A list of fatal air accidents in Britain and Ireland 1935 - 1937

19.1.1935 DH.60M Moth K1855, Station Flight, Upper Heyford

Dived into ground, Tusmore Park, Evenley, near Cottisford LG

Sgt Francis Hubert Land (32) killed

Sgt Clifford Leonard Oliver Barker (27) killed

20.1.35 DH Moth Major G-ACOI, Midland Aero Club, Castle Bromwich

Crashed on forced landing in bad weather, Hall Farm, Over Whitacre, Coleshill; repaired

Miss Dorothy Isabella Mills (32) killed

Dr Talbot Dance injured

21.1.35 Avro Rota I K4234, School of Army Co-operation, Old Sarum

Dived into ground, Stratford-sub-Castle, near Old Sarum

Fg Off Lewis Walter Oliver (23) killed

22.1.35 Bulldog IIA K2953, 3 FTS, Grantham

Crashed in fog, Elworth, Cheshire

Act Plt Off Douglas Howard Clinch (19) killed

20.2.35 Percival Gull Four G-ACIR, Henlys Ltd, Heston

Stalled and crashed after take-off, Heston

Flt Lt Robert Faulds (30) killed (AAF)

Hector Hitchcock (29) killed

21.2.35 DH.84 Dragon 1 G-ACEV, Hillman's Airways

Passengers jumped from airliner in flight, Upminster, Essex

Miss Elizabeth du Bois (23) killed (American)

Miss Jane du Bois (20) killed (American)

John Potbury Kirton (pilot)

5.3.35 Osprey III K3632, Base Training Sqn, Gosport

Dived into sea, off St Catherine's Point, Isle of Wight

Fg Off Nigel Radcliffe Williams (23) killed (Sub-Lt, RN)

LAC Henry John Atkinson(21) killed

17.3.35 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ACSG, Wrightson Air Hire Ltd, Heston

Spun after take-off, Heston; rebuilt

Fg Off Alfred Lindsay Gordon Hatrick (24) killed

Miss Margaret Mary Ellen Collins (22) killed

Gerald Beaumont Vessey (23) killed

18.3.35 Tutor K3318, 2 FTS, Digby

Broke up during aerobatics, Martin Fen, near Digby

Fg Off George Edward Bullen Nixon (24) killed (New Zealander)

Act Plt Off Colin Kirkley (18) killed (New Zealander)

21.3.35 Wapiti IIA K2265, Air Armament School, Eastchurch

Passenger fell out of aircraft, Eastchurch

Fg Off Archibald Mouritz Doran (23) killed

Fg Off Edmund Cunliffe Ingham (pilot)

28.3.35 DH.60M Moth G-AALX, Brooklands Flying Club

Struck by propeller when starting engine without chocks, Croydon

Major Brian Stuart Benning (42) died 29.3.35

4.4.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACSD, M J Grover, Cambridge

Dived into the ground in snowstorm, Kelshall, near Royston

Mwldwen James Grover (27) killed

12.4.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACNX, P C Pitt, Croydon

Crashed into tree on landing, The Worthies, Malmesbury; rebuilt

Flt Lt Maynard Cecil Dudding (35) killed (RAFO)

Peter Comley Pitt unhurt

24.4.35 DH.60G Moth G-ABRD, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Aero Club, Cramlington

Spun off steep turn, Woodlands Hall, Knitsley, near Consett, Durham; repaired

Plt Off Samuel Edward Sprot (22) killed (AAF)

Alexander Hereward Sprot injured (pilot)

28.4.35 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADCW, A Sebag-Montefiore, Heston

Stalled and spun on approach, Manston

Arthur Sebag-Montefiore (23) killed

George Manchester Steavenson (22) killed

29.4.35 Audax I K3093, 26 Sqn, Catterick

Gunner thrown out in collision with K3092 in formation flypast, Catterick

LAC Wilfred Willoughby Green (28) killed

Flt Lt Augustus Graham Johnston unhurt

Fg Off John Lindsey Barker unhurt in K3092

2.5.35 Avro 626 A.13, Irish Air Corps

Failed to recover from dive onto target, Baldonnel

Lt Michael Kennedy (24) killed

8.5.35 Baffin, 810 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Seaman walked into propeller, HMS Courageous, Spithead

Ordinary Seaman William John Morrison Jamieson (21) killed

14.5.35 Tutor I K2506, 3 FTS, Grantham

Dived into ground, Old Somerby, near Grantham

Act Plt Off Robert Abercromby Yule (22) killed

30.5.35 Avro Cadet, National Aviation Displays Ltd.

Parachutist killed; chute failed to open, Woodford

Ivor Damian Price (27) killed

Geoffrey Arthur Virley Tyson (pilot)

31.5.35 Avro 548 G-EAFH, The Giro Aviation Co., Hesketh Park, Southport

Stalled and dived into sands, Southport

John Frederick Hooson (22) died 1.6.35 (Canadian)

John Bentley injured (mechanic)

9.6.35 ?, Brooklands Flying Club

Passenger hit by propeller, Brooklands

Miss Kathleen Stalker (24) killed

26.6.35 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-ADCL, Anglo-American Oil Co, Redhill

Hit tree on approach and overturned, Redhill; rebuilt

Fg Off Brendan John O'Connor Hanstock (32) killed (RAFO)

27.6.35 Fury I K3742, 43 Sqn, Tangmere

Dived into sea, off Selsey Bill

Plt Off Norman Dorrington Ashton (21) drowned

3.7.35 Westland Wessex G-ADEW, Cobham Air Routes

Ditched after engine failure, in English Channel, off the Needles, Isle of Wight

Capt Robert William Henry Ogden (31) drowned

Charles Frederick Henry Grainger rescued

16.7.35 DH.84 Dragon 1 G-ACGU, Blackpool & West Coast Air Services

Stalled and crashed after take-off and caught fire, Tentelow Lane, near Heston

Major Adrian Wrigley Fosbroke-Hobbes (39) killed

Hans Newhouse (55) killed

Fg Off Stanley Fine injured (pilot)

Nubar Sarkis Gulbenkian injured

Cecil Hampton injured

Anthony Charles Henry Heycock injured

Miss Margaret Vickers injured

Ralph Cecil Vickers injured

17.7.35 DH.60X Moth G-AAPA, Hull Aero Club, Hedon

Spun and crashed after loop, Westlands, near Hedon

Keith Leonard Atkin (26) killed

Albert Bishop Croskin injured (pilot)

20.7.35 Spartan Three Seater I G-ABYH, Air Transport Sales Ltd, Hayling Island

Crashed after loop, North Hayling, Hants

George Richard Moorby (24) killed

22.7.35 DH.84 Dragon 2 G-ACMP, Western Airways

Dived into Bristol Channel, near Rumney, Cardiff

Fg Off John Grazebrook Mansfield (27) killed (RAFO)

Roland Cecil Edbrooke (34) killed

Harold Spencer Percival (42) killed

22.7.35 Vildebeest I S1708, 22 Sqn, Donibristle

Crashed in sea, off Burntisland, Fife

Plt Off Gerald Vincent Morse O'Reilly killed

AC2 Alexander John Hopkins (20) killed

30.7.35 Grunau Baby II G216, Sir Alan Cobham

Wing failed while performing an outside loop, Upwood

George Eric Collins (27) killed

4.8.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACOP, Phillips & Powis School of Flying, Woodley

Crashed during aerobatics, Reading aerodrome, Woodley

Fg Off John Frederick Lawn (35) killed (RAFO)

Emil Martin Jakobi Boysen (23) killed (Danish)

4.8.35 Demon K4502, 604 Sqn, Hendon

Crashed on railway line after take-off, Colindale

Fg Off Robert Louis Nimmo (28) killed (AAF)

AC2 Sidney John Mabbutt (22) killed (AAF)

16.8.35 Avro 504N G-ADBS, L G Anderson, Hanworth

Spun during display, Lancarffe Farm, Bodmin

Leslie George Anderson (28) killed

Alfred James Ronald Jope (24) died 18.8.35

Arthur George Lyne (24) killed

23.8.35 Nimrod I K2825, 801 Sqn, HMS Furious

Dived into sea during practice bombing, Christchurch Bay

Sgt Gordon Edward Mould (37) drowned

4.9.35 Handley Page Clive G-ABYX, National Aviation Displays Ltd.

Parachute failed to open fully, Hook, Surrey

Frederick Leonard Marsland (26) died 23.10.35 (Australian)

Flt Lt Hugh Coleman Johnson (pilot)

7.9.35 Avro 504N G-ACOD, National Aviation Displays Ltd.

Collision with Wessex G-ADFZ in formation flight, Blackpool

Hugh William Patrick Stewart (29) killed

Miss Lilian Barnes (33) killed

Miss Doris Barnes (30) killed

Flt Lt Leonard Turnell Carruthers & 4 passengers unhurt in Wessex (landed with minor damage)

1.10.35 Baffin S1566, 'A' Flt RAF Base Gosport

Dived into the sea after collision with S1563 in formation, Stokes Bay

Plt Off John Rupert Stephenson (21) killed

Plt Off Alfred John Whillier unhurt in S1563

7.10.35 Bulldog IIA K2171, 23 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Wings folded back in dive; crashed in sea, off Calshot

Plt Off Haldane Georgeson (21) killed (New Zealander)

16.10.35 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-ABPN, Lincolnshire Aero Club

Dived into ground on approach, Waltham Aerodrome, Grimsby

Ernest Clifford Carter (28) killed

George William Cleveland (25) killed

17.10.35 Bulldog IIA K1693, RAF College, Cranwell

Spun in, High Dyke Farm, Brauncewell, near Cranwell

Plt Off Nevil Fisher (21) killed

21.10.35 Virginia X K2673, 9 Sqn, Andover

Crashed after take-off and caught fire, Penton, near Andover

Act Sgt Edwin Aubrey Brett (21) killed

22.10.35 Atlas TM K1478, RAF College, Cranwell

Stalled on turn and spun in, near Wellingore, Lincs.

Flt Cadet Robert Harold Winter (19) killed

26.10.35 DH.84 Dragon 2 G-ADEE, Railway Air Services

Crashed on hillside in fog and burnt out, Fairsnape Fell, near Garstang, Lancs.

Fg Off Cedric Rex Crow (25) killed (RAFO)

Ronald Swales (24) killed

9.11.35 Gordon I K2720, 40 Sqn, Abingdon

Midair collision with Hart K4371, Abingdon

Sgt William Park (28) killed (Canadian)

9.11.35 Hart K4371, 40 Sqn, Abingdon

Midair collision with Gordon I K2720, Abingdon

Plt Off Alexander Ross (24) killed

LAC John Waugh (26) killed

10.12.35 Savoia-Marchetti S.73 OO-AGN, Sabena

Stalled and crashed, near Tatsfield, Kent

Capt Graf Jean Joseph Henri Gerard Schoonbroodt (33) killed (pilot)

Alfons Verbinnen (38) killed (mechanic)

Jean Francois Desmedt (36) killed (wireless operator)

Raymond Jacques Streckfuss (25) killed (steward)

Sir John Valentine Carden MBE (43) killed

Miss Elfriede Czaja (27) killed (German)

Egmont Heintzmann (45) killed (German)

Eugene Julien Marie Louis Samyn (48) killed (Belgian)

Mrs Else Sch�ler (38) killed

Gaston Victor Somny (44) killed

Gyula Zukmann (30) killed (Hungarian)

10.12.35 Tutor K2496 or K3258, 3 FTS, Grantham

Stalled on turn and dived in, River Humber, near Brough

Act Plt Off Basil Linnington Evans (21) killed

15.12.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACTN, North Staffordshire Aero Club, Meir

Hit tree in blizzard, Meir

Roger David Clive (21) died 16.12.35

Miss Dorothy Clive injured (pilot)

7.1.1936 Fairey IIIF S1400, 822 Sqn, HMS Furious

Crashed in sea, English Channel, off Isle of Wight

Fg Off Philip Herbert Agard-Butler (22) killed

Telegraphist John Adair Hunter killed

1.2.36 Avro 616 Sports Avian IVM G-ABSS, H Mason

Dived in, River Mersey near Speke

Hubert Mason (35) killed

Plt Off Arthur Frederick Spurrier (21) killed

8.2.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADVO, Airwork Ltd, Perth

Crashed after collision with G-ADOK, Scone, Perth

James Beck (22) killed

Pierce & pupil unhurt in G-ADOK

17.2.36 DH.60G Moth G-AADA, South Coast Flying Club, Shoreham

Dived in, Walberton, near Arundel

Edward Myers (25) died 18.2.36 (pilot)

Miss Ruby Dickerson (25) killed

19.2.36 Heyford IA K4024, 10 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Flew into hill in cloud, Beacon Hill, near Midhurst, Sussex

Sgt Edward Kenneth McDermott (27) killed

LAC Cyril James Adams (27) killed

LAC George John Westlake (20) killed

Sgt Charles Albert Deakin injured (pilot)

20.2.36 Tutor K3201, RAF College, Cranwell

Broke up recovering from spin, Cranwell

Sqn Ldr Gilbert Henry Martingell AFC (39) killed

AC1 Robert Tomlinson (18) killed

24.2.36 Audax I K5208, 11 FTS, Wittering

Airman walked into rotating propeller, Wittering

LAC Herbert Stanley Brown (27) killed

27.2.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADON, Airwork Ltd, Abbotsinch

Spun in, Inchinnan, near Abbotsinch; repaired

Anthony Gill (22) killed

9.3.36 Audax I K3076, 26 Sqn, Catterick

Crashed in bad weather, Atley Hill, near Catterick

Fg Off Robert Legg (35) killed (Lt, 1st Bn KOSB)

Fg Off Peter Godfrey (26) killed (Lt, RA)

22.3.36 DH.60X Moth G-AAPC, Yorkshire Aeroplane Club Ltd, Yeadon

Hit telephone wires on approach, Yeadon

Miss Mary Clarke (23) killed

Reginald Ernest Morris injured (pilot)

23.3.36 Hart Trainer K5017, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Crashed landing in thunderstorm, Hinstock, near Tern Hill

Act Plt Off George Rowland Buchanan (24) killed

26.3.36 DH.84 Dragon G-ACAP, Commercial Air Hire

Crashed, Stoney Cross, Minstead, near Lyndhurst, Hants

Francis Joseph Birmingham (32) killed (pilot)

Robert Frederick Burgess (35) killed (wireless operator)

Brendan Birmingham (18) killed

Norman Tyrell Burton (25) killed

Miss Daisy Vera T Marsh (17) killed

31.3.36 DH.60G Moth G-AAWS, Hampshire Aeroplane Club, Hamble

Dived into ground, Nursling, Hants.

Alan Cecil Buchan (30) killed

Clive Nuttall (29) killed

2.4.36 Audax K4389, 3 FTS, Grantham

Midair collision with Hart K4920, Easton, near Grantham

LAC Percy James Pugh (23) killed

2.4.36 Hart K4920, 3 FTS, Grantham

Midair collision with Audax K4389, Easton, near Grantham

Act Plt Off Geoffrey Clive King George (21) killed

16.4.36 Hart K4986, 7 FTS, Peterborough

Crashed into hangar after loop, Peterborough

Flt Lt Ernest Dawson (36) killed

AC1 Harold Eric Smith-Langridge (19) killed

LAC Percy Cuthbert (26) killed (working in hangar)

LAC Stanley Arthur Rollason King (28) died 17.4.36 (working in hangar)

20.4.36 Flying Flea G-ADVL, R H Paterson, Glasgow

Dived into ground, Renfrew

Adam Houston Anderson (33) killed

21.4.36 DH.60G Moth G-AARE, Lawrence Aircraft Hire, West Malling

Crashed into mountain in cloud, Cross Fell, near Penrith, Cumberland

Archibald James Moffat (20) killed

1.5.36 B.A.C. Drone G-AEBC, Thomas (Worcester) Ltd, Pershore

Stalled and spun from 500ft during display, King's Acre, Hereford

Walter Oswald Vincent Cadic (26) killed

3.5.36 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADAW, Phillips & Powis Aircraft, Woodley

Lost speed in turn, Sandford Mill, near Woodley

Victor Wright Neale (19) killed

4.5.36 Flying Flea G-AEEW, Aircraft Constructions Ltd, Lympne

Dived into ground on test flight, Penshurst, Kent

Ambrose Murray Cowell (26) killed

5.5.36 Bulldog IIA K1683, 111 Sqn, Northolt

Crashed in River Nene, near Sutton Bridge

Act Plt Off John William Henry Radice (22) killed

16.5.36 GAL ST.4 Monospar 2 G-ADLM, Commercial Air Hire Ltd, Croydon

Side slipped on turn after engine failure on take-off and dived into ground, Croydon

Ellis Hill (30) killed

21.5.36 Flying Flea G-AEBS, C R Davidson, Digby

Dived into ground, Digby

Sqn Ldr Charles Robert Davidson MC (39) killed

23.5.36 Audax I K3090, 2 Sqn, Manston

Hit power cables, near Hawkinge

Fg Off Paul Wingrave Ashton (22) killed

LAC Joseph Henry Simpson (26) killed

24.5.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADGO, London Aeroplane Club, Hatfield

Spun and crashed after loop, Dunstable Downs

Miss Aileen Marjorie Smart (25) died 26.5.36

Cuthbert Leathwaite Startup injured (pilot)

2.6.36 Miles M.2F Hawk Major G-ACVM, G L Beardmore, Woodley

Spun in, Hurst, near Reading

George Lissant Beardmore (58) killed

7.6.36 DH.60X Moth G-EBXS, York County Aviation Club, Sherburn

Stalled on low climbing turn, Bramham Park, near Tadcaster

2Lt Michael Ludovic Heathcote-Amory (22) killed

2Lt the Hon. Peter James Mowbray Rous injured (pilot)

10.6.36 Avro 631 Cadet G-ABZF, Liverpool & District Aero Club, Speke

Spun and crashed, Liverpool Airport

George Hurst (33) killed

Squire Fred Evans injured (pilot)

13.7.36 Audax I K5227, 3 FTS, Grantham

Stalled attacking target and dived into sand dunes, Theddlethorpe ranges

LAC Frank Innes (22) killed

LAC Frederick William Gumb (21) died 15.7.36

16.7.36 Gauntlet II K5264, 111 Sqn, Northolt

Dived into ground, Seagrave's Farm, Knotty Green, Beaconsfield, Bucks

Plt Off Geoffrey Gardner Cornwall (22) killed

20.7.36 Nimrod II K4623, 1 FTS, Leuchars

Spun in after take-off, Leuchars

Plt Off Guy Alan Corder (21) killed

25.7.36 DH Moth Major G-ACGD, Edinburgh Flying Club, Macmerry

Crashed on mountain in mist, Broad Law, near Peebles

William Watson ('Jack') Barrie (27) killed

Kenneth Crawford (30) killed

31.7.36 Saro Cloud G-ABXW "Cloud of Iona", Guernsey Airways

Wrecked at sea in bad weather, near Jersey

Capt William Halmshaw (28) drowned (Fg Off, RAFO)

Francis Alexandre Pierre Sotinel (22) drowned (mechanic)

Ernest Appleby (33) drowned

Miss Maud Bean (34) drowned

Miss Margaret Davies (22) drowned

Miss Alice Judd (45) drowned

Miss Edwina (Elsie) Marley (24) drowned

Mrs Florence Annie Simpson drowned

Charles Viel (67) drowned

Claude Stewart Willis (20) drowned

7.8.36 Spartan Three Seater II G-ABZI, 601 Sqdn AAF, Hendon

Stalled after take-off and caught fire, Farnborough

Plt Off Simon Howard Gilliat (23) killed (AAF)

2Lt John Gilliat injured

10.8.36 Hart K5037, 604 Sqn, Hendon

Crashed in sea after loop, off Pagham, Sussex

Plt Off Michael Richard Montagu (21) killed (AAF)

Lt-Col Arthur Edward Flynn Fawcus DSO MC (49) killed

10.8.36 Vickers Vellox G-ABKY, Imperial Airways, Croydon

Crashed after take-off at night, Wallington, Surrey

Capt Lionel Frank Hastings Orr (26) killed (pilot, Fg Off, RAFO)

Capt Stanley Miles Duval Fergusson (32) killed (2nd pilot, Australian)

Robert Arbuckle (21) killed (wireless operator)

Jeffrey Denis Dear (21) killed (wireless operator)

11.8.36 Osprey III K3626, 801 Sqn, Eastleigh

Overturned on forced landing, Wickham, Hants

Fg Off Henry Molyneux (22) killed

Sqn Ldr Bryan Vernon Reynolds unhurt (pilot)

12.8.36 Hind K5482, 57 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Dived into trees, Firs Wood, Great Hampden, near Princes Risborough

Sgt Robert Simpson Horn (28) killed

Cpl Oscar Wren (27) killed

12.8.36 R.F.D. Albatross G141, E S Griffis

Wing spar failed on launch, Ireleth, Askam, Lancs

Edwin Swain Griffis (38) killed

16.8.36 DH.60X Moth G-AAPJ, Aylesbury Airport Ltd, Chilworth

Stalled and crashed on take-off and caught fire, Chilworth, Oxon

Malcolm Morris Freeman (29) died 19.8.36

Joseph Donnelly (28) killed

20.8.36 Airspeed AS.5A Courier G-ACVE, Union Founders Trust Ltd, Portsmouth

Stolen by 2 Airspeed employees; crashed on take-off, Portsmouth

Arthur Chapman Gargett (22) died 4.9.36

Joseph Allen Smith injured

31.8.36 Miles M.2F Hawk Major G-ACTD, R King Clark, York

Spun on approach, Carr Grange Farm, Doncaster

2Lt Henry Ninian Evelegh Frisby (20) died 25.9.36

2Lt Robert "Rex" King Clark injured (pilot)

5.9.36 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ADLP, Air Taxis Ltd, Croydon

Spun in, Sliders Farm, Ashdown Forest, near Dane Hill, Sussex

Bartholomew Furse Tonge (28) killed

Douglas Arnold Scrase (26) killed

7.9.36 Audax I K5222, 3 FTS, Grantham

Came down in sea while on weather test, off Norfolk

Flt Lt Peter Heylin Heygate (24) killed

15.9.36 DH.86A G-ADYF, British Airways

Crashed after night take-off, Gatwick

Flt Lt Walter Fraser Anderson DSO DFC (Ret) (46) killed

David Slack (21) killed (engineer)

John Jackson (28) killed (wireless operator)

Dudley Scorgie injured (second officer)

19.9.36 Percival Mew Gull G-AEKL "Miss Liverpool I", Air Publicity Ltd, Heston

Hit on ground by landing 611 Sqn Hart K3044, Speke; repaired

Tom Campbell Black (36) killed

Fg Off Peter Stanley Salter injured in Hart

20.9.36 B.A. Eagle 2 G-ADPN, M E King, Norwich

Hit wires, crashed and caught fire, Rhiwbina, near Cardiff

Maurice Edward King (25) killed

Fg Off Harold Bellerby Elwell (43) killed (RAFO)

Throlf Gabriel Berg (43) killed

20.9.36 Flying Flea G-ADXY, J Goodall, Keith

Stalled and dived into ditch, Dyce, Aberdeen

James Goodall (34) killed

22.9.36 Audax I K5251, 9 FTS, Thornaby

Crashed into woodland after take-off at night, near Thornaby

Act Plt Off Terence William Rowley (19) killed

25.9.36 Boulton Paul P.71A G-ACOX "Boadicea", Imperial Airways

Lost in English Channel, off Dungeness

Capt Alfred Cecil Thomas (36) killed

Harold Eugene Percival (31) killed (wireless operator)

3.10.36 DH.60G Moth G-AAJN, The Insurance Flying Club Ltd, Hanworth

Spun on approach, Brooklands

James Skipworth Wilkinson (18) killed

Miss Margaret Maffett injured

5.10.36 Nimrod S1619, 801 Sqn, HMS Furious

Spun into sea, off Balblair, Cromarty Firth

Plt Off John George Spencer (21) killed

6.10.36 Hind K5516, 218 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Wings folded recovering from dive, Theddlethorpe range

Sgt George Chapman Dodsworth (25) killed

Sgt Walter James Devoil (29) killed

7.10.36 Fury I K5682, RAF College, Cranwell

Collision with K5681 during camera-gun practice, Navenby, Lincs

Flt Lt Roy James Oliphant Bartlett (28) killed

Flt Cadet Howard Frizelle Burton baled out of K5681; injured

9.10.36 Blackburn B-2 G-ABWI, North Sea Aerial & General Transport, Brough

Dived in and caught fire, Ellerton, near Selby

Sgt Algernon Hinchliffe Simpson (23) killed (RAF Reserve)

23.10.36 Audax I K3072, 7 FTS, Peterborough

Collision with K3128 in formation take-off and dived into ground, Peterborough

Act Plt Off William Dycer Coppinger (22) killed (Canadian)

Act Plt Off Patrick John Shaw Shaughnessy unhurt in K3128

30.10.36 Fury I K1941, 43 Sqn, Tangmere

Hit tree in fog, Cherry Orchard Farm, Hawarden

Act Plt Off George Edmund Hollings (23) killed

4.11.36 Audax K2009, 13 Sqn, Old Sarum

Crashed during camera-gun practice, Chitterne, Wilts.

Plt Off Roy Francis See (21) killed

AC1 Harold George Gray (24) killed

9.11.36 Anson I K6199, 220 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Stalled on take-off, Bircham Newton

Plt Off Peter White (23) killed

Sqn Ldr William Michael Mary Hurley injured (pilot)

AC Eric Dale Butler injured

AC Reginald Kenneth Birtwistle injured

17.11.36 Gauntlet II K7795, 46 Sqn, Kenley

Flew into hill in bad weather, Pepperscombe Farm, Steyning, Sussex

Sgt Fred Charles William Rogers (28) killed

19.11.36 Fokker F.XII G-AEOT, British Airways

Crashed on approach at night, Tilgate Forest, near Crawley

Capt Arthur Patrick Kilvington Hattersley (36) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

Capt Verner John William Bredenkamp (33) killed (first officer)

George Robert Charles Blowers injured (flight engineer)

Charles George Victor Wheeler injured (wireless operator)

20.11.36 Spartan Cruiser III G-ADEM, Northern and Scottish Airways Ltd

Crashed into hangar on take-off in fog and caught fire, Stanley Park, Blackpool

Charles Frederick O'Connell (26) killed

Mrs Eileen A Miller (36) killed

27.11.36 Hart K3138, 7 FTS, Peterborough

Crashed in fog on LNER main line, near Corby, Lincs

LAC Harry Weale (22) killed

LAC John Hogg (19) killed

4.12.36 Audax I K5174, 9 FTS, Thornaby

Stalled flying in rainstorm at night; crashed in sea, off Redcar

Act Plt Off Hugh O'Neill (23) drowned

9.12.36 Douglas DC-2 PH-AKL "Lijster", KLM

Crashed into houses on take-off in fog, Croydon

Capt Ludwig Hautzmeyer (43) killed (pilot)

Jacob Verkerk (24) killed (flight engineer)

Pieter Cornelis Valentijn van Bemmel (23) killed (wireless operator)

Juan de la Cierva (41) killed (Spanish)

Charles Robert Dickson (60) killed (Swedish)

Arie van Donkelaar (37) killed (Dutch)

Dr Kurt Hoene (29) killed (Polish)

Mme Ursula Hoene (22) killed (Polish)

Rear-Adm Salomon Arvid Achates Lindman (74) killed (Swedish)

Miss Marie Lipsey (35) killed (South African)

Friedrich G O Mergell (46) killed (German)

Baron Gottfried Meyern-Hohenberg (37) killed (Austrian)

Sydney Pearson (45) killed

Leonard Stemp (41) killed

Carl Magnus Wegelius (52) killed (Finnish)

Hilda Bongertman injured (stewardess)

Walter Schubach injured (German)

12.12.36 Heyford III K6900, 102 Sqn, Finningley

Crashed in fog, Wadsworth Moor, near Hebden Bridge, Yorks

Sgt Douglas George Church (21) killed

LAC Percival George Clements (23) killed

AC2 Claud Vincent Bodenham (18) killed

Sgt Victor Charles Otter injured (pilot)

15.12.36 Hart K4944, 11 FTS, Wittering

Dived into ground during aerobatics, Whaplode, near Spalding

LAC Henry Arthur Valentine Davies (20) killed

20.12.36 B.A.C. Drone G-ADUA, Ely Aero Club

Dived into ground, Caxton Gibbet, Cambs

William Edward Wright (35) killed

21.12.36 Virginia X K2680, 214 Sqn, Scampton

Officer fell out of aircraft on approach, Brough

Plt Off Charles Robert Hart (24) killed

Sqn Ldr Joseph Henry Hargroves (pilot)

30.12.36 Hind K5474, 18 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Stalled on turn and dived into ground, Cottisford LG, Oxon

Sgt Stanley James Ower (27) killed

Cpl Brean Thomas Alfred Hobbs injured

1.1.1937 Hart Trainer K4952, 6 FTS, Netheravon

Stalled on approach to forced landing, North Tidworth

LAC Frank William Barrett (23) killed

Sgt Norman Pickard injured (pilot)

7.1.37 Taylor Experimental G-AEPX, R Taylor, Hamsey Green

Wing failed and crashed, Warlingham, Surrey

Richard Taylor (40) killed

11.1.37 Audax I K3718, 2 Sqn, Hawkinge

Overturned after engine cut on take-off, Hawkinge

AC2 Thomas Gordon Young (23) killed

Fg Off Anthony Charles Gordon Wimbush unhurt

11.1.37 Boulton Paul Overstrand K4564, 101 Sqn, Bicester

Flew into ground in fog, Swanbourne, near Winslow, Bucks

Plt Off Robert Arthur McLester Watson (22) killed (Australian)

AC1 Lawrence Rice (18) killed

21.1.37 Avro 504N G-AEIJ, Plane Advertising Ltd, Abridge

Ditched in sea in bad weather, Irish Sea, 25 miles off Mersey Bar

Fg Off Eric George Duncan Stewart MC drowned (RAFO)

Cyril Frank Poole rescued

22.1.37 Airspeed AS.6J Envoy G-ADBZ, Air Dispatch Ltd, Croydon

Crashed in bad weather into Titsey Hill, near Oxted, Surrey

Capt Gordon Shepherd Jones-Evans (40) killed (pilot)

John Walker (29) killed (wireless operator)

23.1.37 Hart K6437, 9 FTS, Thornaby

Crashed and burned after hitting farm building in fog, Pikestone Fell, Woodland, Durham

Act Plt Off Joseph Norman Bell (22) killed

27.1.37 Hart K4932, 5 FTS, Sealand

Crashed and caught fire, Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire

Act Plt Off Norman Harwood Brace (19) killed

2.2.37 DH.90 Dragonfly G-AEHC, London Express Newspapers Ltd, Croydon

Flew into mountain, Darnaw, near New Galloway, Kirkcudbrightshire

Leslie Thomas Jackson (32) killed (pilot)

Archibald Francis Philpott (35) killed (wireless operator)

Major Harold Charles Pemberton DSO (47) killed

Reginald Charles Wesley (22) killed

6.2.37 Hart K3025, 503 Sqn, Waddington

Engine cut after take-off; spun in, Waddington

Plt Off Michael Philip Forte (23) killed (AAF)

LAC Frederick William East (20) killed (AAF)

12.2.37 Hart K4931, 5 FTS, Sealand

Dived into ground in bad weather, Minera Mountain, near Wrexham

Act Plt Off Arthur Simpson (24) killed

22.2.37 Anson I K6158, 48 Sqn, Manston

Crashed in snowstorm, Ewell Minnis, near Dover

Flt Lt George Edward Strangman (26) died 24.2.37 (Australian)

Sgt Gwilym James Maurice (24) killed (pilot)

AC1 Stanley McCabe (26) killed

Flt Lt Reginald John Cooper injured

15.3.37 Shark I K4353, C Flt, Gosport

Crashed in snowstorm, Saxelby, near Melton Mowbray

Flt Lt Richard William Wicks (31) killed (Lt, RN)

21.3.37 Broughton-Blayney Brawny G-AENM, F W Broughton, Hanworth

Spun off steep turn, Hanworth

Alexander Batley Scaife (21) killed

22.3.37 Nimrod II K2913, 800 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Crashed in sea, off Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Fg Off Christopher Blomfield Jelf (24) killed (Lt, RN)

22.3.37 DH Moth Major G-ACUR "Curlew", The Duchess of Bedford, Woburn

Lost in North Sea, off Norfolk

Mary du Caurroy Russell, Duchess of Bedford (71) killed

6.4.37 Saro Cloud K2895, School of Naval Co-operation, Lee-on-Solent

Crashed in sea turning after take-off, near Calshot

Plt Off David Lewis Davies (25) drowned

Plt Off Stephen Patrick Crawley (21) killed

AC2 Douglas Frederick King (18) drowned

Plt Off Ian Malcolm Brodie injured

LAC Ronald Harold Phillips injured

6.4.37 DH.87B Hornet Moth G-ADJY, W P O Evans, Broom Hall

Hit wall on take-off, Broom Hall, near Pwllheli

William Prys Owen Evans (32) killed

7.4.37 Hind K6634, 83 Sqn, Turnhouse

Flew into high ground, Little Queensbury Hill, near Dumfries

Plt Off John Philip Stanley Packer (22) killed

Cpl Phillip Francis Parker (26) killed

9.4.37 Hillson Praga G-AELK, F Hills & Sons Ltd, Barton

Crashed, between Aldwark and Flawith, Yorks.

Mrs Ivy Lilian Hughes (33) killed

John Stubbs injured (pilot)

9.4.37 ?, RAF, Hornchurch

Tractor driver hit by wing tip of landing aeroplane, Hornchurch

Thomas Gray (43) killed

Plt Off Albert Norman Jones unhurt

11.4.37 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AELD, Liverpool and District Aero Club, Speke

Crashed on beach and caught fire, Talacre, near Prestatyn

Frank Blenkin (19) killed

James Donald Greenhaigh injured (pilot)

14.4.37 Gauntlet II K7853, 66 Sqn, Duxford

Hit water tower while night-flying, The Kennels, Brent Pelham, Herts.

Sgt John Alfred Wardle (20) killed

19.4.37 Wellington prototype K4049, A&AEE, Martlesham Heath

Elevator failed in dive, near Waldringfield, Suffolk

AC1 George Peter Smurthwaite (21) killed

Flt Lt Maurice Hare baled out; injured

23.4.37 Tutor K3425, 6 FTS, Netheravon

Wing hit estuary sands in low turn and caught fire, Penrhyndeudraeth

Cpl Walter Kirby Jackson (22) killed

LAC Leonard Hopkirk injured

27.4.37 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-AEGR, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley

Spun off steep turn, Bucklebury Common, Berks.

Peter James Salkeld Burra (27) killed

Allan Anderson injured (pilot)

29.4.37 Harrow I K6945, 214 Sqn, Feltwell

Collision with K6950 during formation practice, Wissington, Norfolk

Fg Off John Joseph McCarthy (24) killed

AC1 Thomas Garside (19) killed

AC1 John George Simpson (23) killed

29.4.37 Harrow I K6950, 214 Sqn, Feltwell

Collision with K6945 during formation practice, Wissington, Norfolk

Plt Off Wilfred Lawrence Warner (22) killed

Sgt James Murray Macdonald (25) killed

30.4.37 Nimrod II K4625, 800 Sqn, Eastleigh

Collision with S1631 and S1615 during formation roll, Stoke Down, Soberton, Hants

Sgt Harry Frederick Croft (27) killed

Flt Lt James Winter Carmichael More baled out of S1615

Sgt Hugh Philip Hopkins baled out of S1631

2.5.37 Biplane, , Maylands

Pilot thrown out while practicing spin, Harold Wood, Essex

Douglas Charles Gee (25) killed

Claude Alfred Oscroft unhurt

11.5.37 Shark II K5608, 821 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Air gunner thrown out in collision with K5609 in formation flight, over the Solent

Telegraphist Frederick George Baxter (26) killed

Flt Lt John Vincent Clarence Badger unhurt

LAC Sidney Major Russell unhurt

Fg Off John Augustin Levers unhurt in K5609 (Lt, RN)

Telegraphist William Westerman unhurt in K5609

13.5.37 Hart K6492, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Crashed on landing, Ternhill

Act Plt Off Ormond Graham Thomson (19) died 19.5.37

Sgt Charles Frederick Christopher Ridout unhurt (instructor)

14.5.37 Demon I K5690, 607 Sqn, Usworth

Stalled and crashed onto beach in fog, near Dawdon Colliery, Seaham Harbour

Plt Off Thomas Templer Richardson (22) killed (AAF)

17.5.37 Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AETN, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley

Stalled and crashed, Cockwood, near Dawlish, Devon

Plt Off William George Bruce (21) killed (RAFO)

Geoffrey Edward Ford-North injured

Gavin Alexander Simonds injured

25.5.37 DH.60X Moth G-EBYH, G Baillie, Abridge

Broke up during aerobatics, near Theydon Bois, Essex

Plt Off Arthur Thomas Blomville Campling (23) killed

Peter Avison Scott (23) killed

25.5.37 Gauntlet II K7828, 65 Sqn, Hornchurch

Wing broke off in loop, Maylands Aerodrome

Sgt Frederick William Boxall (21) killed

28.5.37 Audax K1997 & K2031, 4 Sqn, Odiham

Collision during formation change, South Warnborough, near Odiham

AC1 Leslie Hall (26) killed

AC1 Frederick Thomas Hicks (20) killed

Fg Off Ronald Noel Smith baled out

Plt Off Gerald Val Smither baled out

28.5.37 Demon K4512, 64 Sqn, Martlesham

Spun in and caught fire, Martlesham Heath

Fg Off Peter Charles Vickery (23) killed

LAC Joseph Hutchinson (26) killed

29.5.37 Audax I K3066, Station Flight, Farnborough

Spun into ground during Empire Air Day aerobatic display, Farnborough

Plt Off Arthur James Robinson (23) killed

AC2 Almerik Hugh Hudson (19) killed

29.5.37 Audax I K3698, 16 Sqn, Old Sarum

Stalled and dived into ground, Old Sarum

Plt Off Ronald Morgan Elms (22) killed

29.5.37 Fury I K2076, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Stalled on climbing turn and spun into ground, Boxgrove, near Tangmere

Sgt Plt John Jeffrey Tanfield (20) killed

29.5.37 Fury II K8228, 2 FTS, Digby

Crashed off slow roll during Empire Air Day aerobatic display, Waddington

Sqn Ldr Henry Eustace Power (39) killed

29.5.37 DH.60G Moth EI-AAJ, Irish Aero Club

Crashed on Little Sugar Loaf Mountain, Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow

Reginald C Good (29) died 30.5.37

29.5.37 Airspeed AS.5A Courier G-ACSZ, North Eastern Airways, Croydon

Spun in on pleasure flight, Doncaster

Idwal ap Ieuan Jones (31) killed (pilot)

Henry Betts (10) died 30.5.37

Felix Burns (29) killed

Arthur Joseph Henman (36) killed

Ronald Batty injured

Eric Reaney injured

29.5.37 Percival Vega Gull G-AERH, W R Porter, Hooton

Hit house after take-off, Hanworth

Sydney William Sparkes (41) killed

Charles Fry (39) killed

Mrs Elsie Florence Abbey (40) died 30.5.37 (in house)

4.6.37 Vildebeest III K4607, 22 Sqn, Donibristle

Flew into high ground, Crinkle Crags, Langdale, Westmorland

Sgt Plt Frank Wilkinson (25) killed

LAC Alexander Mitchell (27) killed

5.6.37 Hind K6613, 98 Sqn, Hucknall

Crashed into high ground and caught fire, Port William, Wigtownshire

Plt Off Patrick Herbert Edward Burke killed

Cpl Stanley Metcalfe (24) killed

5.6.37 Hind K6614, 98 Sqn, Hucknall

Flew into high ground, Threshthwaite Cove, near Hartsop, Cumberland

Sgt Plt Joseph Mitchell (24) killed

LAC Gerald Murray (24) killed

5.6.37 Miles Hawk Trainer G-AEAZ?, 8 Elementary & Reserve Flying Training School, Woodley

Spun on practice forced landing, Haines Hill, Hurst, Berks

Sgt John Edmund Roe (21) killed (RAFVR)

6.6.37 Broughton-Blayney Brawny G-AERF, F W Broughton, Hanworth

Spun on low turn, Bromley Hill Cemetery, Kent

Alfred Stanley Bacon (37) killed

7.6.37 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACTO, Cambridge Aviation Services, Ely

Pedestrian hit after landing, Stoke Park, Guildford

Charles Robert Puttock (80) killed

Engert Brand unhurt (pilot)

Edward Cox unhurt (passenger)

11.6.37 DH Moth Major G-ABUI, Ipswich Aero Club

Spun, hit tree and caught fire, Nacton, near Ipswich

Herbert Samuel Ward (46) killed

12.6.37 Fury II K8219, 9 FTS, Thornaby

Crash into hill in fog, Divis Mountain, near Belfast

Fg Off Alfred Archibald McMath (23) killed

17.6.37 Shark II K8511, 811 Sqn, Gosport

Broke up pulling out of dive during torpedo practice, off Portsmouth

Plt Off James Grahame Thompson (22) killed

18.6.37 Anson I K8763, 48 Sqn, Manston

Stalled at night and dived into ground, Yew Tree Farm, Leeds, near Maidstone

Sgt William Hinson (26) killed

21.6.37 ?

Airman hit by bullet on air-firing range, Hell's Mouth, near Pwllheli

AC Frank Parker (25) killed

Flt Cadet Philip Anthony Cox (pilot)

24.6.37 DH.60M Moth G-AACD, Cambridge Aero Club

Dived into ground, Fen Ditton, Cambridge

Gordon Bertie Smith (39) killed

30.6.37 Blenheim I K7053, 90 Sqn, Bicester

Flew into hill and exploded, Lyth Bank, Stanton Long, Shropshire

Sgt Edward Moorhouse (25) killed

AC1 Sydney Herbert William Coomber (24) killed

AC2 Alfred George Martin (20) killed

3.7.37 Percival Vega Gull G-AEWP, Percival Aircraft Ltd

Spun in after engine failure, Johnstone, near Renfrew, Scotland

Fg Off Michael O'Bryen Shute Barrington (28) killed (RAFO)

John Milne Barbour (30) killed

Capt John Houston MC (45) killed

Stanley Pearcy (25) killed

8.7.37 Aeronca 100 G-AEXB, Aeronautical Corporation of GB Ltd, Peterborough

Lost in Irish Sea, off Holyhead, en route to Baldonnel

Richard de Cruce Grubb (22) killed

17.7.37 Blenheim I K7049, 90 Sqn, Bicester

Crashed out of low cloud, White Hill, Pitton, near Salisbury

Plt Off Peter Edwards (22) killed

Cpl Thomas Henry Robson (22) killed

18.7.37 DH.60M Moth K1858, 15 ERFTS, Redhill

Hit house during low loop, Pebblecombe, Box Hill, near Dorking, Surrey

Sgt Raymond Arthur Mould (20) killed (RAFVR)

22.7.37 Heyford III K6875, 166 Sqn, Leconfield

Crashed on mountain, Broadlee Bank Tor, near Edale, Derbyshire

Sgt Newton William Baker (35) killed

Sgt James William Barker (26) killed

Sgt Charles Patrick Dugald McMillan (26) killed

AC1 Eric James McDonald (22) killed

AC1 William Henry Gray (20) killed

AC2 Ernest John Musker (20) killed

22.7.37 Magister I L5912, A&AEE, Martlesham Heath

Spun in; pilot baled out low over the sea, off Felixstowe

Flt Lt Eric Rolfe Simonds (28) drowned

23.7.37 Gladiator I K6133, 72 Sqn, Church Fenton

Flew into ground out of low cloud, Gawber, near Barnsley

Plt Off Philip Hughes Crompton (26) killed

30.7.37 Blackburn B-2 G-ACBI, Blackburn Aircraft Ltd, Brough

Spun into ground on river bank, Brough Haven

Edward Owen Thomas James Poyner (21) killed

2.8.37 Fury I K5666, 11 FTS, Wittering

Mushed into ground recovering from dive on target, Holbeach range

Act Plt Off Albert Edward Ralph Ferris (22) killed

4.8.37 Audax I K5253, 6 FTS, Netheravon

Stalled in bad visibility and dived into ground, Sutton Bridge

Act Plt Off Philip Herbert Baily (22) killed

Act Plt Off Douglas Leslie Parnell Bagot-Gray (20) killed

9.8.37 Hind K6662, 142 Sqn, Andover

Dived into ground, Penton Harroway, near Andover

Sgt Harry Scaife (28) killed

AC1 Ernest Albert Withey (26) killed

9.8.37 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ADBK, Kent Flying Club, Bekesbourne

Spun on approach, Bekesbourne

Garnet Percival Lovett (31) killed

10.8.37 Hind K5452, 18 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Stalled on approach, Scatgate Farm, Cottisford, near Brackley

Sgt William Jeremiah Postlethwaite (24) killed

AC1 Robert Ernest Barber (27) killed

16.8.37 Slingsby Kirby Kadet, Yorkshire Gliding Club

Dived into ground after launch with reversed elevator controls, Sutton Bank

Eric Loudon Maule (25) killed

17.8.37 Shark II K8498, 810 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Wing collapsed in dive, Donna Nook range

Fg Off John Alan Goldsmith (25) killed (Lt, RN)

AC1 Ernest George Clarke (22) killed

21.8.37 DH Moth Major G-ACZX, Tollerton Aero Club

Spun in while stunting at carnival, Huthwaite, near Mansfield

James Daniel Bradbury (35) killed

Roy Hobart Crossland (21) killed

23.8.37 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AEWH, Midland Bank Flying Club, Hanworth

Dived into Queen Mary Reservoir, Littleton

Herbert Mason Willis (29) drowned

24.8.37 B.A.C. Drone G-AEEN, W M C Peatfield, Ramsgate

Stalled and spun on approach, Ramsgate

David Holliday Jorge (25) killed

25.8.37 Hart K6532, 3 ERFTS, Hamble

Collision with Swordfish I L2740, Curdridge, near Botley, Hants

Sgt Henry Garnett Jenkins (22) killed (RAFVR)

25.8.37 Swordfish I L2740, 810 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Collision with Hart K6532, Curdridge, near Botley, Hants

Fg Off Alfred John Whillier (22) killed

AC1 William Arthur Murray (23) killed

28.8.37 Caudron C.286/8 Super-Phalène F-AMMR, A A Keim, Paris

Hit wires on landing and overturned, Stanley Wood, Amersham

Francis Henry Berkeley (28) killed

Albert Andre Keim injured (pilot, French)

Leslie Lewis injured

30.8.37 Gauntlet II K7847, 66 Sqn, Duxford

Collision with K7871 during formation roll, Duxford

Fg Off Thomas Norman Kenneth Walker (24) killed

Plt Off Patrick Browne unhurt in K7871

2.9.37 Vildebeest III K4588, 22 Sqn, Donibristle

Abandoned after collision with K4606, Skipsea ranges, near Atwick, Yorks.

Plt Off William Herbert Cheetham (22) drowned

AC1 Leslie Broadbent Wilson unhurt

2.9.37 Vildebeest III K4606, 22 Sqn, Donibristle

Abandoned after collision with K4588, Skipsea ranges, near Atwick, Yorks.

Sgt John Medd (22) drowned

Cpl Cecil George Gurd (26) drowned

3.9.37 Osprey III K3622, C Flt Gosport

Hit side of HMS Furious, off Ryde, Isle of Wight

Fg Off Charles Anthony Knocker (22) killed (Sub-Lt, RN)

9.9.37 Audax I K7497, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Hit fence, overuturned and caught fire on forced landing, Hodnet

Act Plt Off Danford Laycock Marsh-Smith (19) killed

10.9.37 Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AENG, Phillips & Powis Aircraft, Woodley

Crashed in turbulence in King's Cup Air Race, Castle Hill, Scarborough

Wg Cdr Edward Goodwin Hilton DFC AFC (41) killed

Wg Cdr Percy Clark Sherren MC (Ret) (44) killed (Canadian)

11.9.37 Anson I K8778, 233 Sqn, Thornaby

Crashed on hill in bad weather, Belmont Bank, Guisborough Moor, Yorks.

Plt Off Leonard William Lowden (21) killed

Act Plt Off Hugh Gordon McDonald (22) killed (S Rhodesian)

Act Plt Off David Sorley Munro (19) killed

AC1 Thomas Douglass (18) killed

14.9.37 Swordfish I K5974, A Flt Gosport

Undershot landing and hit airman, Gosport

Cpl Albert Percy Hodge (29) killed

Flt Lt Simon Hayward Jones (pilot)

17.9.37 Anson I K6227, 220 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Stalled and dived into sea avoiding headland, Penmaenbach, near Conway

Sgt William Henry Victor Rimer (24) killed

AC1 Michael Kirwan (23) killed

AC2 Kenneth Mark Butcher (20) killed

20.9.37 Osprey IV K5756, 800 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Abandoned after control lost, Moray Firth, near Eathie, Cromarty

AC1 John Beresford Murfin (24) killed

Fg Off Duncan Whiteley Balden rescued

21.9.37 Blackburn B-2 G-AEBF, 5 ERFTS, Hanworth

Crashed during inverted flight, Sunbury-on-Thames

LAC Reginald Denys Maxwell Gibb (22) killed

23.9.37 Hind K5494, 57 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Overshot forced landing into wood, near Brackley

Plt Off Malcolm Patrick Alexander Craig-Mooney (20) killed

AC2 Peter McGeehan unhurt

24.9.37 DH.60M Moth G-AALX, Brooklands Flying Club

Crashed in sea, off Shoreham harbour

Thomas Tarrant (31) killed

29.9.37 Audax I K5230, 5 FTS, Sealand

Stalled and spun after take-off and caught fire, Sealand

LAC Edwin Pepall Jeffrey (23) killed

11 injured attempting rescue

30.9.37 Demon I K3769, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Collision with K3803 in circuit, North Weald

Sgt Arthur Clifton Reginald Wood (25) killed

AC2 Brinley Thomas South (20) killed

30.9.37 Demon I K3803, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Collision with K3769 in circuit, North Weald

AC1 Robert Pull (21) killed

Plt Off Leon Maxwell Muller baled out

1.10.37 T.K.4 G-AETK, The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Hatfield

Stalled and crashed during test flight, near Hatfield

Robert John Feltham Waight (27) killed

1.10.37 Blenheim I K7066, 139 Sqn, Wyton

Spun on approach, Wyton

Sgt John Hubert Williams (23) killed

2.10.37 B.A. Eagle 2 G-AEER, J P Wakefield, Brooklands

Dived in and caught fire, Breedon-on-the-Hill, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Derrick Clive Howell (21) killed

John Walley (27) killed

Mrs Jessie Walley (26) killed

4.10.37 Hart ?, 6 FTS, Netheravon

Veered on night take-off and hit airman, Netheravon

AC2 Albert Stacey (20) killed

Fg Off Ernest Ralph Bitmead (instructor)

Act Plt Off Jack Llewellyn Ellis (pupil)

11.10.37 Osprey III K4333, 801 Sqn, HMS Furious

Dived into sea, Moray Firth, near Tarbat Ness

Fg Off William Ronald Harley (24) drowned (Lt, RN)

12.10.37 Hind K6830, 82 Sqn, Cranfield

Hit tree on approach at night and caught fire, Cranfield

Plt Off James Laurence Wells (21) killed

14.10.37 Audax I K5202, 8 FTS, Montrose

Crashed in sea during gunnery practice, Lunan Bay, off Ethie Haven

Act Plt Off Richard Vivian Peacock (20) drowned

Act Plt Off John Goodhart Mason injured (pilot)

20.10.37 Wellesley K7738, 35 Sqn, Worthy Down

Flew into ground in fog, Rowlands Farm, New Leake, near Spilsby, Lincs.

Sgt Thomas Eric Moon (22) killed

Sgt Vernon Hedley (29) killed

AC1 George John Michael Nunn (24) killed

5.11.37 Demon I K3983, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Crashed after collision in formation with K4538, East Langdon, near Dover

AC1 James Dale (19) killed

Plt Off John Geoffrey Cave baled out

Sgt Philip Richard Smith & Cpl H Stoten unhurt in K4538

14.11.37 Hind K6763, 502 Sqn, Aldergrove

Hit wireless mast on approach, Aldergrove

LAC Donal Martin (25) killed (AAF)

Flt Lt Brian George Corry injured (AAF)

22.11.37 Demon K4516, 64 Sqn, Martlesham Heath

Overturned in forced landing after engine failure, Cookley, near Halesworth, Suffolk

AC1 Robert Edwin Smith (22) died 28.11.37

Sgt Herbert Branwell Hackney injured

23.11.37 Gauntlet II K5344, 17 Sqn, Kenley

Midair collision with K5348 at night, Farthing Downs, near Coulsdon

Plt Off Keith Victor Keen (24) killed

23.11.37 Gauntlet II K5348, 17 Sqn, Kenley

Midair collision with K5344 at night, Farthing Downs, near Coulsdon

Plt Off Montague Percival Richards (21) killed

24.11.37 Gauntlet II K7849, 66 Sqn, Duxford

Midair collision with Gauntlet K7871, near Royston, Herts.

Plt Off Leonard Melville Beavis (24) killed

Sgt Arthur Dumbell Smith baled out of K7871; injured

26.11.37 Junkers-Ju 52/3m D-AGAV "E. Schaefer", Deutsche Lufthansa

Crashed into hangar on take-off in fog, Croydon

Walter Bayer (33) killed (pilot)

Franz Kelbl (37) killed (mechanic)

Hans Petersen (28) killed (wireless operator)

26.11.37 Hind K6632, 218 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Crashed into sea out of cloud, off Workington, Cumberland

Plt Off Eric Arthur Hunt (21) drowned

AC1 Joseph Thomas (20) drowned

29.11.37 Audax I K7392, 2 FTS, Brize Norton

Hit wall on forced landing in fog, near Four Crosses, Pwllheli

Act Plt Off Albert George Michael Wright (22) killed

AC1 John Goodinson injured

6.12.37 Audax I K5159, 5 FTS, Sealand

Crashed on house in fog, Globe Street, Everton, Liverpool

Act Plt Off Gordon Dutton Angus (20) killed

11.12.37 Battle I K7594, 226 Sqn, Harwell

Spun into lake, Chesil Bank, Dorset

Sgt Arthur William Butler (25) killed

AC2 William Ernest Vincent (19) killed

13.12.37 Heyford IA K4039, 149 Sqn, Mildenhall

Flew into ground at night, Stopham Bridge, near Pulborough, Sussex

Plt Off Andrew Aitken (23) killed

Sgt Duncan Robert Francis Ross (21) killed

Cpl John Bennett (27) killed

LAC William Lemuel Sillince (31) killed

16.12.37 Heyford III K5183, 102 Sqn, Honington

Overturned on landing at night, Honington

Plt Off Thomas Arthur Bunting (23) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off Basil Gaston Lancelot Betbeder (21) died 18.12.37

Act Plt Off Laurence Herbert McFarlane injured (New Zealander)

AC1 Ernest Marrows injured

AC1 Charles Albert Frederick Kettle unhurt

17.12.37 Fury I K2901, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with K2902 during formation aerobatics, Stansted Park, near Chichester

Sgt Robert Edmund Patten (26) killed

17.12.37 Fury I K2902, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with K2901 during formation aerobatics, Stansted Park, near Chichester

Fg Off (Act Flt Lt) Harry Hamilton Peck (26) killed

21.12.37 Audax I K7443, 3 FTS, South Cerney

Flew into hillside in fog, Fennells Farm, Lypiatt, near Stroud, Glos.

Act Plt Off Myles Leonard Birch (19) killed

Act Plt Off Christie Leslie Taylor (22) killed

23.12.37 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABDI, Redhill Flying Club

Spun into field, Horne, near Horley, Surrey

Robert Stewart Gray (25) killed

1938 - 1939

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