Drayton

Flt Cadet John Francis Fox (20) killed

17.12.18 Avro 504K E9285, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Midair collision with Avro 504K E9280, Market Drayton

Capt Edgar Robert Hulme Beaman (27) killed

Capt George Henry Harrison injured

17.12.18 S.E.5A F8992, CFS, Upavon

Flying accident, Upavon area

Flt Cadet David Richard Evans (19) killed

17.12.18 Sopwith Camel B5662, 4 Fighting School, Freiston

Spun off low turn, Freiston, Lincs

2Lt William Frank Howett (19) killed

17.12.18 D.H.9 H4301, 4 School of Navigation and Bomb Dropping, Thetford

Observer thrown out of machine in spin, Thetford

Flt Cadet Herbert John St Aubrey Davies (18) killed

Lt Walter Prothero Lewis unhurt (pilot)

18.12.18 ?, EA Repairing Depot, Henlow

Mechanic struck by propeller while starting engine, Henlow

Lance Cpl William Paterson (17) died 19.12.18

Lt Roland Edward Mansfield (pilot)

19.12.18 Sopwith Camel D1933, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Spun into ground after take-off, Marske

Lt Arthur Cecil Doucet (20) killed

19.12.18 Camel F9548, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Spun in after attempting loop, Havering

2Lt Thomas Barton Simpson (21) killed (Canadian)

20.12.18 Avro 504 C5822, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Collision in air with another machine during fighting practice, Feltwell

Capt Philip Everard Graham Marsh MC (23) killed

A Mech 3 Dudley Granville Brown (19) killed

Lt Caryl Frederick Jacobs unhurt in 2nd machine (Jamaican)

23.12.18 Snipe E8179, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Pilot lost control of aircraft and dived into ground, Hounslow Heath

Lt Evelyn Wilson Ffrench (40) killed

24.12.18 Avro ?4462, Central Flying School, Upavon

Struck ground coming out of spin, Upavon area

2Lt Oscar Lancelot Nicholls (24) killed (Canadian)

Lt Wilfred Leigh Brintnell injured

24.12.18 ?, 191 NTS, Upwood

Hit by wing of taxying aircraft at night, Upwood

Pte 2 Richard Thomas Wilson (46) killed

28.12.18 Avro 504K H218, 27 TDS, Crail

Stalled on turn and spun in, Crail, Fife

Flt Cadet John Arthur Scarratt (18) killed

30.12.18 Camel D6637, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Collision with D9459, Hornchurch

Lt Wilfred Alan Herbert Ellercamp (19) killed

30.12.18 Camel D9459, 48 Sqn, Hornchurch

Collision with D6637, Hornchurch

2Lt Charles Douglas Hurndall (21) killed

31.12.18 D.H.9 E679, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Spun off turn after engine failure and caught fire, Turnberry

2Lt Charles Alexander Hillock (28) died 8.1.19 (Canadian)

2Lt James Millikin alias James Milligan (26) killed

3.1.1919 D.H.9 B9383, 1 TDS, Wittering

Stalled on turn, sideslipped and crashed, Wittering

Lt Frederick Charles Vincent (24) killed

Flt Cadet Clifford Thompson (18) killed (pilot)

3.1.19 ?, 48 TDS, Waddington

Engine fired while swinging propellor

A Mech 3 Thomas Skillicorn (19) died 7.3.19

4.1.19 ?, 52 TDS, Cramlington

Crashed from 500ft after wire stay broke, Cramlington

Sgt Duncan James Sidney Clark (19) died 20.8.19

6.1.19 D.H.9 D1180, 4 School of Navigation and Bomb Dropping, Thetford

Sideslipped and crashed, Thetford

2Lt Charles Marks (26) killed

6.1.19 Avro 504K ?5918, 27 TDS, Crail

Flying accident, Crail

Lt James Anderson Bruce (23) killed

Flt Cadet Hugh Malcolm Brodie injured

6.1.19 Avro 504 B4368, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled following engine failure at 300 ft after take-off, Beaulieu

Flt Cadet Roy Lindsay (26) killed (Canadian)

7.1.19 D.H.9 D471, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Spun off flat turn at low altitude

Sgt Richard Ross Harper (18) died 8.1.19

2Lt Philip Eugene Kearney injured

8.1.19 Avro 504K D8944, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Sideslipped after engine failure, Fairlop

Sgt Russell James Cound (19) killed

Capt Norman Berry Starbuck injured

10.1.19 Avro 504K E4299, 48 TDS, Waddington

Nose dived and crashed, Boultham, Lincoln

Flt Cadet Cecil Glenford Reid (22) killed (Canadian)

13.1.19 Pup B1763, 36 Sqn, Usworth

Midair collision with Pup B1805, Ashington, Northumberland

Lt Harold Croudace (28) killed

13.1.19 Pup B1805, 36 Sqn, Usworth

Midair collision with Pup B1763, Ashington, Northumberland

Lt Frederick Yorke (25) killed

13.1.19 Avro 504K C6018, 24 TDS, Collinstown

Collision with Avro C5895, Collinstown, Ireland

Lt Gordon George Midgley (22) killed

Flt Sgt Alfred William Ellis (21) killed

13.1.19 Camel D1815, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Spinning into ground caused by stall, Beaulieu

2Lt Reginald Arthur Bakewell Warrilow (24) killed

13.1.19 Snipe E6149, Central Despatch Pool, London

Crash landed due to fog, Holbrook, near Ipswich

Lt Frank Edward Barker (29) killed

15.1.19 Bristol Fighter D2218, 15 Aircraft Acceptance Park, Manchester

Spun in and caught fire, Alexandra Park, Manchester

Capt Charles Adrian Brown (23) killed

Private Cornelius Joseph Cafferty MM (31) killed

16.1.19 Avro 504K D2073, 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Spun off steep turn, Weston-on-the-Green

2Lt John Albert Humphrey (25) killed

Flt Cadet Hugh Begg injured

16.1.19 Avro 504K E3648, 48 TDS, Waddington

Stalled after engine failure, Waddington

Lt Peter Robertson (21) killed

AC2 James Pilkington (39) killed

16.1.19 S.E.5A F8997, CFS, Upavon

Engine cut out on low turn, Fordington Field, Dorchester, Dorset

Flt Cadet Arthur E Barnbrooke (23) killed

18.1.19 D.H.9 C1304, 236 Sqn, Mullion

Spun in after take-off with engine trouble, Cury Air Station, Mullion, Cornwall

2Lt Robert James Cotterell (25) killed

18.1.19 Sopwith Camel F4010, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Stalled and spun into the ground, Marske-by-the-Sea

2Lt Leslie George Woolhouse (27) killed

22.1.19 Sopwith Camel C1588, Aeroplane Experimental Station, Martlesham Heath

Wing failed in flight, Woodbridge

Lt Cecil William Blain AFC (22) killed

24.1.19 Camel C8318, 3 Fighting School, Sedgeford

Collision in formation with Camel H2724, Sedgeford

Capt Cecil Frederick King MC DFC (19) killed

Lt Hector Cyril Daniel MC unhurt in H2724 (South African)

24.1.19 D.H.9 D1117, 35 TDS, Duxford

Stalled on take-off, Shotwick

Lt Edgar Nichols (27) killed

24.1.19 Sopwith Camel F2091, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Spun in, near Faversham

2Lt John Thomas Mitchell (22) killed (Canadian)

24.1.19 Sopwith Dolphin D3594, 46 TDS, South Carlton

Engine failed on take-off and spun into ground, South Carlton

2Lt Thomas Hubert White MC (21) killed

27.1.19 Sopwith Dolphin F7037, Central Despatch Pool, London

Flew into hill during snowstorm, Marden Park, near Caterham, Surrey

Capt John Eric Jackson-Barstow (23) killed

29.1.19 Camel N6769, HMS Valiant

Lost speed on climbing turn and sideslipped into sea, Scapa Flow area

Lt William Smith (19) drowned

30.1.19 Avro 504K F9710, 30 TDS, Northolt

Crashed after a collision, Northolt

2Lt Christopher Berkeley (22) killed

2Lt Joseph Gladstone Butcher unhurt

2Lt Cleveland unhurt in 2nd machine

30.1.19 Camel F9617, 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Flew into ground off half roll, Weston-on-the-Green

Flt Cadet Michael James Hefferman (19) killed

31.1.19 S.E.5A F7975, 14 AAP, Castle Bromwich

Spun into the ground, Castle Bromwich

Lt George William Halstead MM (28) killed

31.1.19 Avro C5281?, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Stalled on turning into aerodrome, Feltwell

2Lt John Harold Chambers (24) died 1.2.19

2Lt Charles Hansen injured

1.2.19 Camel H799, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Hit pole while low-flying, London Road, Westcliff

2Lt Frank Lloyd (23) killed

2.2.19 Camel D9413, 3 Fighting School, Sedgeford

Stalled and crashed, Sedgeford area

2Lt Percy Charles Heathers (19) killed (Canadian)

3.2.19 D.H.9 D9868, 23 TDS, Baldonnel

Engine cut out; spun into ground and caught fire

Flt Cadet Jim Littley (25) killed

4.2.19 Avro 504K E9310, 5 TS, Australian Flying Corps, Minchinhampton

Stalled and spun after engine failure, Yate aerodrome

Lt Jack Henry Weingarth (26) killed

Lt William Henry Millard injured

4.2.19 Camel F1335, 5 TS, Australian Flying Corps, Minchinhampton

Wings folded in steep dive and crashed from 2000ft, near Sapperton

Flt Cadet Charles Clarence Frederick (22) killed (American)

6.2.19 Sopwith Dolphin D5339, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Stalled after taking off and crashed, Beaulieu

2Lt Percy Thomas (22) killed

6.2.19 ?

Crashed on hangar, hitting workmen, Whitehead's aerodrome, Feltham

Alfred William Towell (66) killed

3 injured

Pilot & passenger unhurt

7.2.19 D.H.9 ?1292, 15 TDS, Hucknall

Spun after engine failed taking off, Hucknall

2Lt Joseph Emery Schingh (23) killed (Canadian)

10.2.19 Avro 504K H1932, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Dived into ground on steep turn, Sheppey

2Lt George Earl McLeod (21) died 11.2.19 (Canadian)

Capt Frank George Garratt injured

12.2.19 Snipe E7384, Central Despatch Pool, London

Spun in fog, Brickhill Pastures, near Ampthill, Beds.

Lt Eustace Joseph Venner McGee (20) killed (Australian)

18.2.19 D.H.9 F1179, Observers School of Reconnaisance & Aerial Photography, Shrewsbury

Nose dived after engine failure and caught fire, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury

Lt Charles Evered Preece (22) killed

A Mech 1 Harry Welch (20) killed

24.2.19 Camel D9535, 2 TDS, Gullane

Stalled and spun, near Edinburgh

2Lt George Lee Coffing (24) killed (American)

25.2.19 Sopwith Camel H3997, 75 Sqn, Elmswell

Spun and crashed inverted, Elmswell

Lt Ernest George Forder (26) killed

26.2.19 Sopwith Camel F1993, 44 Sqn, Hainault

Spun in, Chadwell Heath, Essex

Lt Arthur Donald Simmons (20) killed

26.2.19 D.H.4 F5743, 1 Communications Sqn, Hendon

Stalled and nose dived in bad weather, Hounslow

Lt Leslie Arnold Hacklett (22) killed

Stanley Graham injured

28.2.19 S.E.5A E5930, 21 TDS, Driffield

Stalled and spun on climbing turn near ground, Driffield

2Lt William Rexford Reid (18) killed (Canadian)

28.2.19 S.E.5A D6960, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Ditched, Dublin Bay, 5m E of Dublin

2Lt Lloyd Diets St Aubyn Lyon MM (20) drowned (Jamaican)

1.3.19 Snipe E6157, 30 TDS, Northolt

Caught fire, pilot fell out and spun into River Thames, Richmond, Surrey

Lt John Mervyn Hancock (25) killed (Australian)

4.3.19 North Sea Airship N.S.7, RAF, East Fortune

Handler fell from trail rope, Town Moor, Newcastle

Flt Sgt William Johnson (25) killed

Capt Herbert Carmichael Irwin (pilot)

12.3.19 S.E.5A D3499, 6 TS, Australian Flying Corps, Minchinhampton

Hit tree in fog, Miserden Park, Glos

Cadet Thomas Llewellyn Keen (28) killed

14.3.19 Avro E9715?, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Stalled and nose dived into the ground, Hornchurch

2Lt Wilfred Addison Raw (19) died 16.3.19

Lt William Charles Mortimer-Phelan injured

18.3.19 D.H.9 D2834, RAF, Cranwell

Occupants of trap hit by low-flying aeroplane, Newark road, near Sleaford

Capt Robin Gaspar Dunn (31) killed

Lt William John Pegg (29) killed

Flt Cadet Trevor Walter James Chater unhurt (pilot)

Lt Christopher Moody unhurt (passenger)

24.3.19 Bristol Fighter F4361, 9 AAP, Newcastle

Hit balloon cable and crashed, Town Moor, Newcastle

Lt Frederick Fenwick (31) killed

AC2 John Henry Underwood (21) killed

26.3.19 D.H.10 F8421, 1 AAP, Coventry

Starboard wings came off after take-off, Radford, Coventry

Flt Sgt Charles William Wright (22) killed

28.3.19 Avro 504K C5970, 106 Sqn, Fermoy

Hit tree and crashed on house, Crinkle House, Birr, Ireland

Quartermaster-Sergeant Thomas William Allen (27) died 29.3.19

Lt William Edgerton Taylor injured

2.4.19 Avro 504K H1963, Wireless Telephony School, Winton

Spun and crashed, Winton aerodrome, near Bournemouth

Capt William Arthur De Lannoy Yates Bainbrigge (32) killed

Lt John Miller Ottewell (46) killed

16.4.19 Avro 504A D1615, HMS Argus

Fell into sea off HMS Argus owing to engine failure, Scotland

Capt Stanley Edward Ritchie (23) killed

2Lt William Abercromby Farquhar Gordon injured

21.4.19 Sopwith Dolphin C8096, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Stalled on climbing turn and dived in, Beaulieu (East Boldre airfield)

Lt Charles Robert Tolley (21) killed

21.4.19 Avro 504K D7789, 66 Sqn (Cadre), Yatesbury

Spun and crashed, Yatesbury

Sgt Thomas Wray Cockerill (27) killed

Capt Harry King Goode DSO DFC injured (pilot)

22.4.19 Handley Page O/400 F3748, 2 School of Navigation and Bomb Dropping, Andover

Hit buildings on night take-off and caught fire, Andover

Major Thomas Archibald Batchelor DFC AFC (32) killed

Flt Lt Reginald Arthur Walter Adkins (Ret) (27) killed

Lt Arthur Barlow Whiteside MC (27) killed (Canadian)

Flt Sgt Horace Henry Heales (37) killed

Cpl Edgar George Ward (22) killed

Lt Edward Albert Westall injured

Flt Sgt Herbert William Smith injured

23.4.19 D.H.10 E5444, 97 Sqn, Ford

Spun and nose dived after take-off, Ford

Lt Cyril Frank Hunt (20) killed

28.4.19 Bristol Fighter F5098, 14 AAP, Castle Bromwich

Stalled turning after engine failure on take-off, Castle Bromwich

Major Maurice Nasmith Perrin (32) killed

Capt Edwin Tufnell Hayne DSC DFC (23) killed (pilot, South African)

30.4.19 Vimy F702, Vickers Ltd, Crayford

Nosed over on forced landing after engine failure, Holt's Farm, Stebbing, Essex

Walter Henry Jones (50) killed

James Dennis Percival Chattaway injured (pilot)

Harold James Geddes unhurt

1.5.19 D.H.10 E5446, 97 Sqn, Ford

Spun and crashed after engine failure, Ford

Lt Gerald Harwood AFC (24) killed

2Lt Frederick Charles Salmon (22) killed

2Lt Noel de Gersigny injured

3.5.19 Sopwith Cuckoo N6927, 186 Sqn, Gosport

Spun and crashed on railway line, Fort Grange, Gosport

2Lt Cuthbert Harrison (26) killed

3.5.19 D.H.4 D8355, 1 Communications Sqn, Kenley

Engine seized on climbing turn, Kenley

Capt Edward Middleton Knott AFC (20) killed

Maj-Gen Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes KCB CMG unhurt

3.5.19 B.A.T. Basilisk F2906, The British Aerial Transport Co, Hendon

Pilot jumped from burning machine, East Finchley

Flt Cdr Peter Legh (22) killed

3.5.19 D.H.9A J592, 15 AAP, Alexandra Park / Central Despatch Pool

Spun in and caught fire, Alexandra Park, Manchester

Flt Sgt Reginald Thomas Parry AFM (25) killed

7.5.19 Bristol Fighter E2763, 141 Sqn, Tallaght

Crashed on landing, Tallaght, Ireland

2Lt William Forrest King Kretmar (24) killed

Pte Matthew Fyfe injured

7.5.19 Camel B5739, 27 TDS, Crail

Crashed into building, near Crail

2Lt Cecil Sealey Davis (20) killed

8.5.19 Avro 504K F8736, EPD, Chingford

Hit gate while stunting and crashed, Edmonton sewage farm

Capt Clive Wilson Warman DSO MC (26) died 12.5.19 (American)

Lt Arthur Dougal McPherson injured

4 injured on gate

8.5.19 S.E.5A B109, 30 TDS, Northolt

Stalled and spun in, Northolt

Capt Bernard Paul Gascoigne Beanlands MC (21) killed

9.5.19 Bristol Fighter F4838, 8 Aircraft Acceptance Park, Lympne

Ditched in English Channel, off Dover

Lt Llewellyn Lewis Meredith Evans AFC (21) drowned

Lt Henry John Edgar Stokes (24) drowned

Sgt Reginald Frank Fillmore (23) drowned

9.5.19 Camel F8497, Grand Fleet School of Aerial Gunnery & Fighting, Leuchars

Crashed off low slow roll, Leuchars

Lt David Gardiner Cooper (22) killed

13.5.19 Avro 504K E9239, Artillery Co-operation Squadron, Old Sarum

Crashed, Old Sarum

Lt Archibald George Thornhill (27) killed

2Lt John William Plush Cartwright (23) killed

15.5.19 Snipe E8139, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Spun into ground, Dagenham

2Lt Hugh Cassilis Smith (19) killed

20.5.19 Avro 504K F2593, 1 AAP, Radford

Sideslipped off low slow turn, Radford, Coventry

LAC George Spencer Craddock (32) killed

2Lt Leonard Turrell Carruthers injured (pilot)

22.5.19 Fokker D.VII 8482/18, 123 Sqn (2 Sqn, CAF), Shoreham

Wings collapsed coming out of dive, Shoreham

Major Albert Desbrisay Carter DSO (26) killed (Canadian)

24.5.19 D.H.6 C7829, 1 Marine Observers' School, Aldeburgh

Collision with C6861, Hazlewood Common, near Aldringham

Lt Edward William Sydney Jacobi (30) killed

2Lt Cyril Victor Clarence Wright (26) killed

24.5.19 D.H.6 C6861, 1 Marine Observers' School, Aldeburgh

Collision with C7829, Hazlewood Common, near Aldringham

2Lt William Wyatt (38) died 26.5.19

26.5.19 Tarrant Tabor F1765, W G Tarrant

Nosed into ground on first take-off run, Farnborough

Capt Frederick George Dunn AFC (24) died 28.5.19

Capt Percy Townley Rawlings DSC (31) killed

Capt Thomas Martin Wilson injured (Technical Dept., Air Ministry)

Lt John Leonard Adams DSM MBE injured (engineer officer)

Mr Francis Nugent Edney injured (RAE foreman)

Mr John James Grosert injured (RAE shop manager)

Mr Leslie Valentine See unhurt (RAE fitter)

5.6.19 Bristol Fighter F4669, 105 Sqn, Oranmore

Failed to recover from spin, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

2Lt Fred Clarke (34) died 6.6.19

2Lt Donald Wainwright Beard injured

11.6.19 D.H.10 E6043, 14 AAP, Castle Bromwich

Stalled and crashed while landing, Castle Bromwich

Lt John Seymour Ingleby (20) killed

2Lt Harry Dennison Dade injured

12.6.19 Avro 504K F8785, HQ 13 (Training) Group

Stalled on turn during demonstration at peace carnival, Worcester

Lt Joseph Albert Paull AFC (24) killed (Canadian)

LAC Akroyd Sharp Bentley injured

26.6.19 Avro 504K H1947, 1 Wireless Squadron, Worthy Down

Stalled at 100ft when landing, Worthy Down

Lt Donald Alexander Fowler (24) killed

Lt Bernard Hackforth injured

2.7.19 Camel N7147, HMS Furious

Dived into sea, Firth of Forth, near South Queensferry

Lt Frederick Nelson Underwood (19) drowned

10.7.19 Bristol Fighter E1902, Grand Fleet School of Aerial Gunnery & Fighting, Leuchars

Crashed landing downwind after low engine failure, Dunfermline area

Lt Eric John Campbell-Kirby (19) died 8.8.19

2Lt Kenneth Cordell McKenzie injured

14.7.19 S.E.5A D7014, RAE (Experimental Sqn), Farnborough

Collision with Avro 504K E3621, Farnborough

Lt Henry Arthur Richard Biziou DFC (22) killed

14.7.19 Avro 504K E3621, RAE (Experimental Sqn), Farnborough

Collision with S.E.5A D7014, Farnborough

Lt Leonard Arthur Herbert (28) killed

Charles Hiley (55) killed

15.7.19 North Sea class airship N.S.11, RAF, Pulham

Exploded over the sea, off Blakeney, Norfolk

Capt Arthur Stanley Elliott DSC (25) killed

Capt Walter Kemeys Francis Goodall Warneford (24) killed

Sgt Charles Henry Frederick Lewry (26) killed

Sgt Percy James Waghorn (26) killed

AC1 Frederick Cameron (20) killed

Flt Sgt Charles O'Connor (27) killed

AC2 Thomas George Jarrett (21) killed

LAC Thomas Connelly (26) killed

AC2 Alfred Thomas Jacques (19) killed

18.7.19 D.H.10 E5557, 2 Aircraft Acceptance Park, Hendon

Nose dived off steep turn and caught fire, Hendon

Lt (Hon Capt) Richard Claude Cain DFC (28) killed

Cpl John Alexander Gammie (20) killed

AC2 Harold Thomas Griffiths (22) killed

26.7.19 Avro 504K D2027, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Passenger hit by propeller while starting engine, Doncaster

Lt Jakoff (John) Loupinsky (24) killed

Lt Edward Stuart Housley unhurt

31.7.19 Bristol Fighter E1969, Flying Squadron Cranwell

Sideslipped and crashed after take-off, Cranwell

Lt William Alexander Roberts (20) killed

2Lt Edward Ireland (19) killed

1.8.19 Camel F5014, Grand Fleet School of Aerial Gunnery & Fighting, Leuchars

Spinning nose dive into ground, Leuchars

Lt Philip Hall-Smith (30) killed (Canadian)

2.8.19 AW F.K.8 F7442, Wireless Experimental Establishment, Biggin Hill

Nose dived into ground on engine test, Westerham

Lt Alan Ernest Sweeting (20) killed

Sgt Harold Pressley injured

6.8.19 Avro 536 K-105 (G-EAAP), A V Roe & Co, Hounslow

Stalled on approach, Sandhurst, Berks

Capt Herbert Richard Hastings (30) killed

Major H S Phillips injured

E Kohler injured

A J Whittingdon injured

11.8.19 Felixstowe Fury (Porte Super Baby) N123, 4 Comm Sqn, Felixstowe

Crashed taking off, Harwich Harbour

Lt Samuel Evans Smith McLeod (30) drowned

Lt-Col Peregrine Forbes Morant Fellowes unhurt (Australian)

Major Edwin Rowland Moon DSO unhurt

Capt Charles Langston Scott DSC unhurt

Capt John Ree unhurt

2Lt Joseph Francis Armitt unhurt

W/O John George Cockburn unhurt

W/O Harold Sant Locker unhurt

14.8.19 Bristol Fighter F4579, Netheravon Flying School

Crashed, Hurley, near Marlow

2Lt Herbert Stanley Morris (27) killed (Australian)

21.8.19 Snipe E6200, Central Flying School, Upavon

Stalled on turn after take-off, Stonehenge

Lt Raymond Victor Kann (22) killed

1.9.19 Avro 536 K-161 (G-EAGM), A V Roe & Co.

Spun in on golf links, Weston-super-Mare

Brig-Gen Charles Frederick Lee CMG (36) killed

Lt A J Andrews injured

Roderick William Smith injured

5.9.19 Bristol Fighter '4330', 11 Sqn, Scopwick

Dived into ground on field landing aproach, near Billingborough, Lincs

Lt William Eugene Coulson (20) killed

AC1 James Roach Taylor (20) killed

12.9.19 Avro 504K E3293 (G-EADN), A V Roe & Co.

Occupants of governess car hit by aeroplane taking off from beach, Llanelly

David Watts (71) died 18.9.19

Three children injured

Capt Bruce unhurt (pilot, Australian; aircraft undamaged)

23.9.19 Avro 504K H2309, Gosport

Propeller swinging accident, Fort George, Gosport

Boy Edward William Staples (17) killed

2.10.19 D.H.4 F5783, 1 Communications Squadron, Kenley

Crashed out of fuel, Strawberry Lane, Newcastle

Lt Frederick Hubert Guy Shepard AFC (20) killed

Lt Albert Page unhurt

5.11.19 D.H.9, RAF, Netheravon

Killed swinging propellor after forced landing, Effingham

AC2 Frederick George Evans Hardy (19) killed

Fg Off Gordon Noel Humphreys (pilot)

6.11.19 Avro 504K C5971, Equipment Park and Storage Depot

Spun into building, Baldonnel

Lt Richard Balfour Bourne (22) killed

13.11.19 Alliance P.2 Seabird G-EAOX "Endeavour", Alliance Aeroplane Co.

Crashed on attempted flight to Australia, Surbiton, Surrey

Lt Roger M Douglas MC DCM (25) killed (Australian)

Lt James Stuart Leslie Ross (24) killed (Australian)

14.11.19 Avro 504K 'C6853', 31 TDS, Fowlmere

Banked and nose dived after take-off, Fowlmere

Frederic Ayshford Knight (19) killed (unauthorised civilian passenger)

Lt Reginald James Read injured (pilot)

11.12.19 D.H.4A G-EAHF, Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd

Hit tree in mist, near the Guards Depot, Caterham, Surrey

Stanley Blackall Bradley (32) died 13.12.19 (pilot)

George Franklin Rand (52) killed (American)

1920 - 1924

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