Slingsby Gull production lists

Slingsby T.12 Gull

Works No. Details
293A Prototype, first flown at Sutton Bank 3.3.38; BGA 334 4.38, Dudley Hiscox, Dunstable; F N Slingsby 10.38; Dr George A M Heydon, Sydney Soaring Club, Australia 4.39; Mervyn Waghorn, Sydney Soaring Club c.44; Adelaide Soaring Club, Gawler .50; registered as VH-GHL 21.8.57; R Macdonald; retired c.63; stored, Cunderdin; donated to museum; Channel Seven Vintage Museum, Tuart Hill, Perth, Western Australia .71; loaned to Aviation Heritage Museum of WA, Bull Creek, near Perth by .96.
301A BGA 348 6.38, Derby & Lancs GC, Camphill (presented to the club by the Manchester Chronicle); still in use mid-1939; fate unknown; probably impressed for ATC.
302A BGA 349 6.38, Yorkshire GC, Sutton Bank; crashed on aerotow with Avro Cadet G-ABVV, Welburn 30.5.39 (pilot Angus Oastler Pick).
303A BGA 350 6.38, Midland GC, Long Mynd; hit boundary hedge on approach and overturned, Walsall Airport 25.6.38 (pilot Amy Johnson).
304A BGA 353 7.38, William Liddell, Ulster GC, Magilligan; CofA renewed 20.5.46; G-ALMI 28.3.49; Ulster GC .60; Gordon Mackie, Ballykelly; spun in from cable break, Ballykelly 14.10.62.
311A BGA 377 10.38, C Espin Hardwick, Long Mynd; fate unknown.
312A BGA 378 14.9.38, Alan Colman, Mousehold, Norwich; Sqn Ldr Amos Binfield, Tuddenham c.43; overhauled and CofA renewed 4.9.47; Derby & Lancs GC, Camphill 1.49; G-ALPJ 28.4.49; Hugh Wheatcroft & Norman Preston, Dunstable .53; Wheatcroft, Preston & Peter Fletcher, Dunstable .54; Ron Watson, Dunstable; rebuilt by Dick Green in 1960-66; Dick Green & Richard Wade, Booker; Tony Smallwood, Booker by .72; later Halton "900"; Mike Beach, Halton .02; CofA expired 8.04; Rowan Beach, Halton .08; Dennis Barton, Georgia, USA .10; N253D 11.5.12.
316A BGA 379 10.38, Dudley Hiscox, Dunstable; last flown at London GC Easter camp in March 1940; reflown at Dunstable 2.9.45; CofA renewed 16.10.46; London GC, Dunstable 11.46; G-ALPA 5.5.49; Royal Engineers Flying Club, Gliding Flight, Detling .50. CofA expired 1.9.53; RAFGSA .53; probably RAFGSA 150, Watton Area GC; crashed, Watton 13.5.53.
320A BGA 380 12.38, Donald Greig, Geoffrey Stephenson & John Dent, Dunstable "Blue Gull"; first Cross-Channel soaring flight by Stephenson 22.4.39; stored at Lever’s Farm, Woburn 1940-45; CofA renewed 2.4.46; Jeff Arnold, Godfrey Lee & Dan Smith, Dunstable 15.5.47; G-ALLC 1.4.49; damaged in midair collision with T.21A BGA 683 at Dunstable 17.9.49; rebuilt by Vic Ginn, Dunstable by 6.50; Dick Pilcher & Fred Driessen, Cambridge .50; CofA expired 24.7.53; RAFGSA 180 .54, Fenland GC, Feltwell; later Marham; Swanton Morley; Feltwell; spun in, Feltwell 10.8.65; to Richard Wade, Booker as spares for BGA 378.
? BGA 902 15.5.59, Aberdeen GC; expired 5.60; Denis Hayhurst, RAE Farnborough .60; Richard Wade, Booker; Royal Scottish Museum .68; Museum of Flight, East Fortune .71; National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh 7.16
? HM591 11.12.42, impressed for the ATC; 'returned to Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd', Woodley
? VW912 10.10.47, 31 Gliding School, Usworth; Reserve Command Gliding Instructors School, Detling 8.49; 87 GS, Weston-super-Mare 8.50; Home Command Gliding Instructors School, Detling 2.51; damaged, Lasham 7.5.51; RAFGSA, Moonrakers GC, Keevil .52-55; probably RAFGSA 135, Wessex GC, Andover "30"; hit tree on field landing near Kintbury, Berks. 30.7.57.
1 NX41829 (Built by Herman Kursawe, Springfield Gardens, New York, USA; first flown 5.8.46); N41829, Herman Kursawe; Tom Smith, Clinton, NY by .62 "97"; donated to the National Soaring Museum, Elmira late 1980s; static restoration completed in 2009

Slingsby T.14 Gull II

Works No. Details
352A Two-seat sailplane, completed in late 1939 but not flown until April 1940; impressed for the ATC as HM592 11.12.42; renumbered VD203 3.45; RAFGSA 26.4.50; BGA 664 26.4.51, with RAFGSA: Middleton St George Area GC .52; expired 12.53; restored to John Jefferys, Ted Hargreaves, Brennig James, Dave Kerridge, Lasham as BGA 664 27.3.56; Roy & Ann Procter, Brennig James & ptnrs, Lasham .57 "22"; crashed on take-off, Lasham 27.5.58.

Slingsby T.15 Gull III

Works No. Details
364A Slingsby; first flown 4.40; CofA 1.41; stored; A&AEE, Boscombe Down (on loan) as TJ711 25.5.44; Prince Bira, Cornwall 10.44, named "Kittiwake"; Jack Rice, Leicester .46; Prince Bira, Dunstable; reconditioned by Hawkridge .49; BGA 643 7.11.49; Chris Wright, Kidlington by .53; Tony Deane-Drummond, Lasham .54; Eric Stow, John Herbert & Bob Ford, Kidlington .54; R A (Dick) Everard & ptnrs, Weston-on-the-Green by .59; Fred Rawlings, WotG by .63; expired 8.66; restored to John Ellis, WotG 7.73; expired 7.74; stored at Deddington, Oxon; Mike Beach, Brooklands .84; restored 2.7.86; expired 9.94; Brooklands Museum .98; restored 21.6.03; expired 6.04; loaned to the Gliding Heritage Centre, Lasham 7.13.
- BGA 3825 28.6.92 (begun by Mike Garnett; completed by Peter Philpot, Dave Masterson & Reg Wooller); Peter Philpot & ptnrs, Chipping "HBZ"; Nigel Dickenson, Walney 12.08; expired 8.11; Bruce Stephenson, Saltby .11

Slingsby T.25 Gull IV

Works No. Details
505 BGA 565 (prototype, first flown c.7.47); London GC, Dunstable 6.48; G-ALPB 5.5.49; crashed on hillside, Dunstable; rebuilt and restored to Fred Breeze & ptnrs, Camphill 4.53 "Jack O' Winnats"; R G Fowler & ptnrs, Camphill .57 "34"; hit wall on landing c.58; rebuilt with Kite 2 fuselage no. MHL/210; Clarrie Parker & ptnrs, Bardney .68; "215"; P McKeever & ptnrs, Bardney; J W Fisher & ptnrs; Steve Hurt, Bardney by .76; Geoff Bolton, Cranwell .78; Alvin Grimley & ptnrs, Cranwell 5.85; Eric Arthur, Crowland .92; Tony Fidler, Crowland .04; expired 6.08; restored 2.12.
545 BGA 602 1.7.48, Slingsby "G-602"; flown by Philip Wills in World Gliding Championships, Samedan, Switzerland 7.48; Dr G A M Heydon, Sydney Soaring Club, Parkes, Australia 5.49; Jack & Bill Iggulden, Victorian Motorless Flight Group; spun in after launch failure, Berwick 23.1.55; VH-GFA 5.3.57; damaged in winch-launching accident, Bacchus Marsh; wreck stored at Australian Gliding Museum.
546 BGA 607 1.7.48, Slingsby "G-607”; flown by Kit Nicholson in World Gliding Championships, Samedan, Switzerland 7.48; crashed on Monte Berlinghera, near Chiavenna, Italy 28.7.48
547 BGA 612 25.8.48, Charles Ryall, Lulsgate; G-ALTH 26.5.49; flown by Peter Mallett in World Gliding Championships, Sweden 7.50; RAFGSA, Detling .51; Wessex GC, Boscombe Down by .52; Moonrakers GC, Lyneham by .55; RAFGSA 219 / "29"; Wessex GC, Andover .59; Suffolk GC, Wattisham .59; East Midlands GC, Swinderby by .63; John Hayes & ptnrs, Doncaster as BGA 612 17.9.64 "298"; wrecked on field landing, Pinderfield, near Normanton, Yorks. 24.8.66; remains burned by owner.

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