A list of fatal air accidents in Britain 3 Sep 1939 - 31 Dec 1939

3.9.1939 Blenheim IF L1164, 600 Sqn, Northolt

Stalled during single-engine approach and crashed into Heading Street, Hendon

Plt Off John Noel Laughton Isaac (28) killed

3.9.39 Wallace K6028, 1 AOS, North Coates

Flew into hills in bad visibility, Benachie, near Aberdeen

Plt Off Ellard Alexander Cummings (23) killed (Canadian)

LAC Alexander Ronald Renfrew Stewart (24) killed

4.9.39 Hudson I N7239, 233 Sqn, Leuchars

Climbed steeply after take-off, stalled & crashed inverted into River Eden, Leuchars

Flt Lt Guy Percy Robinson (22) killed

Fg Off Earl Douglas Godfrey (22) killed (Canadian)

4.9.39 Spitfire prototype K5054, RAE Farnborough

Overturned on landing, Farnborough

Flt Lt Gilbert Stanbridge White (40) died 5.9.39

5.9.39 Hampden I L4161, 7 Sqn, Finningley

Dived into ground, near Cantley, Doncaster

Plt Off Anthony Richard Playfair (26) killed (Canadian)

6.9.39 Hurricane I L1985, 56 Sqn, North Weald

Shot down by 74 Sqn Spitfire, Hintlesham, Suffolk

Plt Off Montagu Leslie Hulton-Harrop (26) killed

6.9.39 Spitfire I K9986, 66 Sqn, Duxford

Crashed during night circuit, Duxford

Plt Off Douglas George Brenchin Paton (24) killed

7.9.39 Hudson I N7247, 224 Sqn, Leuchars

Dived into sea, 4m NNE of North Carr lightship

Fg Off Harry Dale Green (32) killed

Plt Off Cedric Nicholas Whittington (21) killed

LAC John Lawrence Calpin (23) killed

AC1 Archibald Macrae Rodger (20) killed

8.9.39 Wellington I L4320, 9 Sqn, Honington

Hit trees low flying near Berners Heath range, 4m SW of Thetford

Plt Off Harold Rosofsky (26) killed (South African)

Plt Off Bruce Innes Clifford-Jones (22) killed (New Zealander)

AC1 Hugh McGreevy (23) killed

AC1 Thomas Purdie (24) killed

AC2 William Charles Hilsdon (20) killed

8.9.39 Hurricane I L1631, 111 Sqn, Northolt

Crashed on night landing, Northolt

Plt Off The Hon. Peter George Alex St. Clair-Erskine (21) killed

8.9.39 Spitfire I K9965, 602 Sqn, Abbotsinch

Flew into ground, near Balerno, Edinburgh

Sgt John Martin Cullen Bryden (23) killed

9.9.39 Hurricane I L1954, 504 Sqn, Hucknall

Lost height at night and crashed on approach, Metheringham

Fg Off John Michael Godfree Browne (34) killed

10.9.39 Blenheim IV P4853, 82 Sqn, Watton

Crashed on approach after engine failure, RAF Cleave, Cornwall

Sgt James Pratt alias James McLaughlin killed

AC1 George Henry Butler (19) killed

AC1 J Dorman injured

AC1 Ronald Patrick Arthur Dougan injured

11.9.39 Hurricane I L1707, 79 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Dived into ground, Chelsham, Surrey

Flt Lt Richard Willoughby Reynolds (24) killed

11.9.39 Gladiator I K7987, 615 Sqn, Kenley

Crashed at night, 1m N of Bletchingley, Surrey

Plt Off Anthony St. Croix Rose (29) killed

11.9.39 Harvard I N7074, 1 SFTS, Netheravon

Failed to recover from spin, Oare Hill, Marlborough

Fg Off Douglas Genders (26) killed

Midshipman (A) John Harrington Jefford baled out

12.9.39 Harvard I N7105, 10 SFTS, Ternhill

Spun into sea, off Pwllheli

Flt Lt John Pegram Marriott (26) killed

Plt Off Alan George Whitehead (22) killed (New Zealander)

14.9.39 Spitfire I K9849, 41 Sqn, Catterick

Crashed on take-off at night, Catterick

Plt Off John James Hawke Copley (18) killed

14.9.39 Audax K7479, 13 SFTS, Drem

Flew into hill near East Linton, E Lothian

Plt Off Keith Bartram Chiazzari (19) killed (South African)

Plt Off Frederick Alan Bishop (23) killed (Australian)

14.9.39 Tiger Moth N6490, 22 ERFTS, Cambridge

Pilot hit by propellor, Cambridge

Cpl Douglas Harold Gill (23) killed

15.9.39 Audax K5207, 14 SFTS, Kinloss

Stalled on night approach, Kinloss

Cpl Hamilton Short Happel (23) killed

18.9.39 Oxford I L4571, 9 SFTS, Hullavington

Dived into wood, near Hullavington

Plt Off Richard Bowyer (27) killed

18.9.39 Sunderland I L2165, 210 Sqn, Pembroke Dock

Crashed in sea out of fuel at night, at entrance to Milford Haven

Flt Lt Thomas Ivor Davies (23) killed

Plt Off Gordon William Brant (23) killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Gordon William Sutton (26) killed (New Zealander)

Cpl Ronald Wesley Ewens (25) killed

AC1 Frederick Ernest Hudson killed

AC1 Michael Murphy (24) killed

AC1 William Arthur Soanes (29) killed

AC1 Frederick Jesse Soffe (22) killed

AC2 Jack Moss (18) killed

AC2 William Attrata O'Brien (19) killed

19.9.39 Whitley III K9001, 51 Sqn, Linton on Ouse

Crashed after take-off, Linton on Ouse

Sgt Frank Hugo Griffiths (24) killed

Sgt Bernard Mullin (26) killed

19.9.39 Battle I K9448, 207 Sqn, Cranfield

Flew into hill, near Winchcombe, Glos.

Plt Off James Edward Hull (24) killed (New Zealander)

AC2 Robert Malcolm (18) killed

19.9.39 Gladiator II N2305, 605 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with Gladiator N2313 during practice attack, near Tangmere

Fg Off John Henry Warren (23) killed

Fg Off Norman Forbes baled out of N2313

20.9.39 Harvard I N7197, 1 SFTS, Netheravon

Crashed on night take-off, Netheravon

Leading Airman Ronald Ernest Heyburn (22) killed

22.9.39 B.A.C. Drone G-ADSB?, London Gliding Club, Dunstable

Instructor hit by propeller while testing engine, Dunstable

Edward Reginald Kearney (38) died 23.9.39

23.9.39 Harvard I P5791, 1 SFTS, Netheravon

Collision with P5792, 5m NE of Netheravon

Midshipman (A) John Clutha Casey (21) killed (New Zealander)

AC1 William Roderick Walter Phillips (21) killed

23.9.39 Harvard I P5792, 1 SFTS, Netheravon

Collision with P5791, 5m NE of Netheravon

Midshipman (A) Roger Malcolm Brennen Kettle (19) killed

24.9.39 Harvard I N7067, RAF, Grantham

Spun into ground out of cloud, Newton, Lincs

Fg Off William Symington Pryde (22) killed

LAC Albert Bernard Hayes (49) killed

24.9.39 ?

Boys hit by practice bomb dropped on house, Headington, Oxford

Trevor John Thomas (6) died 25.9.39

David Thomas injured

27.9.39 Magister I N3843, 15 EFTS, Redhill

Dived into ground, Brockham, near Dorking, Surrey.

Sgt Albert Bryan Greensides (23) killed

Sgt James Ernest Milne (26) killed

28.9.39 Oxford II N4758, 14 SFTS, Kinloss

Crashed, Lethen Bridge, SE of Nairn, Morayshire

Plt Off John Rupert Rogers (23) killed

Sgt John Lewis Carter (24) killed

28.9.39 Oxford II N4786 15 SFTS, Lossiemouth

Hit by Harvard I N7086 taking off, Lossiemouth

Plt Off Joseph Baxter Ellis (22) killed

Plt Off David Hill (20) killed

Plt Off Claude Alexander Hansen injured in N7086

LAC Horace Rocknean injured in N7086

30.9.39 Hind K5373, Abingdon Station Flight

Hit high ground whilst low flying, 2m N of Cranwell

Plt Off Joe Ralph (19) killed

Plt Off George John Habgood (20) killed

1.10.39 Spitfire I L1047, 603 Sqn, Turnhouse

Landed on by L1059, Grangemouth

Fg Off James Alexander Brownlie Somerville (26) killed

Plt Off James Storrs Morton survived in L1047

1.10.39 Gladiator II N2314, 615 Sqn, Croydon

Flew into the ground while on night patrol, Holmwood Common, Surrey

Plt Off John Charles Mackenzie Hanbury (30) killed

4.10.39 Anson I N5096, 49 Sqn, Scampton

Crashed near Radcliffe-on-Trent

Plt Off Brian Leslie Gordon Harker (22) killed (New Zealander)

AC2 Francis Leo McGurk (22) killed

4.10.39 Hudson I N7214, 224 Sqn, Leuchars

Dived into ground from 300ft, Leuchars

Fg Off Desmond George Perry (29) killed

Plt Off John William Crawford Mcfarlane (20) killed

Plt Off Richard Atkinson Barker (24) killed

Sgt Harry Letchford (23) killed

AC1 Cyril Arthur Bates killed

AC1 Frederick Henderson May (32) killed

5.10.39 Harvard I N7094, 2 SFTS, Brize Norton

Crashed, Black Bourton

Cpl Thomas William Cledwin Hopkin (22) killed

7.10.39 Anson I N5233, 500 Sqn, Detling

Control lost after engine failure in bad weather, near Cranbrook Road, Benenden

Fg Off Dennis Guy Mabey (25) killed

Plt Off Andrew MacDonald Paterson (29) killed

Cpl John Francis Drew (26) killed

LAC Frederick Messent baled out

7.10.39 Audax I K7334, 9 FTS, Hullavington

Flew into high ground in bad weather, Uppingham, Rutland

Sgt Kenneth George Sherman (19) killed

8.10.39 Harvard I N7181, CFS, Upavon

Crashed on take-off at night, Upavon

Sgt John Horner Hargreaves (27) killed

Sgt Charley Lovell Wallace Mason (29) killed

10.10.39 Blenheim I L1219, 108 Sqn, Bicester

Lost at night, Irish Sea

Sgt Frederick George Bryant (27) killed

Sgt Phillip Geoffrey Vezey Hemsley (23) killed

AC2 James Shearer (22) killed

10.10.39 Hart K6482, 152 Sqn, Acklington

Flew into high ground, The Cheviot, Northumberland

Sgt Thomas Mycroft (24) killed

10.10.39 Hudson I N7227, 233 Sqn, Leuchars

Flew into high ground, 1.5 miles S of Freuchie, Fife

Fg Off Charles Hampton (Charlie) Clark (27) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off William Edward Lockley (21) killed (Australian)

AC1 Basil Norman Blades (19) killed

AC2 William McKelvie Cochrane (20) killed

10.10.39 Audax K7489, 12 SFTS, Grantham

Stalled after night take-off, Grantham

Plt Off Raymond Edward Stanford Brown (19) killed

13.10.39 Battle I K7593, 1 Air Armament School, Manby

Stalled & crashed, Theddlethorpe ranges

Sgt William Elijah Levitt (21) killed

AC2 Harold Stewart Melvin (20) killed

AC2 Jack Warry (20) killed

15.10.39 Sunderland I N9030, 204 Sqn, Mount Batten

Crashed into the water on landing in poor visibility, Mount Batten

Fg Off Dennis Ford (27) killed

AC2 John Henry Hayward (24) killed

AC2 Joseph Douglas Whitford (18) killed

AC2 William Henry Fiddock (18) killed

7 injured

16.10.39 Blenheim IV L4876, 90 Sqn, Upwood

Crashed on take-off, Upwood

Plt Off Trevor Anthony Peeler (25) killed

Sgt Joseph Anthony Douglas Dobbing injured

AC2 Brown unhurt

16.10.39 Junkers Ju 88A-1 4D+AK, 1/KG30, Westerland-Sylt

Shot down by Spitfires; ditched off Crail, Firth of Forth

Uffz Kurt Seydel (26) killed

Uffz Kurt Naake killed

Gefr August Schleicher (22) killed

Hptm Helmut Pohle captured (Gr Kdr)

16.10.39 Junkers Ju 88A-1 4D+DH, 1/KG30, Westerland

Shot down by 603 Sqn Spitfires, 4m N of Port Seton, Firth of Forth

Obgefr Kr�mer killed

Obltn Storp captured

Fw K�hnke captured

Fw Hielscher captured

17.10.39 Junkers Ju 88A-1 4D+EK, 1/KG30, Westerland

Shot down by AA, Pegal Burn, Hoy, Orkney

Obltn Walter Flaemig killed

Ofw Faust killed

Uffz Attenburger killed

Uffz Fritz Ambrosius injured

18.10.39 Battle I K9398, 52 Sqn, Benson

Crashed after collision with Battle K9399 in formation, Dorchester, Oxon

Plt Off John Ross Anderson (26) killed (Canadian)

AC1 Robert Allan Walker Keogh (20) killed

18.10.39 Whitley III K8996, 102 Sqn, Driffield

Crashed on take-off, Catterick

Plt Off Reginald Arthur Morton Luckman (27) killed

Sgt Herbert John Gaut (26) killed

AC1 John Baker Clark (20) killed

AC2 Charles Paterson (22) killed

Sgt Arthur Vincent (30) killed

Sgt Albert H Harris (27) killed (Canadian)

AC1 Horace Jones (23) killed

Sgt Donald E Gibbs injured

Cpl W Jenkinson injured

18.10.39 Blenheim I L6689, 604 Sqn, North Weald

Flew into ground at night, Purley Way, Croydon

Fg Off Edward Neville Prescott (27) killed

LAC Albert Roberts (19) killed

18.10.39 Harvard I N7034, 2 SFTS, Brize Norton

Crashed on take-off, Brize Norton

Cpl Owen Henry John Jordan (23) killed

19.10.39 Blenheim I L1213, 108 Sqn

Flew into ground after night take-off, Bicester

Sgt Dennis Charles Lamb (26) killed

19.10.39 Anson I N5055, School of Air Navigation, St Athan

Ditched in sea, off Bude

Plt Off Joseph Wendell Boreham (24) drowned (New Zealander)

Plt Off Harry James Winch injured

Sgt Peter Chris Cunningham rescued

AC1 Clifford Douglas Bradbury rescued

20.10.39 Miles Master N7415, 5 SFTS, Sealand

Spun into ground, Burton Meadows, near Wrexham

Flt Lt William Arnold Lindrea Locker (23) killed

Plt Off John Guy Leonard Haigh (25) killed

21.10.39 Heinkel He 115B 1876 / K6+EH, 1/K�.Fl.Gr. 406

Shot down by Hurricanes, 5m E of Spurn Head

Ltn Fritz Meyer (28) killed

Obltn.z.S. Heinz Schlicht (23) killed

Uffz Bernhard Wessels (24) killed

26.10.39 Oxford I N4592, 13 SFTS, Drem

Dived into ground, Lammerlaw, Lothian

Cpl Basil Francis Evans killed

Cpl Charles Maurice Thorpe (22) killed

27.10.39 Anson I N5204, 608 Sqn, Thornaby

Shot down by Hurricane while on convoy patrol, North Sea, near Humber light vessel

Flt Lt Geoffrey Whitley Garnett (34) killed

Plt Off Arthur Denis Baird (20) killed

Cpl Richard Andrew Wilson (34) killed

AC2 J P Smith injured

28.10.39 Heinkel He 111H-2 5449 / 1H+JA, Stab/KG26, L�beck

Forced landed after attacks by Spitfires, east of Humbie, Lammermuir Hills

Uffz Gottlieb Kowalke (23) killed

Gefr Bruno Reimann (19) killed

Uffz Kurt Lehmkuhl injured

Lt Rolf Niehoff injured

29.10.39 Gladiator I K7997, 607 Sqn, Acklington

Spun into ground, Swarland Dene Farm, 5m W of Acklington

Fg Off Alan Otho Glover (23) killed

29.10.39 Battle I K9472, 35 Sqn, Cranfield

Flew into cliff, near Carew Cheriton

Plt Off Geoffrey Arthur Cyril Rhind (19) killed

AC1 Ewart Wynne Looker (20) killed

AC2 Bernard Connor (20) killed

30.10.39 Wellington I L4288, 9 Sqn, Honington

Collision with Wellington L4363 in formation practice, near Sapiston, Suffolk

Sqn Ldr Lennox Stanley Lamb (29) killed (New Zealander)

Fg Off Peter Edward Torkington-Leech (26) killed (South African)

Sgt Cyril Arthur Bryant (24) killed

LAC Stanley Hawkins (24) killed

AC1 Edward Grant (23) killed

30.10.39 Wellington I L4363, 9 Sqn, Honington

Collision with Wellington L4288 in formation practice, near Sapiston, Suffolk

Fg Off John Frank Chandler (23) killed

Plt Off Colin Charles Cameron (22) killed (New Zealander)

AC2 Walter James Chapman (19) killed

AC2 Leonard George Dicks (18) killed

30.10.39 Oxford I N4563, 11 SFTS, Shawbury

Airman struck by aircraft, Shawbury

AC1 Thomas Gee (35) killed

31.10.39 Hampden I L4096, 50 Sqn, Waddington

Lost height shortly after night take-off from Waddington, Branston

Sgt Ralph Sunei Wallace Cordle (25) killed

AC1 Joseph Frank Burge (18) killed

AC2 Leonard James Penteny (18) killed

31.10.39 Anson I N5158, 108 Sqn

Collision with N5177, Weston-on-the-Green

Fg Off Dennis Richard Dale Green (22) killed

31.10.39 Anson I N5177, 108 Sqn

Collision with N5158, Weston-on-the-Green

Plt Off James Doan Cody (23) killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Robert Ernest Cox (26) killed (Australian)

1.11.39 Harvard I N7182, CFS, Upavon

Night flying, hit hill and crashed, Puckshipton House, Marden, near Marlborough

Sqn Ldr Michael Arthur Aylmer (25) killed

Fg Off Edward Knowles Rayson (35) killed

1.11.39 Oxford II N6434, 15 SFTS, Lossiemouth

Spun into ground, near Lossiemouth

Flt Sgt Francis John Brooks Moore (31) killed

Plt Off Eric Wilfred Allinson (21) killed (Canadian)

3.11.39 Battle I P2274, 63 Sqn, Benson

Lost control and crashed, Checkendon Court, near Reading

Plt Off George Francis Astley Barwell (19) killed

3.11.39 Stranraer I K7294, 209 Sqn, Falmouth

Crashed on take-off, Falmouth

LAC William George Bowman (23) killed

AC1 Stephen Colin Colbridge (18) killed

Sgt Henry Arnold injured

Cpl John William Jay injured

LAC George Peterson injured

3.11.39 ?

Pedestrian hit by propeller of taxying aeroplane, Gosport

Ernest John Kibler (63) killed

Sqn Ldr Oliver Ingham Gilson (pilot)

5.11.39 Wellington I L4239, 38 Sqn, Marham

Hit tree while low-flying, Marks Farm, Boughton, 4m S of Marham

Sgt Edward Thomas Summers AFM (30) killed

LAC David George (27) killed

AC1 John Clarence Bailey (19) killed

AC1 William Watson (23) killed

AC2 William Henry Dye (19) killed

AC2 Alan Hardman (18) killed

AC2 George Henry Charles Newman (19) killed

6.11.39 Spitfire I K9846, 41 Sqn, Catterick

Crashed on night take-off, Catterick

Fg Off Horace Ernest Herbert Overall (26) killed (Canadian)

6.11.39 Wellington I L4345, 214 Sqn, Methwold

Crashed in circuit, Methwold

Plt Off John Lingwood (20) killed

AC1 Arthur Matthews (23) killed

6.11.39 Lysander II N1310, School of Army Cooperation, Old Sarum

Crashed on take off at night, Salisbury Plain

Plt Off Michael Edgar Russell Smith (20) killed

6.11.39 Oxford I L4547, 2 SFTS, Brize Norton

Dived into ground at night, Black Bourton

Plt Off Robert Patrick Skene Davidson (39) killed

Sgt Richard Watkin Adcock (27) killed

7.11.39 Battle I K9238, 98 Sqn, Hucknall

Flew into ground, near Stow-on-the-Wold

Plt Off Donald Kerr Robertson (20) killed

Sgt Ronald Leslie Harrison (19) killed

AC2 Francis Joseph Wilkes (20) killed

7.11.39 Hart K4439, 1 Ferry Pilot Pool

Flew into high ground, Ewelme Park, Oxon

Plt Off James Campbell Campbell (20) killed (Canadian)

7.11.39 Oxford II P1845, 11 SFTS, Shawbury

Flew into hill in bad visibility, The Wrekin, Shropshire

Plt Off George Hugh Hamilton Coates (18) killed

Plt Off William Oliver Cramer injured

8.11.39 Spitfire I K9886, 54 Sqn, Hornchurch

Ran out of fuel and crashed whilst circling a beacon at night, near Basildon, Essex

Sgt Eric James Cole (21) killed

8.11.39 Blenheim I L8731, 64 Sqn, Church Fenton

Crashed just after take-off at night, near Church Fenton

Plt Off Desmond Charles Reid Carter (27) killed (New Zealander)

LAC Geoffrey George James Lovegrove (23) died 12.11.39

8.11.39 Whitley II K7225, 97 Sqn, Abingdon

Undershot and hit house, Abingdon

Plt Off Ian St. John Beere (25) killed (New Zealander)

Sgt Arnold Vernon Strong (23) killed

AC2 Ernest Duff (18) killed

8.11.39 Hudson I N7290, 220 Sqn, Thornaby

Stalled on approach and crashed, Linthorpe, Middlesborough

Plt Off Douglas Haig Robertson (21) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off Augustine Harold Jervis Ryan (21) killed (New Zealander)

Sgt Rex Mitchell (24) killed

AC1 Albert Wade (26) killed

8.11.39 Blenheim IV P4848, Special Duty Flight, Perth

Crashed on Ben Inner, near Carsphairn, Kirkcudbrightshire

Flt Lt Kenneth Norman Masters Eyres killed

9.11.39 Harvard I N7104, 10 SFTS, Ternhill

Hit tree and spun into ground during aerobatics, 1.5m S of Evesham

Plt Off Stephen Ballard Morris (26) killed

10.11.39 Hurricane I L2007, 11 Group Pool, St Athan

Flew into seashore at night, 1m S of St Athan

Plt Off Ernest Ewart Crompton (24) killed (Canadian)

12.11.39 Magister P6350, 41 Sqn, Catterick

Flew into ground after take-off, near Tunstall, Catterick

Plt Off Stephen George Baker (24) killed

13.11.39 Blenheim IV N6198, 110 Sqn, Wattisham

Crashed, Barking Tye, near Wattisham

Sgt Victor Brunsden Thorne (20) killed

Plt Off Philip Samuel Goulder injured (Canadian)

13.11.39 Fury II K8244, 1 Air Armament School, Manby

Dived into ground, Theddlethorpe ranges

Flt Lt Ernest Henry Jago (35) killed

13.11.39 Harvard I N7043, 1 SFTS, Netheravon

Dived into ground, near Netheravon

Flt Lt Wilson Irwin Hammond (25) killed (Canadian)

Act Sub-Lt (A) Donald Copsey (23) killed

14.11.39 Blenheim I L1286, 145 Sqn, Croydon

Lost control in cloud and flew into the ground, near RAF Harwell

Plt Off William Ronald Ross (27) killed

14.11.39 Skua L2972, 1 Ferry Pilots Pool, Hucknall

Spun in attempting to avoid another aircraft, Sealand

Sgt John Bryan Golden (22) killed

14.11.39 Skua L3036, 5 MU, Kemble

Dived into ground, Savernake Forest, near Marlborough

Sub-Lt (A) Edward Samuel Woodford (22) killed

15.11.39 Blenheim I L1127, 92 Sqn, Tangmere

Engine failed on approach, stalled and dived into the ground, Tangmere

Plt Off Hugh Kendrick Arthur Drummond (24) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off Martin Victor Dugdale (19) killed

Plt Off John Monroe-Hinds (23) killed

15.11.39 Blenheim IV N6226, 139 Sqn, Alconbury

Practice bomb exploded on landing, Upper Heyford

Cpl Francis James Wilson Moores (24) killed (radio operator)

Plt Off Philip Ellard Dundee unhurt

Sgt P N Davidson unhurt

16.11.39 Blenheim I L1275, 108 Sqn, Bicester

Crashed at night, Glebe Farm, Ludgershall

Plt Off Kenneth Charles Harvey Jacobs (19) killed

16.11.39 Blenheim I L6685, 600 Sqn, Hornchurch

Crashed on take-off at night, Hornchurch

Fg Off Albert Antony Vickers (26) killed

18.11.39 Harvard I N7077, 10 SFTS, Ternhill

Crashed in forced landing, Llangurig, Montgomeryshire

Sgt John William Reginald Parr (22) killed

19.11.39 Hudson I N7284, 220 Sqn, Thornaby

Crashed in North Sea, 4.5m E of Seaham, Co Durham

Plt Off Hubert John Keller (20) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off John Whyte Crichton Robertson (20) killed

19.11.39 Harrow II K6939, 9 BGS, Penrhos

Took off with control locks engaged and dived into the ground, Penrhos

Flt Lt Kenneth Maconochie (36) killed

Plt Off Douglas Roy James Paterson (23) killed

19.11.39 Gladiator I K7950, 12 Gp Pool, Aston Down

Engine caught fire after take-off and crashed, Little Rissington

Sgt Kenneth Joseph Linton (23) killed

20.11.39 Oxford I G-AFFM, British Airways

Hit balloon cable and crashed, near Gosport

Sgt Arthur George Nicholson (23) killed

Arthur Edward Eady (27) killed (radio operator)

21.11.39 Harvard I P5871, 12 Gp Pool, Aston Down

Spun in, near Chalford

Plt Off Henry Noel Masterson (20) killed

23.11.39 Hampden I L4034, 49 Sqn, Waddington

Flew into hangar landing in poor visibility, Waddington

Sqn Ldr Percy McGregor (Willy) Watt (33) killed

Cpl Archibald McDonald Henderson (24) killed

Cpl Thomas Alexander Keating (46) killed

LAC Walter Gerald Kelly (19) killed

LAC George Thomas Landing (30) killed

AC1 Leslie McGarvie (26) killed

AC1 Stanley Taylor (18) killed

AC2 Frank Leslie Talbot (18) killed

Cpl A Cooke injured

AC2 M Bastow injured

24.11.39 Battle L5255, 9 BGS, Penrhos

Collision with L5256, 4m NNW of Penrhos

Plt Off Keith Percival Hamilton (20) killed (New Zealander)

LAC Thomas Douglas Siddons (20) killed

LAC Roland Alexander Stirling (20) killed

24.11.39 Battle L5256, 9 BGS, Penrhos

Collision with L5255, 4m NNW of Penrhos

Flt Lt Aird Arthur Deacon (22) killed (Canadian)

AC1 Thomas Douglas King (18) killed

AC2 Frederick Shepherd (21) killed

25.11.39 Vildebeest III K8079, 42 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Wireless operator fell out of aircraft, near Docking

AC2 Edward William Littlefair Westgarth (20) killed

Fg Off William Barrie-Smith (pilot)

25.11.39 Harvard I N7134, 6 SFTS, Little Rissington

Crashed in forced landing, Charwelton, near Daventry

Plt Off Ronald Dunham-Treble (20) killed

25.11.39 Gladiator I K8012, Northolt Station Flight

Broke up in spin, Hadley Common, Middlesex

Fg Off Bryan Graham (26) killed (New Zealander)

28.11.39 Anson I N5084, 148 Sqn, Harwell

Flew into high ground, Simonsbath, near Minehead

Fg Off Thomas William Storey (29) killed

Sgt Thomas Robert Moss (29) killed

Sgt Gerald Roland Cecil Talbot (22) killed

AC1 Arthur John Whittaker (23) killed

AC2 Frederick Challenger Overall (23) killed

28.11.39 Battle I L5279, 207 Sqn, Cranfield

Engine failed on night take-off, Bassingbourn

Plt Off Thomas Ross Williams (21) killed (Canadian)

29.11.39 Blenheim I L1452, 23 Sqn, Digby

Crashed, Stockwith, near Gainsborough

Flt Lt Percy Don Walker (27) killed

AC2 Benjamin France (19) killed

LAC C Chrystall baled out

29.11.39 Blenheim I L6601, 604 Sqn, North Weald

Dived into ground at night, near Epping, Essex

Fg Off Philip Clifton Wheeler (29) killed

LAC Vernon Henry Oliver (21) killed

29.11.39 Oxford I P1807, 5 SFTS, Sealand

Spun in, near Chavenage, Tetbury

Sgt Alfred George Banks (19) killed

30.11.39 Hampden I L4203, 185 Sqn, Cottesmore

Crashed in bad weather, Grange Farm, Widmer End, Bucks

Sqn Ldr Nigel Hope (32) killed

Plt Off John Musgrave (20) killed

Sgt Lindsay Thom (24) killed

AC2 Daniel John O'Regan (18) killed

30.11.39 Skua L2981, 2 Anti Aircraft Co-operation Unit, Gosport

Stalled and crashed into Fareham Creek

Sqn Ldr Cecil Christian Clark (42) killed

1.12.39 Anson l N5073, 63 Sqn, Benson

Lost without trace, off Cornwall

Plt Off Charles Robey Coventry (27) killed (Australian)

Plt Off Angus Cameron (22) killed (Canadian)

Sgt Alvin Gordon Gibson (19) killed

AC2 James Crompton Buckland (19) killed

AC2 Hugh Oliver Wilson Gormlay (21) killed

1.12.39 Blenheim I L8691, 141 Sqn, Turnhouse

Dived into ground out of cloud, Leuchars

Plt Off Richard Michael Williams (25) killed

Plt Off Horace George Yelland (25) killed (Canadian)

AC2 Leonard Dale killed

AC2 John Cooper Hunt (22) killed

6.12.39 Heinkel He 115B-1 2081 / S4+EL, 3/K�.Fl.Gr. 506, Nordeney

Crashed in sea, West Beach, Sheringham, Norfolk

Oblt z S Wolfgang Wodtke (25) killed

Ofw Emil R�del (29) killed

Ofw Karl Ullmann (31) killed

9.12.39 Battle I K9467, 98 Sqn, Hucknall

Flew into ground, near Stow-on-the-Wold

Sgt Frederick Hinson (39) killed

AC2 Leslie Reginald Bull (19) killed

Plt Off Peter Denis Brock Stevens injured

10.12.39 Anson I N5231, 500 Sqn, Detling

Flew into trees in low cloud after take-off, Detling

LAC Henry John Le Gassick (19) killed

Plt Off B H Arkell injured (pilot)

LAC J Walton injured

Sgt Braybrooks injured

11.12.39 Blenheim I L6740, 29 Sqn, Debden

Crashed, Great Chesterford Park, NW of Saffron Walden

Flt Sgt William Henry Packer (26) killed

11.12.39 Hampden I P1267, 76 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Crashed into trees, Horsenden Manor, near Aylesbury

Plt Off Charles Douglas Stevens (22) killed (Canadian)

11.12.39 Oxford II P1800, 2 SFTS, Brize Norton

Stalled and flew into ground out of cloud, Burford

Sgt Sidney Hallas Newbigging (25) killed

12.12.39 Tutor K3309, 605 Sqn, Tangmere

Wing hit ground while low-flying, Sidlesham, Sussex

Plt Off Patrick Constable Fraser (20) killed

Plt Off Maxtone Eric Gibson Mailer (24) killed

12.12.39 Walrus I K8556, 754 Sqn, Lee-on-Solent

Hit balloon cable and crashed, Bitterne, Southampton

Lt Richard Herriot Mackay Heriot-Hill (24) killed

Plt Off Michael Fortnum (19) killed

Leading Airman Michael John McLoughlin (25) killed

Air Mechanic (E) Louis Moorhead (19) killed

13.12.39 Wellington I R2699, 214 Sqn, Methwold

Crashed on approach on training flight, Methwold

Plt Off William Leonard Colmer (25) killed

Plt Off Rex Alan Russell-Forbes (21) killed

LAC John Thomas Warriner (24) killed

13.12.39 Magister R1816, 236 Sqn, Stradishall

Spun in, Clopton, Suffolk

Sgt Edward McCluggage (23) killed

13.12.39 Audax K7423, RAF College, Cranwell

Flew into ground after night take-off, Cranwell

LAC Warren Alexander Smith (18) killed

14.12.39 Spitfire I N3031, 66 Sqn, Duxford

Crashed, Wilbraham, Cambs.

Sgt Frank Ernest Waller (23) killed

14.12.39 Wellington IA N2957, 99 Sqn, Newmarket

Crashed on landing with battle damage, Newmarket

Flt Lt Eugene John Hetherington (25) killed (New Zealander)

AC1 Ronald Entwistle (19) killed

Cpl Andrew Sharp (25) killed

Fg Off Reginald Joseph Payne survived

Sgt L W Parton survived

AC2 Albert Douglas Foch Craig survived

15.12.39 Harvard I N7010, 14 SFTS, Kinloss

Crashed on take-off, Burghead, Morayshire

Plt Off Peter Ross (22) killed

16.12.39 Battle I N2159, 264 Sqn, Martlesham Heath

Abandoned, Hintlesham, Suffolk

Plt Off Harold Graham Tipple (19) killed

17.12.39 Skua II, 803 Sqn, Donibristle

Crashed into sea, Dalgety Bay, Scotland

Petty Officer Airman Leonard Lancelot Parker (23) killed (South African)

18.12.39 Whitley II K7260, 97 Sqn, Abingdon

Hit trees in bad visibility, Kingston Bagpuize, Oxon

Fg Off John Gaskell Howard (22) killed

Plt Off Clair Neil Robinson (19) killed

Sgt Albert Coe (23) killed

18.12.39 Harvard I P5801, 14 SFTS, Kinloss

Dived into ground, Alves, Moray

Plt Off Ian Richardson Wilson (20) killed

20.12.39 Beaufort I L4468, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Dived into water out of cloud during test flight, off Avonmouth docks

Flt Lt Paul Le Mesurier Carodyce Deacon (30) killed (RAFO)

20.12.39 DH.84 Dragon G-ACJT, Western Airways

Crashed after take-off, Weston-super-Mare

Mr Leslie Ivor Arnott (35) killed

21.12.39 Hampden I L4090, 44 Sqn, Waddington

Shot down by 602 Sqn Spitfires and ditched, Gullane Bay, Firth of Forth

LAC Terrance Gibbin (19) killed

Plt Off Patrick Fraser Dingwall rescued

Sgt J A M Reid rescued

Sgt W K Lodge rescued

21.12.39 Hampden I L4072, 49 Sqn, Scampton

Hit church on approach to Acklington, North Broomhill

Sgt Samuel Hainey Potts (23) killed

AC1 Edward Henry Humphry (19) killed

Plt Off James Melville Dundas Irvine injured

Sgt Edward Marshall injured (pilot)

24.12.39 Magister I N3806, Turnhouse Station Flight

Dived into ground, 3m SW of Turnhouse

Flt Lt Frank Gower-Jones (34) killed

30.12.39 Spitfire I K9977, 602 Sqn, Drem

Wingtip touched the ground during aerobatics, Haddington, East Lothian

Sgt Brian Peter Bailey (19) killed

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